Simple Sacred Geometry Creation Exercise

This simple meditation exercise is designed to assist you with learning more about, and working with the makeup of your Birth Energy Matryx Grid. It leads you to information most relevant to you at this time on your Spiritual Awakening Journey as the Individualized Consciousness of the ONE you currently exist as. This in turn allows you to be of more positive assistance to the work of the Creation of a New Reality for the Collective Consciousness of Humanity on Earth.

At a very basic level, anytime you use this meditation you are creating a Sacred Space, a Temple that resonates with the 7/88Sub/44Minor Frequency Weaving.

With this Sacred Geometry Creation Exercise you will be moving and focusing your Consciousness inside a Pyramidal Temple. For this meditation use the image of a Pyramid that is an exact likeness of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Artist rendition of the Great Pyramid of Giza

Artist rendition of the Great Pyramid of Giza

You may ask, “Why a Pyramid? Why is it considered a Temple? And why the Great Pyramid of Giza?”

First understand here we are using the word Temple to signify a Sacred Space Set Apart from the mundane world and its energy.

When Sacred Geometric forms are used in the construction of such Sacred Spaces, or Temples, whether created in the physical planes or the ethereal planes, very specific vibrations and frequencies are created. When we interact consciously and intentionally with these particular vibrations and frequencies we move into other dimensions and realities, allowing us to interact, combine and fuse our energy with those of the Sacred Geometrically created Temple. This creates a level of Consciousness we are then able to move into that is beyond the ordinary. Within such Temples we come into immediate and intimate contact with the Divine and the Higher Dimensional frequency planes and realities.

“The Great Pyramid of Giza incorporates a most unusual slope angle of approximately 51.49º, which neatly references that most unusual of regular geometric figures, the seven-pointed heptagon. Unlike all other regular geometric figures, the heptagon is the only one whose angles cannot bisect a circle to a whole number, and so it has traditionally been associated with sound, the unknowable, and the seeking of wisdom. It has also been described as the geometry of the soul.”[i]

So here you can see why we are using the image of the Great Pyramid of Giza for this meditation exercise; it resonates to the 7 Frequency, the frequency where the desire to go within in order to seek a clearer understanding of Self and the workings of our Universe, and how we fit into it all begins to become a priority in life. It is here, within this frequency that the initial entryway into The Sacred Esoteric Mysteries can be found.

It is also worth noting here that no matter how simple or complex a Temple is created with the use of Sacred Geometry, when the temple is not in use or is being misused, its subtle energy field shuts down. A person who is sensitive to energy may walk into a Temple and be able to pick up on the vibrational frequencies created by the Sacred Geometry incorporated into it, but it is through Intentional and Conscious interaction with the Temple and the Sacred Geometry within it that activation of the Soul, or Consciousness of the Temple Complex occurs.   

To quote Freddy Silva[ii], “Because there’s a shared framework of biogeometry, the energy exchange between the stone temple and the human temple only take place whenever there is sympathetic resonance between the two. And when the intent of the participant matches that of the temple, information is transferred between the two organisms.”


Simple Sacred Geometry Creation Exercise

Step One:

Intuitively choose one of these numbers….

4    6    8    12    20



Do not scroll down to read further until you have chosen a number from the list above.


Great Pyramid of Giza

Great Pyramid of Giza

Each of these numbers is the number of faces on one of the five Platonic Solids. 4 is the Tetrahedron, 6 is the Cube, also known as the Hexahedron, 8 is the Octahedron, 12 is the Dodecahedron and 20 is the Icosahedron.

Platonic Solids

Platonic Solids

Let me give you some keywords to use with each of these.

4 – Tetrahedron: Action, Fire

6 – Cube: Structure, Foundation

8 – Octahedron: Love, Compassion,

12 – Dodecahedron: Divine Thought, Ascension

20 – Icosahedron: Perspective, Focus, Transformation


Step Two:

Envision a Pyramid before you that is a replica of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Give yourself time to firmly create this Pyramid.

The Great Pyramid of Giza

The Great Pyramid of Giza

Step Three:

Now place the Sacred Geometric Form associated with the number you chose within the Sacred Pyramidal form before you. Allow it to fill the Pyramid.

Step Four:

Once you have set the Sacred Geometric Form within the Sacred Pyramid firmly then move yourself, your consciousness, to the exact center of the Sacred Geometric Temple you have just created.

Once inside this Sacred Geometric Temple allow yourself, your consciousness, to free float, as if in a Sensory Deprivation Tank, in the exact center of the Temple and simply meditate.   

Make note of any vibrations you sense or feel, any colors, sounds, tones, aromas you may experience. If pictures come to you, allow them. Notice them and if called to them, allow yourself to experience them at will.


When you are ready to return from this Sacred Geometric Temple, allow yourself to come back to the physical here and now slowly. Once you are back, this will be a good time to write down notes on anything you experienced for future reference.

After writing down your notes be sure you ground yourself back securely to the physical realms before returning to your day.


IN-Joy working with this Simple Sacred Geometry Creation Meditation Exercise; and know I would love to hear about your experiences if you feel inclined to share them with me.


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras


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