Metatronic Numerology Daily Frequency Report: 9/4/14~Truthful & Illumined Communication through Universal Compassionate Consciousness


Today is a 2 Frequency day with 11 and 33 Sub-frequency influences.

The I AM Keyword phrases for 2, 11 and 33 are:

2 – I AM Balanced Communication

11 – I AM Truth Illumined through Spiritual Revelation

33 – I AM Compassionate Consciousness in Universal Service

Do you think today is about learning to better Communicate with each other in a Truthful, Loving and Compassionate way?

I have to say, I love the way Spirit Communicates with us through synchronicity! I just never tire of it, and the confirmations it brings to us as humans.

I say this because Kyra and I just finished recording a Guided Meditation to share for use with this month’s work of Purification in Preparation for Returning Home through the act of purifying our Energy Matryx Grids, individually and Collectively, of particular Karmic Imbalanced Energy. In it I was instructed to have us send spiraling grounding cords out from our Throat Chakra centers; a form of grounding I have never used before, and honestly, was a bit surprised to see. But now, after seeing today’s frequencies, it makes a lot more rational (human) sense!

Be watching for this Guided Meditation for working with purifying our Energy Matryx Grids of particular Karmic Imbalanced Energy associated with the work of September in Purification in Preparation for Returning Home. I hope to share it sometime later this evening.

The 2 Frequency holds the energy of Cooperation, Adaptability, Choice, and Waiting. It is the frequency of the Diplomat, the Mediator and the Peacekeeper. It is associated with Balanced Communication of all types. It is Patient, Empathic, Receptive, and very Intuitive. It is about Polarity; both about seeing and understanding Polar Opposites and about bringing those Opposites together. 

Within the 2 frequency the Spark of the Group Collective Conscious Mind lies dormant, waiting to be ignited.

Here when the individual has found their personal identity within the 1 frequency, and has learned to stand in their own power without the need to try to dominate and overshadow others, they begin to learn the lessons of being a part of the Group.

Here the lesson of Give and Take in equal proportion, consideration for others as equally as for self, and the ability to adapt to not always having things their own way is a priority.

The 2 Frequency is about consciously becoming a part of community; community at all levels.

The 11 Frequency holds the energy of Initial Spiritual Awakening. Here is where Spiritual Revelations and Epiphanies awaken those who still slumber; unaware of the greater Spiritual Truths of our Reality and it assists the Spiritually Awakened in further expansion of their perspectives of reality and Spiritual Truths. Within this Frequency we can more easily see, know and understand our Reality from an expanded and more spiritual perspective.

Within the 11 Frequency Spiritual Illumination is most readily available, and our intuition is heightened allowing us to begin believing in, and testing our natural psychic abilities.

Spiritual inspiration is awakened in this frequency, and with it suddenly we begin to be able to see and hear the messages Spirit sends us each and every day, even in the smallest occurrences of daily life.

Within this frequency the subconscious mind is stimulated and Spiritual growth occurs when we learn to accept that reality is much more expansive than we have ever imagined. 

Here is also found the truth and the peace we seek, because when our inner sense of knowing and our rational mind are no longer at odds with each other inner peace prevails, and we are able to open to what lies beyond the confines of limiting beliefs of reality.

Since the Collective Consciousness’ Shift into existing within the 5th Dimensional Frequency Plane at the end of 2012, we have been seeing the 11 Frequency appear more and more in the energy field of our planet. We see it so much in our Present Projected Time Frame Reality it is really becoming common place.

The added 11 Frequency within our planets Energy Field/Aura is assisting greatly in the acceleration of the Spiritual Awakening of Individuals within our Collective Consciousness. The 11 Frequency will continue to weave its self deeper and deeper into Earth’s Energy Field and Gaia’s Aura as linear time passes, until it is completely woven into the Main Grid System of the planet and the Collective’s Consciousness.

When we had this 2/11 combination back in on July 24th of this year, as I was writing that day’s report I heard Azure LOA share the following information.

He stated…

“The 11 Frequency energy thread is a baseline vibrational thread of your planets energy field and grid work during Golden Age Eras. Currently it has completed its first full connection circuit to all of Gaia’s seven main Chakras, and has begun to extend out from each of these seven main Chakras in the four Sacred Directions; North, South, East and West. The 11 Frequency Vibration Energy Thread appears Metallic Silver in color within the Inner Vision.”

So what this confirms for us is that we are in the initial stages of movement into the coming “Golden Age” cycle we know we are due to move into according to the measurement of “TIME” calculated by many of our planets Sacred Ancient Wisdom Teachings.

The 33 Frequency is the initial energy of The Christ Consciousness, and lends its self in showing us how to hold Compassion for others without becoming attached to the dramas of their lives.

Here we are talking of Compassion of a higher frequency than that of the everyday human level. This is Compassion created from the High Heart and is the same frequency of Compassion that Sananda, known to many by the name of Jesus the Christ, and other Ascended Masters carried and emitted while incarnate in human form.

We must understand that if we are to be of the most assistance possible to the positive forward movement of the Spiritual Awakening of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity, we have to learn to allow others the right to experience the journey of awakening they are creating for themselves upon the path of human life without becoming attached to the dramas and low vibrational frequencies their negative emotions create; for if we don’t we are actually adding to exactly what it is we desire to help heal and release.


With the 2 Frequency we see we are being provided with the energy of Patience, Choice, and understanding the tension of Polar Opposites so we can be of positive assistance in improving and refining our ability to reconcile those tensions through improved Communication with each other.

The 2/11 Frequency combination assists in holding our energy balanced; and when we are able to hold our energy in a balanced state of equilibrium we begin to make our way more readily into the New Reality we desire to create.

When your energy is balanced, you find peace within no matter what is going on around you. You do not become overwhelmed and stress-filled, and your emotions do not take control and steer you into actions that hold chaotic and forceful energy.

When your energy is balanced, it allows for greater Communication between this realm and the realms of Spirit; helping to facilitate communication with the Spiritual Realms, Realities and Dimensions that lie beyond this one.

When you stand balanced and centered within your Self, within your own energy, communications and messages from other realms, and your Higher Self become clearer and stronger; then when these messages are filtered through a heart held in peaceful energy, the Truth of these messages “rings” in your inner hearing.

Now we add the 33 Frequency and we see that it bathes us in the frequency of the Christed Consciousness, the level of Consciousness that assists us in holding the Master High Heart level of Compassion; allowing us to work from a place of Compassionate Consciousness in Universal Service to the Collective Consciousness of Humanity and beyond.

Today spend some time simply basking in the energy of this 2/11/33 Frequency Weaving. Allow your Throat Chakra to fully open and let the energy of Truthful and Compassionate Christed Consciousness Communication to flow through it, clearing it of any and all Karmically Imbalanced Energy that may be adversely affecting the way in which you communicate with the world. And remember also, the Throat Chakra center not only deals with us speaking to others, it also deals with how we “hear” what others have to say!


IN-Joy working with and assimilating today’s frequencies, and Prepare for further Purification processing in your individual Energy Matryx Grid tomorrow when we look at the 14/5 Karmic Imbalance related to Work. And remember to be on the lookout for the Guided Meditation for use with the work of this month.


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras


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