Metatronic Numerology Weekly Frequency Report: Sept. 29th ~ Oct. 5th, 2014

This week holds a 4 Frequency with a 66 Sub-frequency influence, as well as a 222 Passive Potential, a 666 Active Potential and a 999 Passive Potential. It is also an 11:11 Frequency encoded week, as well as holding a 7/11 Embedded Code frequency.

The I AM Keyword phrases for 4, 66, 222 and 666 are:

4 – I AM Form and Service

66 – I Am the Divine Feminine Inspired Planetary Healer

222 – I AM Multi-dimensionality in Gestation

666 – I AM Multi-dimensional Form Held in Divine Love and Spiritual Perfection

999 – I Am Multi-dimensionality Fulfilled; I AM Quantum

First we will have a look at the 7/11 Embed Code and the 11:11 Frequency encoded into this week.

7/11 Frequency Embed Code

The 7/11 Frequency combination is very powerful and lends assistance in going beyond the surface in looking at Self; and Self here not only means the Individual person we are, it also means the Collective Consciousness of Humanity as the Individual Conscious Self it is also. 

This 7/11 Frequency can be a difficult energy for many if they are not comfortable with their Self and their Spirituality and Spiritual beliefs, especially if they are still not ready to be Responsible for their own Spiritual growth. This 7/11 energy can create tension because this Frequency combination leaves no room for NOT taking seriously your Individual Responsibility for your own Spiritual Growth.

Just as a Saturn Return in you Natal Astrological Chart forces you to take a long hard look at Self and demands you examine your life and your belief system, so too does this Frequency combination push you beyond your comfort zone in what you consider your individual Responsibility for Self, especially as it pertains to your individual responsibility to being of assistance to the Awakening Journey of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity.

This 7/11 Frequency combination disallows the ability to any longer ignore the Truth of our Reality and your portion of the Responsibility for creating it, and it is embedded into this whole year of 2014.

Much of what we are seeing play out on the world stage associated with corruption being brought to light is because of this frequency combination’s effects. Believe me, we will see much, much more as this year progresses.

Days such as this, with a Dual 7/11 Frequency can be very trying for many. They can be highly emotionally charged and cause stress and anxiety, causing tension between people, and a sense of being overwhelmed.

Just understanding what is creating such tension is very beneficial because it gives us something to focus on.

So during the better part of this week as we are under the influences and energies of this Equinox and this New Moon, if you feel yourself becoming stressed or angry, or just generally overwhelmed, know it is because the Universe is really pushing us to step up to the plate and take responsibility for what we create.

When you find yourself feeling this way, stop and look at what is causing tension in your life and this will point you in the direction of where you need to do some work on Self and what changes you may be needing to make.

This 7/11 Frequency affects are most specifically directed at, and most intensely felt by the Spiritual Slumbering masses of the Collective Consciousness. This is in order to give them the necessary nudge they need to begin awakening; yet for those of us who are Spiritually Awakened, this frequency combination can tend to create stresses for us if we are not yet fully aligned with our path; so this does not mean that just because you are awakened you may not feel some of this energy as a bit intense.

If this becomes the case for you I really urge you to not see this as a negative thing, or as some type of punishment or judgment about how well you are doing or not doing in your Spiritual Awakening process. Instead, see the stresses created under these frequencies as signs and guide posts of what you need to work on and where you need to focus on releasing what is no longer serving your highest good.

To offer you a bit more assistance I want to remind you that back in March when we had this 7/11 Dual Frequency, Isabelle Jae Stoneward (an Aspect of Self I work with from, let’s just call it New Earth) showed me that the 369 Solfeggio Frequency would be very beneficial to use associated with any stresses caused by this rather intense frequency. The 369 Solfeggio Frequency is useful in Harmonizing Energy and Overcoming Fears, so you can see how it would be of assistance on days such as today.

11:11 Frequency Code

Many people are now familiar with the 11-11 Frequency Encoded “Wake-Up” call we as a Collective Consciousness set into place before descending into dense reality realms. We did this to be of assistance to us in our Collective Spiritual Re-Awakening. Basically this is an alarm clock we set before we descended into the denser realms of matter.

For those who are regular readers of the Metatronic Numerology Frequency Reports, you will most likely remember that I have shared what the Q4 stated about this 11:11 Encoded Alarm Clock.

They told us that the 11:11 Frequency Portal of the New Mayan Calendar Round Reality now stands continuously open, and we really no longer need to put time and energy into raising frequency to enable it to remain open because we have accomplished that.

What this means is that movement through this portal is now available at all times to everyone, and there is an Ease of Access that was not there before.

The changes this is making in our Present Projected Time Frame Reality are that we are beginning to see, and will continue to see, an acceleration of Spiritual Awakening by those who still slumber; and the reality of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity existing on Gaia will flow and shift more rapidly into a fuller Spiritually Awakened state.

It also means our work with the 11:11 Encoded Wake-Up Frequency has changed slightly.

Now our work, especially on these full 11:11 Frequency Encoded days, is to focus our energy and intentions on being of assistance to the lessening of the accumulative amount of highly negatively charged emotions surrounding the planet, (within Gaia’s Auric Field), and how they hinder the Spiritually Slumbering Masses in Initial Awakening; especially those who are beginning to react to the subconscious promptings of their own Spiritual Awakening.

We can all remember that as exciting as Initial Spiritual Awakening is, it is also a time when we often feel lost and confused as to what we should believe and think, and where we should turn in our quest for understanding about what is happening to us; so from now on these 11-11 Encoded days will come around at semi-regular intervals as reminders, and micro Power Boosters, that with the larger numbers of newly Awakening humans happening simultaneously, the planet and the Collective Consciousness will see times of overwhelming amounts of energy of fear and confusion being released; and with the accumulation of this energy we need to remain focused on assisting in the energy work of Love and Light by emitting a newly upgraded 11:11 Encoded Frequency Message.

This new 11-11 Encoded message is…

“You are Waking Up… You are Safe… And You ARE on the Right Path”

This is the 11:11 Message we need to be emitting now.

This Weeks Main Frequencies

The 4 Frequency is about work. It teaches the lesson of steady growth through patience, and shows the value of a strong work ethic; but above all it teaches us about our work in Service to Others and about doing our share of any necessary work, both in the physical world and in the Spiritual world.

The 4 Frequency speaks to us of the Foundation we create to construct our reality upon.

Contained within the 4 Frequency is knowledge showing us that if we are to build a safe, secure and positive reality, it must be set upon a Solid Sacred Foundation.

It speaks of the wisdom that comes from understanding that the edges and perimeters of this foundation must be sound; for if not the Foundation upon which we create our reality will weaken and crumble, and all we have constructed and established will fall.

The 4 Frequency’s teachings do not talk of limits and boundaries as something to confine us, but rather of the necessity of erecting our reality upon a template set on groundwork that is Blessed and Revered. 

The 4 Frequency is represented by the Sacred Geometric forms of the Square and the Cube; equal in all ways and holding a unifying principle.

The 4 Frequency, through the Sacred Geometric forms of the Square and the Cube brings light into our body and our life in a balanced manner, and assists in holding our world in equilibrium. It helps us to build our life upon a strong and solid foundation, one that balances the Sacred with the Mundane, and the Spiritual Realms with the Physical Realms.

The 66 Frequency differs from the 6 Frequency in that the 6 Frequency is about us taking on our share of the Responsibility for the care of family and the family of man, whereas the 66 Frequency is about us doing the work of Healing for the Collective Consciousness of Humanity and Gaia (Earth) specifically.

Under the 66 Frequency’s influence we are being given direction and energetic assistance to be of support and aid in the healing of the Collective Consciousness and our planet on all levels; Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually.

The Potentials

Remember, Potentials are very subtle, really imperceptible frequencies. Yet as subtle as they are, they bring the first energy of movement into the Multi-dimensional Realms. There are two types of Potentials; Passive and Active. Just like the terms imply the Passive Potential holds a Feminine/Negative Energy Charge and the Active holds a Masculine/Positive Energy Charge. The Passive is Magnetic force, and the Active is an Impulsion or Thrust force.

Before we go further into this information I would like to share a bit of information about the 666 Frequency it in order to dispel some of the negativity and fear attached to this number.

First and foremost, the number 666 is the number of MAN; the number of HUMANKIND. Actually it is the number of all life on Earth.

All life forms on earth are carbon based; including Humans; and the element Carbon has 6 Proton, 6 Electrons, and 6 Neutrons.

The number 666 is actually encoded with the Sacred Knowledge of our True Multi-dimensional Spiritual Heritage. This is a very powerful frequency that has specific and significant information of correlations associated with physical man; especially with the Human Physical Body.

Teutilarhon of Atlantis, an Aspect of Self I work with, has the following information to share about the 666 Frequency and the information contained within this frequency bandwidth.

“Part of the information for the directions on how to activate, maintain and navigate the Physical Human form into, in and through, the Multi-dimensional Realms is contained within the 666 Frequency. Other parts of this information are contained within additional triple digit repeated number Frequencies and must be accessed in specific sequence to retrieve the complete information and instructions for Activation of the Physical Multi-dimensional body.” 

The Ancients knew this. And those who would wish to control Man and Earth know this, so they attached the energy of fear to this number in order to hide it in plain sight. Really, what better way to hide something than in plain site?

The 666 number was chosen to attach the energy of fear to because it holds the initial information related to this subject. Once this information is found then the other sections of the full set of directions can be easily located and accessed. 

Much of the Ancient and Sacred Mysteries of the Goddess and Sacred Feminine Aspect, along with the Knowledge of Creation of the Cosmos are also held within the 666 Frequency.

The 666 Frequency holds the knowledge of, and shows us our Blueprint of Perfection.

This week’s 666 Active Potential speaks to us of the Multi-dimensional Realms coming into matters form; meaning moving more into our everyday world and reality for us to experience in a much more physical way.

The 666 Frequency holds the key to the codes necessary for Man’s movement into the Multi-dimensional Realms in Matters Form; whatever that may look like from here.

The 222 Frequency was a part of the Equinox energy last week and was an Active Potential, whereas this week it is a Passive Potential. This means last week it was a Thrust Force and we were pushing this energy out and this week it is a Magnetic Force and we are pulling this energy to us. You can read the report for the Equinox at the following link…

Metatronic Numerology Equinox Frequency Report

The 666 was a Passive Potential last week. This means then it was a Magnetic force, we were pulling this energy to us. This week it is an Active Potential, a Thrust Force, and we are pushing it out. You can read last week’s Frequency Report at the following link…

Metatronic Numerology Weekly Report Sept. 22nd – Sept. 28th, 2014

Associated with the Equinox of last week, the 999 was a Passive Potential, and it is a Passive Potential this week as well. This means both weeks it is a Magnetic Force and we are steadily pulling this energy to us.

Working in conjunction with each other last week and this week these Multi-dimensional numbers are creating an alternating In-breathe/Out-breathe pattern; a form of Multi-dimensional Meditation focusing upon the Cosmic Breath, if you will.

The 222 frequency comes into play very seldom and very sporadically and speaks to us of something associated with the Multi-dimensional Realms and Realities that is in a time of Gestation. This frequency’s appearance lets us know that the Conception of our physical entrance into the Multi-dimensional Realms has occurred and is now in a Gestation period.

The 999 Frequency speaks to us, (as do the 9 and the 99 frequencies) of a Cycle of Completion; one leading us into a vast expanse of unexplored territory in search of what we innately know exists beyond limits we have crossed, and beyond limits we have yet to even view. It speaks to us of knowing ourselves and our reality beyond what is the commonly accepted version.

The appearance of the 222/666/999 Frequencies in this In-Breathe/Out-Breathe byplay is telling us Gestation of our Full Collective Multi-dimensionality Reality is occurring. It is occurring even as you read this.

By our thoughts, words, emotions, and actions we are adding Intention and Energy to a Reality of Multi-dimensionality that, many eons of liner time from now, will take us into a portion of Infinite Reality that lies beyond concepts and manifestations of the Multi-dimensional Realms; something we cannot even “Conceive” of right now. We have just begun to Conceive of what being Multi-dimensional means, much less what lies beyond it. But yet, here we are being given information that WE Will eventually move beyond even that.  

With the appearance of these frequencies intertwined in this fashion we have knowledge telling us WE have Conceived of a Reality of Multi-dimensionality for the Collective Consciousness of Humanity and Gaia, but this Conception is still in its very first stages; it has yet to even move through the very first Cosmic Cell Division; but it does now exists within the Cosmic Womb in a period of Gestation; a “Time and Space” where it can grow from the embryonic stage of a mere Thought, to a point where it is ready to be Birthed into what is to become our next Round of Collective Reality.  

This week our work is to follow the lead and promptings of the wisdom held within the 4/66 Frequency combination. We are to focus upon Building a Solid Sacred Foundation upon which to manifest this New Multi-dimensional Reality; we are to do this through understanding the steady growth that is possible when we are patient and focus on our Sacred Work, especially in our Sacred Work in Service to Others.

We are to be of assistance in the ways in which Spirit leads us in the Healing that is necessary for the Collective Consciousness of Humanity and Gaia; for by doing so we are helping to realign the Balance of the energy of the Spiritual and Physical Realms in our Current Reality, thus helping to hold it in a state of Equilibrium where it becomes Steady, Safe and Secure for All, as we also remember to Consciously and Intentionally add energy to the Gestation of the Multi-dimensional Realms of which we have Conceived.  

This is the focus of this week’s Sacred Work.  


IN-Joy working with this week’s frequencies.


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras



© 2014 Essence Ka tha’ras

Shambahalla-New Earth & The Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round

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Author – Essence Ka tha’ras

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