Infinity & Eternity – Contemplation Concepts

Infinity & Eternity – Contemplation Concepts

If Infinity denotes Space with no beginning and no ending, and Eternity denotes Time with no beginning and no end what does this imply for us as the individual we are?

Infinity and Eternity

What does it imply for us as the Collective we are?

How does this impact our transitory human existence?

When you contemplate these concepts what thoughts and emotions are created within you?

Notice the first thought that passes though your mind. What information is it bringing you about your current state of beliefs of reality?

Notice the emotions created within you. How does your physical body react to this concept?

What part of your physical body reacts the strongest?

What Chakras react? In what fashion do they react?

All of this is information being brought to you for assistance in your daily life and your Spiritual Awakening Journey.


IN-Joy time in meditation Contemplating these Concepts today.


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