Message from Blue Jay & Hawk

As I sat in meditation on my porch, I heard the cry of Hawk.

Hawk ~ Messenger of Spirit

Hawk ~
Messenger of Spirit

Opening my eyes to view his magnificence, I see Blue Jay sitting before me in the tree.

Blue Jay repeats his imitative cry of Hawk several more times, followed by his familiar warning cry.

Blue Jay Medicine ~ Proper use of Personal Power

Blue Jay Medicine ~
Proper use of Personal Power

Immediately I recognize Spirit’s message.

“Beware the false Messenger of Spirit”

In this time of such great importance to the expansion of consciousness and the building of a new collective reality, one leading humanity into the coming Golden Age of Enlightenment we are now entering, it is imperative we be discerning in the Messages we view and believe to be those of Spirit we allow into our energy and take into our belief systems and feed energy to.

Blue Jay’s Medicine is that of the proper use of our personal power. He teaches us to be careful not to let the persuasive powers of others, those who would intentionally or accidently, lead us to misuse and misdirect our power in the ways in which we create reality.

Blue Jay says to us,

“Do not give your power away. Learn to know your power and use your power wisely. When you work with others in co-creating reality, hold your own power and work in tandem with others, but do not give your power away to others. Develop your gifts and your power and live your life to your fullest potential.”

We of Earth, have just recently moved through a Venus/Jupiter alignment, the Mayan “Day Out of Time”, a day in Space/Time to reflect on the Illusion of our projected Reality, and have entered into a Galactic Activation Portal year; a year to manifest our New Reality through the knowledge we have gathered up to now. A year when we will be introduced to new knowledge and long forgotten Ancient Wisdoms teaching us how to enter into our place in the Conscious Participation of Galactic Interactions.

We are now preparing to move through an Aquarian Blue Moon to ready us for the exact alignment of the Opening of the Lion’s Gate, a yearly point in Space/Time in our Reality when we open to new energy codes we will use for the next year in creating our Reality and our entry into Galactic Interactions in a Conscious manner.

I urge you to do the work of preparing yourself for the New Codes we will be bathed within fully on the 8th of August; codes that bring information on how we are to enter into the Galactic Family who has long awaited our Awakening to the ability to maintain a minimum frequency of vibratory rate allowing us to hold the knowledge, understanding and wisdom necessary for this monumental forward leap in the Expansion of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity we have worked so tirelessly toward.

I urge you to heed the decree of Blue Jay and Hawk, and “Beware the False Message of Spirit” some would have you hear and implement into your life and the energies you use to Co-Create Our New Reality. Learn to hold the necessary and correct vibratory frequency fate that allows you to know and use your personal power properly and wisely.

IN-Joy I Share

Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras

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