Tensions Mount; Yet We Aspire to Create New Earth

Greetings Dear Spirit Family,

Maintaining Balanced Energy

Maintaining Balanced Energy

As we have moved into the recent Mercury Retrograde, and while under the influence of other Numerological and Astrological alignments and frequencies, I have been noticing quite a bit of distressed conversation and exchange of some rather tense words and energy between people, as well as many people feeling the need to defend themselves through conversation and  written commentary through social media and many other avenues in their daily life these last few days .

I Lovingly suggest before such actions are taken we all take the time to step back from the tensions and the disharmonious energy flows we are feeling and find ourselves wrapped within at this time to Center and Balance our Energy, Thoughts and Emotions.

Actions, Words, Emotions and Energies such as what seems to be so abundant at this particular time does nothing to Create Healing, Consciousness Expansion and Spiritual Growth for anyone; neither the Individual nor the Collective Consciousness of Humanity and Earth.

Remember, the Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report of this week shows us this week’s Sacred Work is that of moving into the Field of Potentiality and Creating our New Reality from and through the 99 Frequency of Universal Love.

As we continue to travel through this week, and the coming weeks and the possibilities of some more rather intense energies and frequency combination, I implore each of you to aspire to be ever cognizant of the energy you are allowing yourself to become entangled in, holding and emitting.

We as the Spiritually Awakened are charged with clearing the path and showing the way to those who still slumber spiritually. Let us take seriously this profound and crucial Responsibility we have agreed to accept.


IN-Joy I Share

Blessings from All Realms of Creation to Each and All as we continue to Create New Earth.

Essence Ka tha’ras