Communiqué from the Q4 ~ The Prison of Fear

The following is a communiqué from Essence Ka tha’ras and the Q4 originally shared in October of 2014.

Today I AM led by Spirit to share it once again, for its message is one that can be of assistance in the work of bringing our energy into a balanced and aligned state in preparation for the influx of Energy and New Energy Codes we will be bathed in at the opening the Lion’s Gate on August 8th, 2015. The 8/8/8-888

IN-Joy I Share

Essence Ka tha’ras


The Prison of Fear

The Prison of Fear

“Greetings Spirit Family of Earth,

We, the Q4, come to you in this NOW amid the energies of Love, Unity and Synchronized Harmony.

First we would make clear that the information we share is not meant as a judgment or condemnation of any. Our purpose for sharing is simply to be of assistance to any who resonate with the frequencies we hold and emit, and the information we share. We desire only to assist our Spiritual Family currently existing in Human form in their Spiritual Awakening and Consciousness Expansion process.

In this NOW moment we wish to speak to you of the frequency known as Fear which still binds so many humans to the lower dimensional realms and the illusionary realities.

Many within your current time frame reality are conditioned to instantaneously respond to particular terminology that has been created and instituted into your lexicon for the purpose of controlling many, and vast areas of your reality for many different purposes.

Some would label this “Conspiracy”. WE simply see it for what it is; the Illusionary Reality created upon the Earthly planes for the purpose of SELF experiencing SELF and the Expansion of the Consciousness of SELF.  

Even with that knowledge, you must understand, there is still self responsibility of each individual consciousness to participate in resolving and moving past this particular stage of your collective journey of consciousness into the next stage of your collective development. This is so because each of you, each human, is an individual holographic part of the ONE SELF experiencing SELF in an infinite and expanding reality. Each of you manifested into this particular existence and portion of infinite reality to participate in this way, and did so of their own individual Free Will.

WE would like to address one particular terminology we see a large number of humans respond to especially quickly through the energy of fear; and this is the term “Left Behind”.

As most of you are aware, this particular term is related to one of the larger “Religious Institutions” of your current projected collective reality system and instantly affects many millions, (even billions) to some extent or another when they see or hear this term; either consciously or subconsciously.

To those still being affected by the energy and frequency of Fear through the use of this term, we say to you…

The only thing you are being “Left Behind” on is not awakening to the remembrance of the knowledge of your Spiritual Sovereignty and the current Expansion of Consciousness that is occurring within the Universal Sector of which your Collective Reality exists.

You are only being “Left Behind” in the current collective journey of remembrance of your individual and collective abilities to create realities of your choosing, and to the knowledge that there is only ONE Divine Universal Heart and Mind Consciousness of which each of you is an equal individual holographic part.  

You will continue to be “Left Behind” on this journey until you begin awakening to and acknowledging the fact that you are being controlled and manipulated into giving away your power within your reality to a Political Industrial Complex that is run by a very small number of misguided Spiritual Beings existing in Physical Human Form, (and other forms of physicality) who are caught up in a way of thinking, and an energy of belief in Greed, Power and Control as being their only means of survival.

They live and exist in a Prison of Fear, and they pass this way of living and existing within this Prison of Fear on to you by a multitude of ways and means.

Staying free from this trap set to incarcerate you in this Prison of Fear is a challenge because once you become caught within this “Trap of Fear” you can no longer see that YOU then continue to feed and self perpetuate this Fear; thus you become the one to maintain you’re being trapped within its energy boundaries.

Once caught in this Trap of Fear you begin to feed the Fear of the loss of who and what you think you are, when in truth, Who and What you think you are is an Illusion created and projected for you to see and believe, that was intended from its origination, to trap you in this Prison of Fear. (This was the bait used.)

As this energy of Fear grows, (fed by you) you begin to Fear your own Power. You begin to Fear Responsibility of any kind, including and especially Responsibility for Self. You then come to Fear True Freedom; for True Freedom requires you to Know your Self, to own your Power and to be Responsible for Self and your individual part in the creation of all of Reality.

WE ask you…

How do you ever expect to escape this Prison of Fear when you are simultaneously the inmate and the warden?

How do you ever expect to escape this Prison of Fear when you are that which is imprisoned, that which imprisons you, and that which keeps you imprisoned?

WE remind you…

YOU are also that which holds the key to unlocking the Prison Gates, thereby granting you access to your Freedom.

WE  who share these words with you, wish you to know it is our desire that you will seriously contemplate this conundrum and find within you the courage necessary to release yourself from this Self-imposed Prison of Fear.

WE NOW bid you farewell and leave you in this NOW moment of Space/Time Reality amid the energies of Love, Unity and Synchronized Harmony.

Essence Ka tha’ras & The Q4”



Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras



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