Final Preparation for October 2014 Metatronic Work

Connecting to the Devic Kingdoms

Greetings Dear Spirit Family,

A couple of weeks ago I shared that, for those interested, we were going to be Consciously and Intentionally connecting in a clear fashion with the Devic Kingdoms during the month of October.

I then asked you, “If I said the word “Flower” to you, what is the first flower that comes to your mind?”


This showed us the Consciousness we would be working with individually from the Plant/Flora Kingdom.

I then asked you, “If I say the words Stone, Rock, Crystal, or Mineral to you, what is the first image that comes to mind for you?”


This showed us the Consciousness we would be working with individually from the Mineral Kingdom.

I shared that each of the Devic Kingdoms holds very specific information, knowledge and assistance for us in our journey of life here on Earth. They are intelligent in ways we have forgotten as humans, and are powerful allies when we will but learn to listen and work with them.

They want to work with us, but demand respect and must be treated as equals; for the truth is, they are our equals here on Earth, and their world and reality is intertwined with ours and is affected by the decisions we make as humans. They know this, and they understand most humans have forgotten this knowledge, and have forgotten how to communicate with them as equals.

I went on to say that during the month of October we are going to be reconnecting with the Devic Kingdoms, thus allowing them to be of assistance to us in helping show us the next steps on our Sacred Journey here on Earth. They can and will assist us individually and Collectively, in learning to better communicate with them and in gaining a clearer understanding of our Sacred Contractual Work; especially as it relates to working in conjunction with them.

So if you have not yet chosen a Flower from the Plant Kingdom and a Stone, Crystal, Mineral or Metal from the Mineral Kingdom who is calling to work with you individually please do so and begin making your list.

Our next step in finalizing the Group Consciousness we will be working with individually from the Devic Kingdoms it to make a connection with the Animal Kingdom, and the Mythological Kingdom.

So once again, “If I say the word “Animal” to you, what is the first image that comes to mind?”


Once you have made these connection then please move onto connecting with the Mythological Kingdom. Within the Mythological Kingdom are Beings such as Unicorns, Pixies, Elves, Mermaids, Gnomes, Faeries, Cherubs, Angels, Griffins, the Phoenix, Dragons, Sasquatch,  Nessys (such as Loch Ness) and several others. (A note here… If Dragon comes to work with you I suggest you determine what type of Elemental Dragon it is. It is a Fire Dragon, an Earth Dragon, an Air Dragon, or a Water Dragon?)  

To assist you in determining the Consciousness which you will be working with from the Mythological Kingdom I ask the question…

“If I say the word “Mythological Being” to you, what is the first image that comes to mind?”


If you have a difficult time making a decision concerning any of the Devic Kingdoms, then allow Spirit and the Devic Kingdoms to help you. Set your intention that the next Flower, Stone, Animal, or Mythological Being you see, whether it is in nature, in a magazine, a book or on TV, then this is the Devic Spirit that has come to work with you personally.

Once you have made your determinations take some time to research and learn a bit about the “Medicine” these Allies carry. Their “Medicine” is the Knowledge and Wisdom they have to teach and share.

Take a few days to make a strong connection to the Devic Kingdom Allies that have come to work with you personally, and in the next few days I will be posting the Devic Spirits from all the Devic Kingdoms we will be working with as a Group Collective Conscious Mind.

Until then….

IN-Joy working with your new Ally Friends.


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras


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