Funny Thing – Alice Woke Up In Reality (a just for fun poem)

Greetings Spirit Family,

I ran across this poem from an old post in December of 2013 and just wanted to share it again…. Just For Fun! It made me giggle again!

I hope you IN-Joy it.


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras


Alice Woke Up In Reality

Alice Woke Up In Reality

Funny thing; I went to sleep last night and woke up in this dream.

I fell straight through the rabbit hole, and now nothing is how it seems.


Tomorrow ran into last week and time got turned around.

Someone shut the faucet off, now water runs upside down.


The cat drove me to town in his new Mercedes-Benz.

We parked the car on the moon, then met up with his friends.


The Universe turned itself inside out, just as natural as you please.

So we jumped a shuttle to outer-space to watch the Milky Way freeze.


I took a drink, a really big swig, of liquid purple dust.

I told the cat, “I need to lie down. I really think I must!”


So resting in the needle’s eye I finally went to bed.

I spun the room from left to right and somehow came out ahead.


I woke up in the rabbit hole, and now I’m not sure things are as they seem.

Funny thing, I went to bed last night, and now I’m stuck here in this Reality’s Dream.


Essence Ka tha’ras




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