Communiqué from The Q4~Via: Cosmic Master Azure LOA: Part 1

In the September issue of the Indigo Sun Magazine Ms. Ginger McCord honored me by publishing one of my articles. This article was an edited (for space) version of a communiqué I received from Cosmic Master Azure LOA of the Q4 in response to my asking for information to share surrounding the upcoming Shambahalla~Metatronic Meditation and Rejuvenation Retreat I will be hosting and facilitating Thursday, October 2nd through Sunday, October 5th, 2014.

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Shambahalla~Metatronic Meditation and Rejuvenation Retreat

I would now like to share the information he communicated. This article is Part 1 in releasing that information.


“Greetings Spirit Family of Earth,

I, Cosmic Master Azure LOA, come to you in this NOW amid the energies of Love, Unity and Synchronized Harmony.

I would share with you in this moment, information concerning the process of Creation within your Universal System.

Yours is a Universe created by constant motion sent out from a center point of complete balance and stillness.

Moments is Space/Time/Reality exist where noticeable ‘Shifts’ are created and occur. Each of these ‘Moments’ is but a single Space/Time/Reality Moment within a larger sequence of ‘Moments’; which in turn are single Space/Time/Reality Moments within a still yet larger Space/Time/Reality Moment sequence.

You, (humans) are now re-awakening to the knowledge of your own Universal Creation motion and powers, and are beginning to understand (Collectively) once more HOW you create Reality.

From where you have been existing, entrenched within a deep density frequency fog, this is momentous.

Never have this many Individual points of Consciousness participated at once in the Creation of your Reality, nor have there ever been as large a number of Group Collective Consciousness’ participating simultaneously; (i.e. Countries, Religions, Belief Systems, Political Systems, etc.)

Up until relatively recently within your Reality System the largest world human populations have been small (by comparison), consisting of no more than several millions in total. This kept the size of individual civilizations in fairly equal proportions within hemisphere quadrants.

Ancient Civilizations were smaller still; the largest consisting of only a few tens of thousands, to periodically a civilization as large as one or two hundreds of thousands, and there were only a small number of large civilizations existing upon Earth at any given period of time. These larger civilizations were also (most often) positioned across the planet at great distances from each other. The distance and the degree of angles created by their separation and positioning relevant to each other played an important role in the task of controlling and maintaining the large amounts of energy created. 

This made containing and controlling the full energy of your reality very easy for the ruling political and Priest classes.[i]  

In past linear time on Earth there were always only a small number of large civilizations operating simultaneously at any given point in Space/Time/Reality. Each of these larger civilizations was in control of the energy of a portion of all smaller civilization’s energy. Most generally the amount of energy they were to maintain and control was divided relatively equally between them. 

The areas where the shared portions of the energy distributed between these civilizations came together and existed were not disturbed to any great degree, by the lower frequencies produced by the day-to-day dramas of the masses of the human population.

The energy within the overlapping Vesica Piscis sections were under the care and control of three individuals from each of the large civilizations energy domains which created it; one Priest, holding the Positive/Masculine Energy Charge, one Priestess, holding the Negative/Feminine Energy Charge, and one Political leader, who held the Neutral/Grounding Energy Charge. (see diagram 1-Ancient Civilization Energy Control and Distribution)[ii]

Diagram 1

Diagram 1

When three large civilizations existed simultaneously the energy domains of all three overlapped creating a Stupa[iii] like area. It was here within this area that one individual from each of the Vesica Piscis energy domains was selected to care for and control the energy from this shared point; one each of the three different energy charge types; positive, negative and neutral.

As Earth’s population grew, and/or when four or more large civilizations existed simultaneously, sharing the care and control of the energy of the entire planet, the process was the same but takes on a dimension not shown in this simple diagram.

During the Space/Time/Reality eras we are discussing here all representatives of any given energy care and control area were in agreement as to the purpose, use and intent of what this shared energy was to be used to create.

It was to be used for maintaining all civilizations on Earth in a Sacred manner, including the day-to-day lives of all humans, and for furthering the consciousness expansion of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity. This was understood to be the Sacred part Earth and Humans were to fulfill in order to participate in the Creation of the larger Universal Reality in which you exist.

Those in the positions doing this work were experts in maintaining and controlling energy, and each understood that the ways in which Creation of Reality on Earth was accomplished generated affects extending all the way into the Multi-verse of which your Reality is but one portion and point of Creation’s Light. They also knew this work affected Reality throughout every point along the way.

To a lesser extent, these affects were also understood by the layperson. For they too recognized their individual responsibility in participating in the process of the Creation of a Collective Reality, and held an awareness within them of the importance of their involvement and contribution even in the most mundane workings of everyday life. Because of this the simplest of daily tasks were seen as Sacred and preformed in such a manner. Some of those you term, “Earth’s Indigenous People” still recognize this even in your current time frame reality.

Continued Consciousness Expansion of Humanity

Part of the intentional process for the expansion of consciousness of humanity was/is to generate an ever increasing human population upon Earth through the movement of linear time.

An ever increasing human population upon Earth has both positive and negative affects and consequences according to how the energy created by this population increase is cared for, maintained and directed.[iv]

As the human population of Earth increases so too does consciousness in manifest physical form (matter) increase.

This is how the equation flows…[v]

More humans = more physical matter = lower frequencies and vibration rates = denser reality = lost knowledge (higher frequency knowledge cannot be accessed in low frequency dimensions) = misunderstood information (information becomes distorted and incomplete) = conflict between humans over what information means = power struggles between humans = an inability to work together = the creation of large amounts of chaotic energy.

It is with this large amount of Chaotic Energy with which your current Reality is being Created.”


I end Part 1 of this information communiqué from Cosmic Master Azure LOA here.

Please be watching for Part 2, to be posted in the next few days.

Until then I welcome your comments.


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras



[i] Here the words “containing and controlling” do not denote a negative connotation. Nor does the term “ruling political and Priest classes”. Azure LOA is simply speaking of those who held these positions worked with energy. To work with energy efficiently you have to be able to control where, and how it is sent with Conscious Intent in order to create in a given manner.

[ii] In the Vescia Piscis areas created by the overlapping of the energy domains of two larger civilizations the two triangles created by the three representatives from each, is more appropriately represented by the geometric form of the Star Tetrahedron; aka: Mer-ka-ba.

[iii] Something akin to a rounded triangular shaped dome.

[iv] It is because of discord and conflict coming into play at the inner points in this process that you find yourselves where you are in your current reality moment. This will be spoken of at a later point.

[v] This equation relates to our Present Projected Time Frame Reality.




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2 thoughts on “Communiqué from The Q4~Via: Cosmic Master Azure LOA: Part 1

  1. Sear Ka tha’ras,
    In the diagram, I was fascinated by the 3 overlapping Vesica Pisces. two in each of the circles and one in the overlap of the 3 = 7. Does this have to do with the 7 being the intelligence of the #7 or did I miss something?
    This information is deeply respected and wonderfully presented to raise the consciousness on this planet.

    Susan Crawford

    • Greetings Susan,

      No, what you saw is very much a part of this process. It is very intuitive of you to see it.

      What is being talk about in this communication does not go that deep into the detail of the workings of this, but I see you “Hear” and “Receive” information very well, especially related to that spoken by the language of numbers.

      Thank you so much for all of your love and support, and for your time you share with me.

      Blessings from All Realms of Creation to You

      Essence Ka tha’ras

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