Metatronic Numerology 2017 Lion’s Gate/Dragon’s Gate Frequency Report


Because of time constraints I am currently experiencing, this frequency report on the 2017 Lion’s Gate & Dragon’s Gate will be just touching on the basics.

If you would like to learn more about what these two very important Portal Openings are bringing to Earth and Humanity in the way of frequencies for the coming Lion’s Gate year be sure to listen to my Blog Talk Radio Program, “Flowing with Spirt”, when my co-hosts Kyra Meerna and Katsura Balanza and I discuss this information in more detail. The program airs Monday, August 14th, 2017 at 7:30pm Pacific time/9:30pm Central time. You can check back here at,, or on my FB page Essence Ka tha’ras, for a link to the program. Or you can dial in at (516)387-1874 at show time and listen via phone, and even join in on the conversation.

Now… On to the report.

What is the Dragon’s Gate?

Located within the Lion’s Gate Galactic Portal, the Dragon’s Gate is a long forgotten Ancient-Future Intergalactic Portal associated with the movement into and through Collective Golden Age Cycles.

The Lion’s Gate Portal opens each year and brings us updated codes and information from our Milky Way Galactic Great Central Sun, (Ki-Ra Consciousness) that was sent to it from our Local Universal Sun Consciousness, traveling a particular pathway; although in 2013 the information Source changed from originating from our Universal Sun Consciousness to originating from our Local Multi-Universal Sun Consciousness.

The Dragon’s Gate, (during the years it opens), brings updated codes and information specifically relevant to Golden Age Cycles, (one of which we are currently just beginning to move into), and although this information also comes to us from our Multi-Universal Great Central Sun Consciousness, it travels via a very different pathway; one that connects into eleven other Galactic Consciousness’ before moving into our Milky Way Galaxy. This very specific pathway, connecting twelve Galactic Consciousness’, (one of which is our Milky Way Galaxy) is the embodiment of our Collective Galactic Over Soul, it is the Collective Galactic Over Soul Energy Matryx Grid in which our reality emanates from and exists within.

During the 2015 Lion’s Gate, the Dragon’s Gate made its first appearance in several thousand years, although it did not open. Its initial opening occurred during the 2016 Lion’s Gate, where in linear time, it remained open for a four-hour period; two hours prior to, to two hours after 12/12pm (noon) UTC.

This year it will remain open for six and a half hours; from 8:45 UTC TO 15:15 UTC.

It will open again each year during the Lion’s Gate Portal through 2025 and will incrementally remain open for longer periods of time each year, after which it will not reopen for several thousand more years.

Dragon’s Gate 2017

The Metatronic Numerology Frequencies for this year’s Dragon’s Gate are as follows.

Main Frequencies: 3/11 Dual Frequency and 66 Frequency

Sub Frequencies: 8/11 Dual and the 17/8 ATKI (Atlantian Technology Karmic Imbalance).

Main Frequencies

The Metatronic I AM Key word phrases for the 3/11 Dual and the 66 frequencies are…

3/11 Dual – I AM the Creative Life Force Fully Conscious and Spiritually Awakened

66 – I AM the Divine Feminine Inspired Planetary Healer

The Metatronic I AM Key word phrase for the 8/11 Dual Frequency is…

I AM the Illusion of Physical Reality Illumined through Spiritual Revelation and Epiphany

The 3 Frequency is Creative Energy; Creativity in all forms. It is the initial energy of the Creative Life Force for the physical realms, and is the lower frequency vibration of the 111, and therefore associated with the Initial Spark of the Conception Energy.

The 3 Frequency is lighthearted and filled with the energy of Joy. It sets our imaginations free from structured reality and allows us to fly to Mystical and Magickal realms.

In this energy we play, we enjoy life and everything is has to offer. This way of existing, in turn, opens us to unlimited possibilities of Creative Expression.

The frequency of Joy is one of the highest, if not the highest frequency obtainable within our reality. When you exist in, and work from the energy of Joy anything is not only possible, it manifest into physical reality quickly.

The 11 Frequency holds the energy of Initial Spiritual Awakening. Here is where Spiritual Revelations and Epiphanies awaken those who still slumber; unaware of the greater Spiritual Truths of our Reality and it assists the Spiritually Awakened in the further expansion of their perspectives of reality and Spiritual Truths. Within this Frequency we can more easily see, know and understand our Reality from an expanded and more spiritual perspective.

Anytime the 66 Frequency is involved, we automatically know we are working with the energy of the Divine Feminine. This is an energy that nurtures us as our own Mother does, because this is the energy of the Divine Spiritual Mother.

This energy nurtures us, feeds us, caresses us and loves us tenderly. It has the capacity to heal the deepest wounds, leaving no scars.

Just like the 6 Frequency, the 66 Frequency is very much about the Goddess/Sacred Feminine/Heart energy at work influencing us, but it differs from the 6 Frequency in that the 6 Frequency is about us taking on our share of the Responsibility for the care of family and the family of man, while the 66 Frequency is about us doing the work of Healing for the Collective Consciousness of Humanity, and Gaia specifically.

Under the 66 Frequency’s influence we are being given direction, and energetic assistance, to be of support and aid in the healing of the Collective Consciousness and our planet on all levels; Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually.

So when the 3 and 11 frequencies combine, just like the I AM keyword phrase for the 3/11 Dual frequency shows us, we are able to create from a Spiritually Conscious and Awakened perspective. This is the frequency that shows us, and assists us, so we are able to interact and work with higher vibrational frequency energies without becoming burned out and overloaded. Then we add the 66 frequency into this mix and we see we are being given even more assistance in Consciously Creating because of the strong Divine Sacred Feminine energies Earth and Humanity are going to bathed in.

Our task is to remember to do this work from a place of Love, not control.

Just today I shared something that very much has to do with these energies. I share it here again now.

“On the eve of the full opening of the Lion’s Gate and Dragon’s Gate, under the energy of a Lunar Eclipse, let us strengthen our resolve to Create Positive Change in our Current Projected Collective Reality to working in a way that is truly productive in creating a World Reality of Peace.


It is extremely counterproductive to try and create change by focusing all of your energy on destroying antiquated old paradigm institutions and belief systems. As a matter of fact, placing your focus and energy on such endeavors only energetically strengthens such things.

By focusing your energy in such a fashion, you are only doing the work of maintaining the old paradigm institutions and ensuring their survival. You are doing exactly what “the controllers”, (let’s call them) want and need you to do to assist in keeping humanity enslaved in their constructed reality.

Those who exist within the antiquated old paradigm reality cannot “see” any other viable option to where they currently exist; a place they feel safe.

If for no other reason than because they know how that reality works, and feel safe there, they will not respond positively to any attempts to create change in this manner. They will instead dig in deeper and defend their “safe haven”.

If you truly want to create positive change and help build a “New Reality”; one of Truth, Love and Unity, place your focus and energy in creating a viable, safe option for those imprisoned in the old paradigm reality institutions to come to. Create a Reality they can “see” for themselves has more to offer them than what they currently cling to.

If We Build It, They Will Come.


One last bit of information before I share the Lion’s Gate Frequencies and end this article.

Also being brought to Earth with this year’s Dragon’s Gate frequencies are updated codes and additional information concerning what is known as a 17/8 ATKI frequency, (ATKI- Atlantian Technology Karmic Imbalance).

Just as we as individual consciousnesses have Karmic Imbalanced energies to heal and release, so too does the Collective Consciousness of Humanity as the individual consciousness it is.

This 17/8 ATKI is a Karmic Imbalance that belongs to the Collective Consciousness of Humanity, not one that is associated with particular individuals; although in certain numeric configurations and placement in an individual’s Natal Numerology Chart it can apply to them on an individual level. Even then it is still directly associated with the Imbalance that belongs to the Collective Consciousness of Humanity, and at a base level is more about the individual holding some responsibility for leading the way in clearing this Karmic Imbalance.

This Karmic Imbalance is directly related to misuses and abuses of Sacred Technology in Atlantis that created issues for the whole civilization and permeated the Collective Consciousness’ Energy Matryx Grid.

Ways in which this Imbalanced Karmic Energy manifest within our current reality frame run the gamut and are associated with all types of technology; including but not limited to, technologies used in war, control of population’s behaviors and their health, and technologies currently destructive to the planet as the living organism and consciousness it is. Issues surrounding the use of GMO’s – Genetically Modified Organisms – especially as connected to our food source, have a direct connection to this 17/8 ATKI.

This Collective Karmic Imbalance is being brought ever nearer to the surface of the conscious mind of humanity at this time because we are now ready to begin taking on clearing it and healing its affects as a collective.


2017 Lion’s Gate Frequencies

The main Metatronic Numerology Frequencies being brought to Earth via this year’s Lion’s Gate Portal are…

Main Frequencies: 8 and 77

Sub Frequency: 11/44 Dual – (this frequency was held within the 2016 Lion’s Gate frequencies, so this means we are going to be seeing issues associated with this frequency that came into our reality last year grow significantly in intensity this year, but we are getting upgraded codes to help deal with these issues.)

The Metatronic I AM Key word phrases for the 8, 77 and 11/44 Dual Frequencies are…

8 – I AM Secure Physical Reality

77 – I AM the Divinely Inspired Synthesis of Spiritual Intuition & Physical Intelligence

11/44 – I AM Structured Metamorphosis Created through Revelation of Thought, when Thought is Illuminated through Spiritual Truth


The 8 Frequency and the assistance it brings us, is about creating a Secure Physical Reality.

But just exactly what does the term a Secure Physical Reality mean?

To most of us it means having a nice home to live in, having food to eat and sustain us. It is about having enough money to live a comfortable life; a life free from worry and lack.

It means being safe when we go to sleep at night, not worrying about being in harm’s way in any fashion; about having family and friends who love us and care for us, and who’s company we enjoy and benefit from.

It means living on a planet where all life is respected. It is about living on a planet free from pollution and toxic contamination. A planet where everyone is treated equally, and greed and fear do not rule the societies we live in.

A Secure Physical Reality is about being physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy and balanced, Secure and Safe.

The 77 Frequency is about Creative Thought and Expanding our Perspective and our Reality. It is the frequency where the melding of our Spiritual Intuitive abilities with, and into a cohesive form with our Physical Intellect begins and transpires.

Within this frequency the Spark of the Divine Rational Mind that has lain dormant in the 5 frequency has its first initial awakening.

This is the frequency that is of the most assistance to us in, not only hearing the voice of Spirit, but then being able to interpret the information and knowledge received from Spirit into information we can really utilize and implement into our everyday physical lives and reality.

The 11/44 Dual frequency combination brings energy to assist in creating big change, not so much for our individual self, but change in the Collective Consciousness of humanity as a whole.

This frequency speaks of the Initial Spiritual Awakening of the Collective Consciousness as the Individual Consciousness it exists as. This is a very powerful energy gifting our planet at this time.

The 11 frequency is the frequency of Initial Spiritual Awakening and the 44 frequency is the frequency that deals with Group Collective Conscious Minds. The 44 frequency is the frequency where the igniting of the Spark of the Group Collective Conscious Mind occurs.

It is also the frequency where Ruling and Governmental Bodies work at their best. Under this frequency’s influence those in positions of power learn to come together and to work toward what is best for everyone concerned. This Frequency is where we learn to come together and act in accordance for All… as ONE.

The 44 Frequency is also about Metamorphosis. Remember, Metamorphosis is beyond simple ordinary change.

Change makes your reality different, but Metamorphosis births you into a completely different and New Reality. Metamorphosis is being born anew into a reality you never even knew existed before.

As we as a Collective Consciousness heal and begin making our way deeper down the path into the multi-dimensional realms we will change significantly, and so will our perceptions of reality. We are getting ready to change in ways that at this stage of our journey we cannot yet even begin to imagine. We are only beginning to think about, and comprehend what the concept of a Universe of Infinite Possibilities looks like and how it responds and operates when we can truly work as one cohesive consciousness.

Yet that is exactly what this 11/44 Dual Frequency is bringing us; the frequency energy needed to create “Structured Metamorphosis” of our collective reality.

Structured Metamorphosis means we are bringing about this type of change consciously by using every form of Sacred Technology, Sacred Geometry, Energy Work, Grid Work, and every other Sacred tool we have at our disposal and using them from a place of full understanding of how they truly work in creating reality.

To create reality in this way we have to be able to do so from a place of Spiritual Truth understood through a clear and Spiritually Intelligent Mind.

These are the main frequencies brought to us through this Lion’s Gate portal for us to work with in the coming year.


May your Journey through the Lion’s Gate and the Dragon’s Gate of 2017 be one of fully receiving the many Blessings this year’s upgraded codes have to offer.


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras


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