The Opportunity of Your Lifetime


Greetings Spirit Family,

The following is a sharing from my good friend and Spiritual Sister, Kyra. She shares from the heart and I know you will find her words to be thought provoking and filled with Love and Light. IN-Joy

Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras


The Opportunity of Your Lifetime

Previously a friend asked me to write about a little epiphany I had of trusting myself. I actually couldn’t remember what I had written so I went back to re-read it myself.

This afternoon I was listening to Tom Kenyon’s Hathorian Stream of Light. I had just finished an email to a friend where I related a recent dream of me explaining to someone that before I could be an author or speaker or whatever it was they were, I had to not only believe in myself but also present myself as such. Another friend reminded me of the power of saying I AM whatever it is you are proclaiming yourself to be.

I have always declined any requests to speak before a large group or write a book or a blog by myself. I have written small insights for other friends who then shared what I’d written. I think I do well enough just talking to an individual or to small groups in expressing myself. I just believed that I didn’t have anything really significant to say that would be useful for large groups. I thought it would be preaching to the choir.

I do feel like I often receive “downloads” of information but never felt like the information was there in some clear form to relate in a way that would be helpful to others. I have always wanted clarity, and for information to come from “someone or something” outside of myself.

I, like many others who would be reading something like this, have always felt a longing to “be” or “do something”. It has felt that this is such an important time and there has always been that sense of urgency to bring something forward or accomplish something with great significance.

What occurred to me today is by continuing to “not step up to the plate” and present whatever piece of the puzzle I hold I might even miss the opportunity of this lifetime. I may not have, or get continuing information I feel is important, but by not even trying to share what I do have is a “sin” as in “missing the mark”. What if all that my soul had intended for this lifetime was to share one piece of information that would in turn affect someone who might make an even more far-reaching effect if they acted on that information?

If I allowed my ego to continue feeling shy, insecure and “less than” others, I would almost by default not actually do what I came here to do. I am not saying I haven’t led a life that was a good life by the standards of raising two children who grew into great adults, or that I didn’t affect friends and family by trying to lead a life where I have always tried to be kind and helpful. But what if my soul had intended that I use those life set-ups to overcome that feeling of being “less than” and to offer just one piece of information that would impact someone else in a grander way for their soul’s purpose?

Guilt has always been an incredible driver for me! To consider that my inaction or reluctance to do certain things caused someone else to not have something that would be helpful is just not the best way for me to live my life with purpose. This is another baby-step in moving myself forward rather than always being so reticent.

And this is my message for you as well. Sometimes the best way to help others is in taking the responsibility to help yourself to become more of who you are. Don’t miss your opportunity to express that one piece of the puzzle that only you hold!


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