Creating Reality through Setting Limits & Boundaries


This is an article I originally posted in February of this year, but I feel called to post it again.

This year, 2015, is an 8 Frequency year, and is very much about creating our Physical World the way we desire it to be. We are now through the largest part of this year and I feel it a good time to refocus on the Intentional Creation of our Physical World in order to finalize the work of this year’s frequency.

I now share this information once again to be a gentle reminder of the ways in which we use energy to create our reality.

Creating Reality through Setting Limits & Boundaries

If all are in agreement it is your right to hold the point of view that you need feel no personal obligation to invite or allow into your home a person who intends to rob you of your material possessions or wealth, or do you or your family harm; and this point of view being fully acceptable by personal and societal standards, why do you continue to feel obligated to invite and allow in to your home and life people, relationships and situations that rob you and your family of your emotional, mental and spiritual balance, wealth and peace of mind?

the right to set limits

Just as you have the right to protect yourself, your family, your home, and your material possessions and wealth, you have the Right to set Limits, Boundaries and Acceptable Behavior Standards for people, relationships and situations allowed into your life that take away from you and your family emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is not just your physical life you should feel to be deemed important enough to protect.

The truth is, the state of your physical life, including your physical health, as well as your material possessions and wealth, is created by, and a reflection of, the state of your emotional, mental and spiritual lives. In other words, all things good you desire to call to yourself and create cannot be created in the physical world if you do not have your emotions, thoughts and spiritual well being in a positive, balanced and peaceful state of existence.

It is very important to continually be aware of energy you are exposing yourself to; energy created from the behavior of people in your daily life.

Equally important is the need to be aware of the sounds you are exposed to each day. The music we choose to listen to and the type of television programming we choose to watch are two of the main ways in which sound affects us in our everyday world these days. Video games we play, and even things such as traffic noise, the tones of other people’s voices and words, and all the other everyday sounds of society also affect the maintaining of our personal energy’s state of balance.

We also need to be very cognizant of the things we view each day. Once again, television and video games become something we need to pay very close attention to when it comes to what we view each day. Are you choosing to watch programming containing violence and drama? If so, you may need to be more aware of what you are choosing to watch and focus on.

If we ascribe to the belief that we create our own Reality, and that as Quantum Physics has shown us, understand the observer affects the observed, then we need to realize it is our responsibility to become ever more aware of the reality we are creating, and the ways in which we are creating it.

Did you know that over fifty percent of the brain’s cortex and thirty percent or more of the neurons in the cortex are devoted to physical vision? What does this tell you about how important vision is to how we create reality? Then add the eight percent devoted to touch and the three percent to hearing, and yet another eleven percent has been added to this figure.  

Many people today are becoming very aware of the purity of the foods ingested into their body and how important it is to the overall well being of their physical health, yet they continue to feed and energetically ingest into their body toxins through the things they ingest through their visual, auditory and olfactory senses; and let’s not overlook the importance and part played by the tactile sense.

This year, 2015, is an 8 Frequency year, and is very much about creating our Physical World the way we desire it to be. To do so positively and efficiently we have to be aware of the tools we are using to create reality.

Do you have people in your life who create drama? Are you listening to inharmonious music and watching scenes of violence and high drama? Are you exposed to discordant sounds of traffic and other everyday noises without being aware of them anymore or ever taking the time to revitalize yourself in nature? Have you become desensitized to all of these things to the point of not ever giving them any conscious thought? If so, maybe it is time to take a closer look at the ways in which you are creating your reality.


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