Reiki & the Multidimensional Ancient Magickal Snake

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Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

Reiki & the Multidimensional Ancient Magickal Snake


Special Note

Normally I would not mention the person’s name the Akashic Answer is for, but this lady felt called to share her name. She stated: “I also do not mind my name on the question. Indeed…I am honored to share this with others…that is what we are here to do.”

So a special Thank You to Jane Smith for allowing me to share not only her name, but also part of her story and spiritual journey.


I had an interesting Reiki session given by my friend yesterday. She was instructed at one stage to “engage” a serpent, which she later described as being black with pale greeny yellow diamonds all over and a white belly. She also said it came down from the top of my head and went straight for my higher heart, wound itself around my spine and when it reached the base chakra, wound back up again and out through my head again.

She was told to allow it to come through then stand back while it “engaged”.

The Kundalini came to mind, but I thought it came in through the base of the spine? 

Can you please shed some light on this?


Akashic Answer

What I am “Seeing” is that this Snake has come to work with you in the next phase of your Spiritual Growth and Awakening process.

Snake Medicine and energy is very powerful and, as the saying goes, “is not for the faint of heart”. To be chosen by Snake in this fashion means you have progressed in your spiritual growth to a place and level you are deemed ready and worthy to work with this very powerful medicine.

Yet, this is no ordinary Snake Medicine; this is Ancient Magickal, Multi-dimensional Snake Medicine.

The Black and White color of the Snake represents the Balance of the Positive and Negative Aspects of Self we must learn to know and come to work with. It represents the Balance of Light and Darkness in a realm of Duality.

If you notice, the Black, which is representative of the Negative/Passive/Feminine/Subconscious Mind and is normally associated with the Underworld is on top and the White which is representative of the Positive/Active/Masculine/Conscious Mind and is normally associated with the Spiritual world is on the belly side of the Snake. I see this as what I am going to call a Dual Balancing of the Yin/Yang energies. The term “Wheels within Wheels” comes to me at this moment.  

The fact the Snake went directly for the High Heart Center tells us this is a reawakening and expansion attunement of the High Heart; focused on you moving into existing within and working from the High Heart energy more fully. 

The green-yellowish color of the Diamonds lets us know we are dealing with a focus on the 3rd and 4th Chakras; the Solar Plexus, the Willpower center and the Heart Chakra, the Love and Compassion center. This shows the necessity for you to do the work of bringing your energies into a very continually balanced state beginning with clearing and balancing the 3rd and 4th Chakras with a very specific energy flow pattern, the



Lemniscate (aka: the figure 8 laid on its side). This also shows me that you doing this Chakra work will also bring your Emotional and Mental bodies into a more balanced and aligned state, thus allowing you to more easily stay centered within the High Heart.  

The Diamond shape itself represents the Adamantine Particles, the particles that, very simply stated, bind Energy into Matter and Form.  

The path of the Kundalini, (up and down the Sushumna Channel), Snake followed within your body was to restructure, realign, reawaken and recalibrate the pattern of the Adamantine Particles that hold your physical body and your energy bodies, (emotional, mental and spiritual) into the specific pattern that is your personal structured Energy Matryx Grid.

This spontaneous Attunement gift you were given is to begin the transformation process that will eventually lead you to Transmute your form to exist within the Multi-dimensional Realms and Realities.

I would also like to mention that since this is High Heart Attunement the use of the technique of tapping gently on the Thymus in the High Heart area is very useful for expansion of the High Heart.

I find this all very exciting and a True Gift from Spirit and Snake!

Questioner’s Response

Oh Essence…I feel this all to be true, as my intention prior to the Reiki session was to move to the next level and balance out the chakras….AND to “see” clearly, so yes, it fits beautifully….no fear…that is another intention I put out there…to let go fear based emotions…wonderful! I also do not mind my name on the question. Indeed…I am honored to share this with others…that is what we are here to do, thank you so much.


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