Traditional Rose Petal Bead Malas & Prayer Beads

Information for Purchasing Coming Soon

Information and Pricing for Traditionally made Rose Petal Bead Malas and Prayer Beads coming soon.

Metatronic Mala

Metatronic Mala

Types of Flower and Herb Bead Malas and Prayer Beads currently available:

Rose ~ Lavender ~ Lavender/Rose ~ Patchouli ~ Chamomile  ~ Jasmine/Frankincense  

Ground Selenite Stone added to some Beads



Types of Malas & Prayer Beads

Buddhist Japa Malas ~ Catholic Rosary ~ Protestant Prayer Beads                  Metatronic Malas ~ Metatronic Manifestation Malas

Price Range

$33 to $350

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