Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report~Sept. 2015 New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse

September 13th, 2015

New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse Frequencies


New Moon


66 Frequency with an 8/11 Dual Sub-frequency

66 – I AM the Divine Feminine Inspired Planetary Healer

8/11 Dual – I AM the Illusion of Physical Reality Illumined through Spiritual Revelation and Epiphany

The 6 frequency is about taking on our individual responsibility in caring for our family. This means our immediate family and then expands out until it encompasses the whole of The Family of Man.

It is about taking on our Responsibility out of a sense of Love, not out of a sense of obligation, and teaches us how to care for family without becoming overly critical and trying to make everyone exist in the world in the manner we see and believe to be the most proper; but instead doing so in a fashion that fosters each individual to be responsible for self.

This is the Mother aspect of the Goddess, the Divine Feminine, teaching others by words, deeds and actions of Love, not by coercion, force, guilt and intimidation, in how to think for their Self and be responsible in their interactions with others and the world as a whole.

Where the 66 Frequency differs from the 6 Frequency is in that where the 6 Frequency is about us taking on our share of the Responsibility for the care of family and the family of man, the 66 Frequency is about us doing the work of Healing for the Collective Consciousness of Humanity and Gaia/Earth specifically.

Under the 66 Frequency’s influence we are being given direction and energetic assistance to be of support and aid in the healing of the Collective Consciousness and our planet on all levels; Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually.

The 8/11 Dual frequency is associated with being able to clearly see through the Illusion of Physical Reality.

It helps us to see and remember the truth that says…

I AM not a Physical Being on a Spiritual Path

I AM a Spiritual Being on a Physical Path

Remembering this as we go through our daily lives helps us to put every experience, every encounter we have with others, whether good or bad, into a more expanded perspective. It allows us to step back and see that the physical world we call Reality is really an Illusion, a play on a stage we have created for the experience; each experience being an opportunity to Awaken and Grow along this Spiritual Journey we call life.

This knowledge is vital to keep at the forefront of our daily consciousness if we are to create and maintain the change we are working so hard to implement into our individual everyday lives, as well as the positive change on a planetary scale we desire to create.

So what this 66, 8/11 Dual frequency combination is doing is giving us assistance in seeing that WE ARE Responsible for this Reality, each and every one of us, is responsible to some extent for the reality we exist within as a Collective; WE ARE CREATING THIS REALITY. As such, WE are not only responsible for its creation; WE are capable of Healing what needs to be healed. If WE can Create this mess, WE can Heal this mess!


Partial Solar Eclipse


44 Frequency with a 7/11 Dual Sub-frequency

44 – I Am Structured Power & Metamorphosis

7/11 Dual – I AM the Truth of Divine Intelligence Illumined through the Spiritually Awakened Self

The 44 Frequency is the frequency where the igniting of the Spark of the Group Collective Conscious Mind that lies dormant in the 2 Frequency occurs.

Here within the 44 Frequency is where Ruling and Governmental Bodies work at their best; where those in positions of power learn to come together and to work toward what is best for everyone concerned. This Frequency is where we learn to come together and act in accordance for All… as ONE.

The 44 Frequency is also about Metamorphosis.

The new path into the Multi-dimensional realms we, the Collective Consciousness of Humanity, are beginning down will change us and our perceptions of Reality. This new path will change us is ways, that at this stage of our journey we cannot yet even begin to imagine.

At this point in projected space and time we are only beginning to think about, and comprehend what the concept of a Universe of Infinite Possibilities looks like and how it responds and operates.

Remember, Metamorphosis is beyond simple ordinary change.

Change makes your reality different, but Metamorphosis births you into a completely different and New Reality. Metamorphosis is being born anew into a reality you never even knew existed before.

The 7-11 Frequency is a very powerful frequency that lends assistance in going beyond the surface in looking at Self; and Self here not only means the Individual person we are, it also means the Collective Consciousness of Humanity as the Individual Conscious Self it is also. 

The 7/11 Dual frequency disallows the ability to any longer ignore the Truth of our Reality and our individual portion of the Responsibility for creating it!

This frequency combination can be stressful for those not comfortable with their Self, their Spirituality and Spiritual beliefs because it leaves no room for NOT taking seriously one’s Individual Responsibility for their own Spiritual Growth and how it affects the Collective Consciousness of Humanity.

This frequency combination pushes us to take a long hard look at Self and demands we examine our life and belief system. It takes us beyond our comfort zone in what we consider our individual Responsibility for Self, especially as it pertains to being of assistance to the Awakening and Healing Journey of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity.

 I often compare this frequency combination to that of a Natal Astrological Saturn Return because that too demands we take a long hard look at Self and deal with Karmic Issues and their release.

This 44, 7/11 Dual frequency combination is here to assist, and quite honestly, insist; WE take responsibility for creating and healing our Collective Reality; not only as the individuals we each are, but as a Collective.


I find it interesting that the frequencies of the New Moon are very much Feminine in nature and the frequencies of the Solar Eclipse are Masculine in nature. To me this simply speaks of the Balance of these two energies coming together to assist us in the vital work of Healing what needs to be healed, and in learning how to Collectively Create reality in a much more positive and equitable fashion for all of Humanity. This is the time of the return of the Balance of Power between the Mother and Father; between the Goddess and the God.

Let us lead the way into What is to Come!


IN-Joy I Share

Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras

Spiritual Growth Guide & Awakening Facilitator



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