The Times – They are A-Changin’


Earlier on FB the Awakening People page shared a quote from Pastor Joel Osteen that read…

“Start announcing freedom from anything that’s holding you back. Freedom from addictions, freedom from loneliness, freedom from lack, freedom from struggle. You are prophesying your future. Your words are setting the direction for your life.” — Joel Osteen.

We understand what is being shared here; the knowledge that we create our own reality, individually and collectively, by the thoughts, emotions, words and deeds we hold and make each day. This is simple, yet profound Ancient knowledge being shared within mainstream society; and best of all… it is being accepted, once again.

I AM excited to see such information being shared and accepted within the spiritually slumbering mainstream consciousness. It tells us, and shows us that the Collective Consciousness truly is shifting in its perception and understanding of our reality. Even just a day or two ago I was in a conversation where I was talking with people about how much mainstream science is assisting in the Collective Consciousness’ perception shifting due to the fact that more and more scientists are finding the courage to step out of the box  and put forward “advanced” theories, especially within the realm of Quantum Sciences, and what this is doing in bringing acceptability of Ancient Sacred Knowledge of how our realty operates to mainstream’s everyday world. The Spiritually Slumbering may not see this as Ancient Knowledge renewed, but that is not necessary. What is necessary is for the majority of our Collective Consciousness (of humanity) to accept this information as Truth; thus leading us, the Collective Consciousness, back to creating our Reality in a Continuous Intentional Conscious manner.

I AM sharing the following videos just for fun.

IN-Joy the signs of the changing times.


Blessings from All Realms of Reality

Essence Ka tha’ras