Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report ~ June 21, 2015 ~ Solstice


Greetings Dearest Spirit Family,

Solstice~Time of Balance

Solstice~Time of Balance

I AM posting this Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report for the June 21, 2015 Solstice on the run today. Life for me has been so wonderful lately. I find my work expanding in directions I had not anticipated, but am IN-Joying it beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

This Solstice Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report is but a simple one; giving only information on the main frequency being brought to us to be of assistance in our Spiritual Awakening Journey at this time on Earth.

I would like to remind everyone any Solstice is both a Summer and Winter Solstice at the same time; being dependant only on the hemisphere in which you live. The same holds true for Spring and Autumn Equinoxes.

The information in this report is the same for either hemisphere of the planet. It matters not where you live, these are the frequencies being gifted to the planet at this time through this special Energy Time Portal.


We can expect to feel this particular Solstice Energy the strongest between the days of June 18th – June 23rd, 2015


The June 21st, 2015 Solstice holds a 7/11 Dual Frequency as its main frequency.

The I AM Keyword phrase for the 7/11 Dual Frequency is:

7/11 Dual – I AM the Truth of Divine Intelligence Illumined through the Spiritually Awakened Self

The 7/11 Dural Frequency combination is very powerful and lends assistance in going beyond the surface in looking at Self; and Self here not only means the Individual person we are, it also means the Collective Consciousness of Humanity as the Individual Conscious Self it is also.   

This 7/11 Dual Frequency can be a difficult energy for many if they are not comfortable with their Self and their Spirituality and Spiritual beliefs, especially if they are still not ready to be Responsible for their own Spiritual growth. This 7/11 Dual energy can create tension because this Frequency combination leaves no room for NOT taking seriously your Individual Responsibility for your own Spiritual Growth.

Just as a Saturn Return in you Natal Astrological Chart forces you to take a long hard look at Self and demands you examine your life and your belief system, so too does this frequency combination push you beyond your comfort zone in what you consider your individual Responsibility for Self, especially as it pertains to your individual responsibility in being of assistance to the Awakening Journey of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity.

This 7/11 Dual Frequency combination disallows the ability to any longer ignore the Truth of our Reality and your portion of the Responsibility for creating it.

Much of what we are seeing play out on the world stage associated with corruption, misuse of power, greed, control and violence that is being brought to light and forcing us to really look at it as a Collective is because of this frequency combination’s effects embedded throughout the year. But remember Spirit is gifting us with this frequency combination much more in this portion of linear time because, 1: it gives us the opportunity to make changes to correct and heal these types of behaviors and beliefs, and 2: because WE are ready to take on much more Responsibility for our Collective Conscious Self. WE no longer need a babysitter. WE are mature enough to do this work for our self now.

When we are under the Dual 7/11 Frequency, especially associated with such powerful moments in our local earth space/time reality such as occur with Solstices, Equinoxes and Eclipses, etc. daily life can be very trying for those individuals who are not stepping up and taking Responsibility for Self. For those individuals these high frequency times can be highly emotionally charged and cause stress and anxiety, thus causing tension within their energy matryx.  Often during these high frequency influxes we see stress rise between people because of them feeling a sense of being overwhelmed.

Just understanding what is creating such tension is very beneficial because it gives us something, and somewhere to focus on. In other words, it shows us where WE need to direct focused energy to be of the most assistance.

For those whose intentions are to step up and take responsibility for self, and how that work on self affects the Collective Consciousness, this 7/11 Dual Frequency is a true gift from Spirit; as long as they remain focused on their work and the true objective of being of service to the Collective.

For those who maintain their focus, this 7/11 Dual Frequency is a powerful amplifying energy they can tap into to assist in the work on Self and taking Responsibility for their individual part in the Creation of our Collective Reality.

Those who maintain focus will feel their energy becoming lighter and communication with Spirit becoming stronger under these types of frequencies.

If you are one who is truly working on taking full Responsibility for Self and the part you play in the Creation of the Collective Reality, yet during the days this 7/11 Dual Solstice Frequency is bathing the planet you find yourself becoming a bit overwhelmed by stressful energies, just know this is simply you falling a bit out of alignment with your Center Balance. This is not really a big deal and is to be expected somewhat simply because WE are Human and get busy and lose focus for a minute every once in awhile.

When you find yourself in this somewhat unbalanced energy space, simply take a moment, take a deep breath, and bring yourself back to center and that place of peaceful balance. Don’t chastise yourself, just get up and move on.

Remember, the real test of a true Master is not that they do not ever fall down. It is how fast they get back up.


IN-Joy I Share


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras




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3 thoughts on “Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report ~ June 21, 2015 ~ Solstice

    • Greetings Adam,
      Thank you for taking the time to read my Sacred Work and responding. I do appreciate it.
      Thank you for sharing the link for others to calculate their Life Path number.
      I was a traditional Numerologist for 30+ years before my Guides led me to a part of my Sacred Contractual Work which is to bring back the Advanced form of the Sacred Art of Numerology known as Metatronic Numerology.
      I still do Numerology Natal Charts, and other types of Traditional Numerology Charts, but now my main work within Numerology is sharing and teaching of this lost form of Metatronic Numerology WE, the Collective Consciousness of Humanity on Earth, once had access to but have forgotten.

      IN-Joy I Share…..

      Blessings from All Realms of Creation
      Essence Ka tha’ras

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