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tree-sea-moon-reflection-island-stars-night-water-ocean-shadownatureAs we travel through our mundane day-to-day lives of going to work, taking care of children, shopping, mowing the lawn, taking out the trash, etc., I think we all have a tendency sometimes to get caught up in the drama of it all.

I think we can all relate to those days that truly tax our patience. They usually start out by us oversleeping and having to rush to make it out the door on time. Your daughter can’t find a thing to wear in that closet full of clothes she’s chunking things out of. The dog just peed on the floor because you couldn’t get him out fast enough. Your son can’t find his report that is due today because he didn’t do it, even though he swears he did. Someone must have taken it. Oh well, you’ll talk to the teacher later and see if you can fix it.

You finally get everyone in the car to start your George Jetson drop off routine only to find out your spouse didn’t fill the gas tank last time they drove your car and that little gas tank light just came on. How dare them! Now you will have to make one more stop. A stop you don’t have time for. But hey, that’s all right, we all know we’re the only responsible human on the planet. The world would stop revolving if we didn’t keep it rotating. And all this in just the first hour since your eyes opened this morning. This doesn’t even include the fact that your boss is going to give you one of those “Where have you been” looks when your fifteen minutes late. Or all of those stupid questions from customers you’ll have to politely answer all day long. Like you really cared!! Oh yeah, let’s not forget that goofy kid at the grocery store who’s going to end up packing that five pound bloody roast on top of your tomato’s.

As humans experiencing this third dimensional realm, we’ve all had days like this. Sometimes it seems like more than our fair share.

As hard as it may seem, it is just these types of days that it’s most important for us to remember…

We are not human beings on a spiritual path,  

We are spiritual beings on a human path

In other words, our true selves are not human beings trying to become some perfect spiritual being. Our true selves are spiritual beings here to experience being human.

As such, we have come here, at this time and to this place of our own free will. We have come here to experience and take back all that we experience and learn.

We come here from many different places and regions of this universe and others; each of us with our own sacred job to do. We are each and every one of us as individual as the infinite number of snowflakes in a winters blizzard, yet as divine sparks of the Creator we are all one.

We have known each other since before forever. We have lived and died together as friends and enemies, as lovers and foes and as stranger. We have played parts for each other in lifetime after lifetime, and all of this has brought us to where we are now… Still playing roles in dramas for each other so as to allow each of us to learn, and remember and awaken to who and what we are.

If we can but realize that what we see in the other person, whether it is our son that sometimes seems so irresponsible, our daughter that seems so emotional and out of control over things we can see really mean nothing; or our spouse, one of the people closest to us on this planet, who has a way of just pushing our buttons and bringing up more anger than we should ever allow anyone to do to us: If we can see and remember they too are spiritual beings such as ourselves, Spiritual beings we have known for eons and eons. Spiritual beings we are so familiar with and so close to that they have agreed to come here with us and play these roles for us. Spiritual beings, who love us so dearly, they are willing to daily endure our wrath just to mirror for us what it is in ourselves that must be faced. For that, whether they or we are conscious of it or not, is truly what they are doing.

Every individual we encounter in our day-to-day routine is just another soul we have known since before time here on this planet began. Matters not, how well we know them here in this third dimensional realm; matters not if they elicit positive or negative emotions in us. Matters not what role they play for us. They are still just mirroring ourselves back to us.

If we can remember this and step back from the drama and go straight to the emotion, we can then begin to see that it is our own self we must face. Our own lessons we must learn and our own fears and pain we must transmute and overcome if we are to continue in our spiritual awakening.

With this said, I would remind us all that the next time our children annoy us. The next time our spouse angers us. The next time our best friend hurts our feelings or the next time that kid sacking our groceries irritates us, we not see it as something they are doing to us, but rather something they are doing for us.

I would say, step back from the scene that has just played out before your earthly eyes. See it for what it is… An illusion, a play on a stage. A play in which we are all just actors. Look at it through the eyes of reality, your spiritual eyes and true spiritual reality.

If we understand that in truth and true reality this is all just an illusion we are creating for ourselves to learn from; If we understand that all that really exists is energy; that we, as conscious spiritual beings have manifested into matter all that we believe to be real; then we can begin to understand that the only “real” thing in all of this is the emotion that these scenarios bring up in us.

This is when our real progress begins. Because it is then, and only then, we can focus our attention on the emotion, on the feelings and begin to look within and see from whence they come and how best to begin to transform and transmute them into the positive energies of Co-Creating a World of beauty and peace.

As “being human” we will still have to deal with our lessons and our karma. We will still have to deal with the individuals who have agreed to play these parts for us. But as awakening conscious spiritual beings it will begin to make a lot more sense. It will begin to become easier and easier to deal with and overlook the small everyday annoyances that present themselves to us, for we will see them for what they truly are. We’ll find that as time goes on, we no longer feel the need for anger and fear in our lives. We will no longer feel the need to react in negative ways to these situations when confronted with them. We will simply notice the emotion, see where it’s coming from inside us, and deal with it.

Believe it or not, the more we look at life this way, the easier and more normal it will become and the less we will find we draw these situations to ourselves. Until one day we wake up and realize they are no longer necessary at all. We’ve outgrown them.

I think maybe one more thing should be added here, and that would be, it is not only the negative lessons and emotions that others mirror for us that are important. The positive emotions of happiness and joy, of glee and love are every bit as important to our spiritual growth. It’s just we usually have no problems to associate with and look at around positive emotions. I really can’t ever remember anyone saying, “My life has been so good lately, I just don’t know how much more I can take!” We tend to easily accept life when it is good. It’s in those times life is hard we tend to forget who and what we are and why we are here.

Till we meet again, may you continue to grow and shine.


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