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 Essence of Shambahalla  

 Aloe                                                                                                                               Aids in healing on all levels – aligns physical body & etheric bodies. Clears & balances Chakras, aids in healing of feeling overwhelmed & burned out. Helps emotionally detox the body and soothes nerves.                                                                                        Association with Ancient & Future Civilizations, esp. Egypt. Associated with the Goddess Isis and Immortality.

Awakening Blend                                                                                                              Helps bring to you what is needed for your Spiritual Awakening and Growth. Aids in calling to you teachers, Spiritual Guides and knowledge you most need for your spiritual growth at given time. Aids in focus of your Spiritual work.

Azalea                                                                                                                             Assists in dealing with issues with family members and close friends. Brings people together, yet sets individual boundaries.                                                                       Assists one during times of hardship.

Balancing Blend                                                                                                                 Helps restore balance to all parts of your life.                                                                       Helps in releasing old hurts, thus restoring emotional balance and peace of mind. Aids in letting go of what no longer serves. Helps restore balance to Chakra system and proper energy flow patterns to body.

Carolina Jasmine                                                                                                                Aids in intellectual pursuits, clears the mind of muddled thoughts. Invigorates & stimulates. Good for study; aids in legal issues.                                                                 Aids in resolving power struggles with others.

Confederate Rose                                                                                                                   For those whose life and focus is superficial; assists in finding true meaning in life. Also assist one in seeing through the superficial nature of others, allowing to better know when others are being superficial, thus realizing what parts (and people in) of one’s life needs to be released in order to add a deeper meaning to life.

Crepe Myrtle                                                                                                               Assists in releasing what no longer serves so growth and renewal may occur. Aids in the grieving process, allowing for healthy grieving for what has been lost, without becoming stuck and “holding on” too long. Also very good for those who have a tendency to be overly emotional and “weep” too much and uncontrollably.

Dogwood                                                                                                            Mundane: Stopping uncontrolled talking & rambling, gossip. Assists in learning to think before talking.                                                                                                                   Spiritual: Study of the Sacred Mysteries. Connection to Christ Consciousness.

7/11 Dragonfly/Illusion                                                                                                   Lends assistance in going beyond the surface in looking at Self. Assists in taking seriously your Individual Responsibility for your own Spiritual Growth, and aids in seeing through the Illusion we call Reality. Aids in taking on individual responsibility to the Awakening Journey of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity.

Echinacea                                                                                                                     Assists in boosting the spirit that is lacking; brings one into a positive and balanced relationship with self. Nourishes the Soul that is in need of being uplifted. Aids in finding a balanced ego so the Self may know it own worth without becoming overbearing and needing to control others and situations beyond what is healthy.

Fushia Climbing Rose                                                                                              Mundane: Balances feminine and masculine energies. Clears chaotic energy from thoughts and mental energy channels. Used as a room spray, helps bring harmony to chaotic situations between people.                                                                       Spiritual: Assists in Group Collective Conscious Mind work, and with connecting to Aspects of Self. Use when doing Time travel & dimensional travel work. Also attracts Dragons.

Gardenia                                                                                                                   Invokes strong protective feminine energy; a presence that commands respect without being controlling; leads by example. Energy of the Spiritual Teacher projecting respect, wisdom, independence & compassion with detachment.

Honeysuckle                                                                                                                                    For those who have a tendency to live in the past, stuck in time and refusing to allow change. Assists with the melancholy often created by an intense desire to return to what is perceived as the “Golden Age”; an unrealistic view of what they think life used to be. Aids in letting go of an unhealthy desire to live in the past so life in the present may take on more meaning and joy.

Lithium Quartz                                                                                                          Calms and soothes frazzled nerves. Brings emotional peace, stress relief and relaxation. Uplifts mental and emotional bodies, helps release repressed anger and grief, bringing to the surface  issues that need healing. Aids in withdrawal from addiction, insomnia, anxiety and panic disorders. Antidepressant properties.

Oak                                                                                                                                For those who push themselves too hard, never allowing time for self, always giving to others to the detriment of self.                                                                                         Use during times of exhaustion, (physical, emotional and mental) to assist in recovery; allowing yourself to take time for recovery. Also for use during times of long term recovery from illness.

Oak Leaf Hydrangea                                                                                             Mundane: Aid for Self-esteem issues, courage to move out into world while staying grounded and feeling safe. Aids in healing of issues of trust, (esp. as related to relationships with male/masculine figures).                                                               Spiritual: Helps strengthen aura, trust in your inner Guides, & feeling safe during dimensional travel.

Osmanthus (Sweet Olive)                                                                                       Works through all bodies; physical, emotional, mental & Spiritual                      Physical: calms, balances, relaxes, helps reduce physical pain. Also a potent aphrodisiac when used with this intention.                                                        Emotional: connects one to self and others by opening heart chakra. Strengthens new relationships, esp. life path partners. Excellent for newlyweds, new parents and assists the acceptance of new siblings. Helps to strengthen family ties to all family members.                                                                                                                 Mental: calms uncontrolled mental chatter, helps alleviate fears created by out of control thought processes. Helps balance left and right brain; esp. good for strengthening right brain activity.                                                                         Spiritual: Creates and strengthens the frequency of Joy in the energy field. Helps open and remove blockages and allow more Joy in life.

Passion Flower                                                                                                       Mundane: assists in strengthening the passion in our lives and what is important to us, as well as increasing sexual passion in romantic relationships.                          Spiritual: assistance in finding one’s true calling in life in service to the Collective Consciousness.  Assists in Kundalini awakening and the awakening to selfless service to others through connection to the energy of the Unconditional Christ Consciousness. Aids in forgiveness of self and others and allows for healing on all levels through all bodies; physical and subtle. Aids in past life remembrance and healing of problems created in past lives which have a bearing on one’s current lifetime.

Shambahalla                                                                                                             Extremely powerful Essence. Opens & aligns all Chakras, promotes proper energy flow through all subtle bodies. Assists in connecting to Higher Self & Spiritual Guides & to the cities of Light of Shambahalla and New Earth. For advanced Spiritual work.

Spiderwort                                                                                                                          For those stuck in negative and destructive patterns, with the inability or unwillingness to change, Spiderwort aids in finding a more positive way of living life and easily stepping upon a new path. It shows you a positive life perspective and teaches that life is easy and free flowing, moving with ease, if we only allow it to be so. Spiderwort moves you on a new and healthier life path very quickly.

Star Gate Blend                                                                                                                 For advanced spiritual work within the Multi-dimensional realms. Aids in the understanding, use of & most efficient and proper means of movement through Star Gates into other realms of reality.

Transition & Restructuring                                                                                        Aids during times of life transitions of all types.                                                       Assists in moving out of old patterns of life and energy flow patterns while also assisting in sharpening focus on creating and restructuring life and energy patterns of what is to come. Helps one to better “see” where they are heading in life.

Venus/Sun Transit                                                                                                         All energy work associated with the planet Venus. Assists in communication of all types; including communication between people, with Higher Self, Spiritual Guides and Aspects of Self. Aids in awakening and strengthening telepathic abilities.

White Jasmine                                                                                                                  Mundane: Aids in relationship issues, esp. of a romantic nature. Aids healing of sexual issues such as frigidity, sexual abuse and sexual addictions.                                 Spiritual: Aids Kundalini Awakening, and Tantric work. Helps awaken and arouse Spiritual senses and gifts, and the expansion of psychic abilities.

White Orchid                                                                                                      Associated with the Master Number 22. Connection to Quan Yin & Buddha. Aids in balancing high frequency Spiritual energies. Longevity of Spiritual studies and pursuits. Helps balance masculine and feminine energies thru all subtle bodies.

Wild Azalea                                                                                                                Grounds one to Earth & the Flora and Fauna Kingdoms. Especially good in aiding in communication with animals; use when working with pets and animals. Aids in acceptance of solitude and when feeling lonely.

Wisteria                                                                                                                 Mundane: assists with dealings of love in relationships, esp. those of a sexual and romantic nature. Helps balance romantic feelings and emotions thus allowing for positive and equal relationships.                                                                                Spiritual: promotes equal and balanced energy exchange between the physical and spiritual realms. Raises one’s vibrational frequency, thus assisting in opening one to their psychic abilities. Strengthens one’s connection to, and understanding of, Unconditional Divine Love.

11:11                                                                                                                                    Known as a “Cosmic Wake-up Call”, the 11:11 is a message humanity set into place as a reminder of what, and who we really are and why we are here in this time and place. The 11:11 Essence assists in leading you to the answers to these questions.



NOTE: This is a abridged version of the uses of particular Essences. It gives you a basic understanding of what these Essences are used for.

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  1. Tony Mancinetti 11/9/2015. I am 58 years old borne 1957 Sept. I have been guided by spirit most of my conscious life. This evening I was guided to google blue ray children. I clicked on this site because I have had a prodding for a long time now. And what I have found was, but was not surprising. Everything that was said about ” am I a first wave blue ray/ indigo, IS ME………! In about 1987-88 I was given a series of numbers, 11:11, 727 & 721. From that point “721” led me on a Journey so Wonderful and Awing that I can’t describe. And it was all about trying to find out what the number “721” means. This is a Powerful number and if anyone can tell me what the significance of this number is I would be grateful……..! One of my Oglala Lakota Elders told me that Spirit gives these numbers to certen people in order to get them and keep them Seeking. And that is definitely what it did. I need to speak to other people of like mind, I need to know more, I need to claim who I am. And take this responsibility before it completely eats me up In a physical way.

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