To Act or RE-Act? That Is the Question

To Act or to RE-Act?

To Act or to RE-Act?

To Act is to do something, it is to take an action to take steps forward and proceed.

To React is to Act in response to something, it is to counter in reply, or retort to a stimuli.


When you Act, you are in control of yourself, your emotions, and the situation at hand.

When you RE-Act, you are simply reproducing the Act, or action directed at you.

If the outside stimuli, or the initial action taken toward you is one of anger, hurt, or attempted control of your power and energy, and you ACT in response to it, you have the opportunity to change a negative into a positive.

If instead you choose to RE-Act to it, you are simply repeating the initial action, and the only possible outcome is one of intensifying what is already something with the potential to do harm in some form or fashion.

To Act or To RE-Act…. THAT Is the Question


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