Essences of Shambahalla

Essences of Shambahalla

Essences of Shambahalla

 Essence of Shambahalla Line

With over 30 years experience in making and working with Flower, Gem and Energy Essences I have developed and offer a full line of over 70 different Energetic Essences.

I also create Personal Essences which are determined by your Higher Self during an Akashic Record/Energy Reading.

All Essence’s are $11 for a 10mL amber bottle with an orifice reducer tamper evident dropper. Buy 3 or more bottles (up to 11 bottles) and get free shipping.(**some restrictions apply

 I now offer Essences in 10mL Spray bottles, and 10mL roll on bottles.

                                **Roll on Essences are in a Safflower Carrier Oil.**

Please Note:  to purchase Essences while this page is under construction please contact me, @, or call 409-382-3073, or Private Message me at any of my Facebook pages.


For additional information on individual Essences please use the link below to see the Essence Information & Uses page


Partial list of Essence’s 

 (Full list coming soon)


  1. Aloe
  2. Awakening Blend
  3. Azalea
  4. Balancing Blend
  5. Carolina Jasmine
  6. Confederate Rose
  7. Crepe Myrtle
  8. Dogwood
  9. 7/11 Dragonfly/Illusion
  10. Echinacea
  11. Fushia Climbing Rose
  12. Gardenia
  13. Honeysuckle
  14. Lithium Quartz
  15. Oak
  16. Oak Leaf Hydrangea
  17. Osmanthus (Sweet Olive)
  18. Passion Flower
  19. Shambahalla
  20. Spiderwort
  21. Star Gate Blend
  22. Transition & Restructuring
  23. Venus/Sun Transit
  24. White Jasmine
  25. White Orchid
  26. Wild Azalea
  27. Wisteria
  28. 11:11

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