April 2016 New Moon Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report

This New Moon is gifting us with two very powerful dual frequencies to work with; the 6/11 Dual Frequency and the 9/11 Dual Frequency.

The 6/11 Dual Frequency is the main frequency of this New Moon, and the 9/11 Dual Frequency is what is call a Sub-frequency; or a supporting frequency.

The 6/11 Dual Frequency Metatronic Numerology I AM Keyword phrase is…

I Am the Illuminated Truth of Spiritual Responsibility & I Radiate this Truth for All to Behold

The 6/11 Dual frequency energy is about taking on our responsibility in caring for the whole of The Family of Man; indeed for the whole of the Family of Earth.

It is about taking on Responsibility out of a sense of Love, not out of a sense of obligation, and it shows how to do it without becoming overly critical and trying to make everyone exist in the world in the manner we see and believe to be the most proper.

This frequency is about assisting the expansion of the Heart Chakra and the High Heart Chakra of the Collective, and about moving us into a much expanded level and frequency of Love.

This energy supports humanity in a fashion that fosters every individual to be responsible, not only for their self; which is where it has to begin, but then in the realization that we are indeed Our Brother’s Keeper. And by this I mean in the sense that we are ALL ONE, and because of this there is no way not to be responsible for each other.

This is Feminine Goddess energy, and it is the Mother aspect of the Goddess we are talking about here. This is the aspect that gives us life and feeds us in every manner; physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. It feeds our relationships with each other; it feeds our perceptions of the world. It feeds us daily in all we do.

This aspect of the Feminine Goddess Energy teaches by words and deeds of love how to think for our self and be responsible in our interactions with others and the world as a whole.

Remember a true loving Mother does not use coercion, force, guilt, intimidation or any other type of manipulative means to bring us into an expanded expression of who we are and how to show our Love for each other. 

This dual frequency combination brings us to a place where we can throw open our Heart Chakras and our High Heart Chakras and allow them to expand unto infinity. And we are able to do this, this throwing open, because of the level of safety we feel within this place of Unconditional Love; this place within our Mother’s embrace.

This frequency says…

I shine and emit the Light of Divine Love,

and Joyously I Share this Love with ALL of Creation


Now isn’t that an awesome place to be?!


Okay, now a little about the 9/11 Dual Frequency

The 9/11 Dual Sub-frequency talks to us about a level of Compassion that is held and emitted from the High Heart.


The 9/11 Dual Frequency Metatronic Numerology I AM Keyword phrase is…

I AM the Truth of Unconditional Giving & Forgiveness Illumined for All to Behold

The 9/11 Dual Frequency brings energy and assistance in showing us HOW we move forward in the act of Unconditional Giving and Forgiveness. It does this by lending energy to assist in expanding our understanding of what Divine Unconditional Giving and Forgiveness really means, and what it looks like.

It also helps us to better understand and experience the difference holding this level of Giving and Compassion can make in the world when we apply it to our lives each and every day, in every moment, and in every interaction we have with others.

It shows us the path to holding this Master High Heart level of Compassion is attained through the act of Unconditional Giving of Forgiveness. This is so because by Unconditionally Giving Forgiveness to ourselves and others it allows us to heal and release all low vibrational frequencies that hold us to the lower frequency realms and feed the Illusion of separation we are working so hard to break free of as a Collective Consciousness.

This is a place, a level of Compassion and of Giving and Forgiveness; we HAVE to get to if we are to heal the wounds of Humanity. And those of us who are Spiritually Awakened and understand this knowledge HAVE to be the ones to show the way!

As a species living on Planet Earth with the foremost capacity for making rapid and massive change, in either a destructive or constructive direction, WE no longer have time to waste if we desire to move in the direction of creating a New Reality of Peace, Equality, Acceptance and Abundance for All of Humanity and Earth and all of its inhabitants, including all the flora and fauna.

It is as simple as that.

And this New Moon is shining the very frequencies upon us that can most help us move in this direction.

So I say, let us open wide our Hearts and Minds to this energy. Let us be the ones we have been waiting for. And just like the 6/11 Dual Frequency says, let us be the ones who stand and say…. 

I shine and emit the Light of Divine Love,

and Joyously I Share this Love with ALL of Creation


OM AkArapariNAma Anandaham


IN-Joy I Share

Blessings from All Realms of Creation


Essence Ka tha’ras

Spiritual Growth Guide & Awakening Facilitator



© 2016  Essence Ka tha’ras

Shambahalla-New Earth & The Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round

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  1. What grand frequencies to be gifted to experience! May you be blessed Essence and thank you for such a beautiful energy report.

    • Greetings Debra,
      And I agree. We are very Blessed to be existing in this NOW!

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