2016~ The Year of Rewriting Our Story ~ Phase 2


A few days ago I shared with you that 2016 is a 9 Frequency year and that the main work for each of us during 2016 is going to be a focus on Rewriting Our Story.

I shared with you information, basic guidelines and materials needed on how to create and use a journal to begin Rewriting Your Story. To read that article and begin your Journal follow this link…

2016~ The Year of Rewriting Our Story

We talked about the reason Rewriting our Individual Story is so important is because it a necessity if we are to be of truly effective assistance in Creating the New Reality of the Golden Age we as a Collective Consciousness are desirous of moving in to.

Today I am sharing basic guidelines for Phase II of this very important work; but first let’s revisit the information for 2016 and the 9 Frequency.

The Metatronic Numerology I AM keyword phrase for the 9 frequency is…

I AM Unconditional Giving


The 9 Frequency is about Unconditional Giving, and at one level Unconditional Giving is giving to others without expectation of return; but we must remember too that Forgiveness is also an act of Unconditional Giving. Let’s take a closer look at this for a moment.

“Psychologists generally define Forgiveness as a conscious, deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment or vengeance toward a person or group who has harmed you, regardless of whether they actually deserve your forgiveness.” http://greatergood.berkeley.edu/topic/forgiveness/definition

It is said,

“To err is human, but to forgive is divine.”

What we must first recognize is that this act of Unconditional Giving through Forgiveness must begin with our Self if we are to be of true assistance to the work of creating and manifesting a positive influence on the world and the Spiritual Awakening of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity as One.

We cannot lend positive energy to creating and manifesting Positive Change, World Peace and Equality while holding onto anger, resentment, pain, grief, judgment, and chastisement of Self, or others, over what we perceive as past mistakes; to truly forgive others to the full extent of this energy, we must do so for Self first.

What transpires when we Forgive our self is a complete release of energies that no longer serve our highest good or the highest good of the Collective Consciousness.

The 9 Frequency is also about Completion, and the act of Unconditional Giving through Forgiveness brings us to this stage of Completion.

Once reached, this is a big step in our Spiritual Awakening process; for we cannot move forward to exist fully and continuously in the Master Number Frequencies until this process is complete.

So now that we know the main focus of the work we need to do during 2016, that of Rewriting Our Story, let’s get a little head start on this process and get to it!


Rewriting Your Story

For those who are so guided and called to taking on this task I offer the following basic guidelines to be of assistance to the continued work of Rewriting Your Story.

On the next page in your journal write the following, then begin the process of looking at Self and writing about the following topics.

Rewriting My Story

Chapter 1

Rewriting Story Chap 2

What I Used to Be

What I Used to Think

What I Used to Say

What I Used to Believe

How I Used to Feel

How I Used to React

The Words I Used to Choose

I Used to ______________

I suggest you spend a few days focused on these statements and see what comes to mind for you as you look within to begin the process of releasing what no longer serves your highest good before proceeding to the work of Chapter 2.


Rewriting My Story

Chapter 2

Rewriting Story Chap 1

What I AM Now

What I Think Now

What I Say Now

What I Believe Now

How I Feel Now

How I Act Now

The Words I Choose Now

Now I AM ____________


I suggest you try to work on your journal two to three times a week if at all possible. When doing this work focus completely on it. Do not allow distractions during the time you are doing Rewriting Your Story.

Think about what the story of your New Life looks like and feels like.

Think about how you will change, what new direction you want to head in, and begin thinking about what you need to release in order to create this New Reality for yourself.

Also, begin the process of Forgiveness. It is a vital component of this journey into your New Story and New Life.

Remember, take your time in doing this work. If possible, give yourself time each day to spend working, writing and drawing, or adding to the Journal of the New Story of Your Life, and don’t forget… this is your Journal and your New Story.

If you feel drawn to add pages of drawings or pictures of any kind do so. The main thing is you IN-Joy this process!

Creating from the energy of Joy is the fastest and most efficient way to Create New Realities!

Stories Must Change

IN-Joy I Share

Blessings from All Realms of Creation


Essence Ka tha’ras

Spiritual Growth Guide & Awakening Facilitator



© 2015 Essence Ka tha’ras

Shambahalla-New Earth & The Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round

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Author – Essence Ka tha’ras

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8 thoughts on “2016~ The Year of Rewriting Our Story ~ Phase 2

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    • Greetings Debra Ann,
      The best of luck and IN-Joy the journey of Re-Writing your Story.

      Blessings from All Realms of Creation
      Essence Ka tha’ras

      • Chapter one had some more work that arose after I had said I was ready to begin chapter two. I just finished chapter one though finally and I am now feeling prepared and excited to begin chapter two. This has been a very empowering project and right in line with a huge life transformation; entirely a death and re-birthing process. This has been a very painful process and also very much worth the work and gifts. I feel as a bright new baby phoenix risen fresh from ashes at this point where I am standing. Wide-eyed and so thrilled for what is next.

  3. I do believe I have procrastinated long enough and I will begin writing chapter one now. Today is the day. Yay! It’s time to let go of all the no longer serves me. Finally.

    • Greetings Debra Ann,

      Letting go of what no longer serves is not always an easy thing to do. Sometimes we aren’t even really sure what that “Something” is; and yet at other times we are absolutely sure what that “Something” is!
      Just remember this life is a journey and letting go of what no longer serves is a process that comes around time and time again in this journey. So don’t be too hard on yourself if “Something” comes around in a slightly different form long after you thought you had let it go.
      Always remember…. Everything is Always in Divine Order

      Blessings from All Realms of Creation
      Essence Ka tha’ras

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