Thoughts on Compassion and Detachment: Reshared, Revised and Updated


I AM sharing this article from last November again today because it holds such relevance to the frequencies we have been experiencing for the last several days; actually we have been under frequency influences very much related to this for the better part of the month of August.

Also, associated with this topic I share an article from my good friend and Star Sister Bairavee Balasubramaniam. You can find her article at the following link…..



Emotional Sensitivity is directly related to Compassion. There are different types and levels of compassion. Compassion from the level of human existence is tied directly to our ability to be empathic. Emotional empaths often have a very difficult time until they learn to control their empathic abilities. I know I did.

Compassion from this level, the human level, often is overwhelming and brings us to tears and causes us to say “yes” to people in circumstances we usually would not, leading us to becoming a doormat. We do this because we “feel” other’s emotions and the emotional frequencies of everyone all around us. We are constantly being bombarded with emotions that are not ours. We “feel” the low frequency emotions of other’s dramas and personal issues and it becomes too much to bare.


When we say “yes” to helping others beyond what is productive and beneficial for their personal growth and our own, we are not doing it for them, although we think we are. We are doing it for our self. We are doing it because the pain is too much to tolerate and we will do anything we can to make it stop.

This is compassion born of the physical human heart chakra. Don’t get me wrong; to hold compassion for others is a wonderful and beautiful thing. It is a virtue we MUST possess if we want to do our part in the forward movement of the Spiritual Awakening of Humanity.

Compassion born of the High Heart Chakra of the Human Chakra System is much more in line with Divine Compassion. This is where we need to learn to understand and work with Compassion from. Here is where we learn the true and higher meaning of the term “Compassion with Detachment”.

One of my favorite lessons and quotes on Compassion is from the book “P’taah – The Gift”, by Jani King. In it P’taah shares the following on Compassion with Detachment.

“As you grow in awareness and expand your consciousness you will find that your view of your world also expands.

As you view the dramas and pain and anguish of your brothers and sisters it is important that you balance detachment and compassion.

It is to be in that place of support, open heartedness and unconditional love; to show forth tenderness and giving of yourself, without becoming hooked into the story; without reinforcing feelings of victimhood or powerlessness.”

We must learn to allow others the right to experience the journey of awakening they are creating for themselves upon the path of human life without becoming attached to the dramas and low vibrational frequencies their negative emotions create.

We need to learn that, although we may think we are helping others by taking on their emotional frequencies, (which is what we are doing when we attach to that energy), we are actually adding to theirs and our unhappiness. When you take on the emotional pain of another into your personal energy you are feeding exactly what you desire to ease. This is counterproductive for them and us.

The 6 and 66 Frequencies hold the vibrations that are of assistance in helping us to learn the lesson in how to move beyond the human level of Compassion. These two frequency bandwidths are a direct communications link to the energy of The Divine Feminine.

The Divine Feminine teaches and shows us about taking on our Responsibility out of a sense of Love, and not out of a sense of obligation, in caring for others and what they are going through. The Divine Feminine leads by example in teaching others how to be responsible in their interactions with others and the world as a whole. The Divine Feminine holds the knowledge and energy of teaching by love, compassion and tenderness; not by coercion, force, guilt and intimidation.

Moving into and experiencing this High Heart level of Compassion is an energy often referred to and known as “Detachment with Compassion”, and it is quite a strange experience for us as human’s when we first find your self there, because it is so different than what we are taught we are suppose to be like and feel.

When we first enter into this space of Love, we do change; often so dramatically we are sometimes misunderstood, because others do, many times, see us as being aloof and uncaring, but this truly is not the case. We simply have learned, (or are beginning to learn) to hold a level of Compassion equal to that of the Masters. This is the Compassion born of the High Heart Chakra, not the human level of Compassion born of the Heart Chakra.

In the last few days, (couple of weeks actually) I have written about this several times in the daily Metatronic Numerology Frequency Reports because this has been one of the things we are being assisted with at this time; learning to move out of the lower level of “Human, Heart Chakra Compassion” and move into the “Master, High Heart” level of Compassion.  This is a level of Compassion that holds everyone and everything on Earth, (and beyond), as equal. It is a level of Compassion that allows us to care about what others are going through without becoming attached to the drama in their lives, or without creating drama in our own.

I do not find it surprising that some of you have made this shift in yourself at this time. If you look at the Frequency report for the 27th of this month you will see this is exactly what we have been bathed in for the last few days especially. On the 27th we had a frequency combination that assisted us in learning to move into and hold the “Compassion of the Masters”, and just yesterday, 8/30/14, we were showered in frequencies that showed us HOW to make this change and move into this level of Compassion.

In Bairavee’s article she stated: It’s frightening, and challenging to feel the power of living in a state of loving detachment – or at the very least, beginning to.”

She is correct. As Spirit in human form in this Collective Here and Now Reality, moving into this level of Compassion is often a bit disconcerting, for it is a journey into the unknown for us.

In her article she also made reference to “voicing out the elephant in the room”, which seems to be a place many people are finding themselves in at this time. It is a part of each of us coming into our own power and finally overcoming the fears we have been holding on to that have kept us from being who we truly are and speaking up when we see or hear injustices and issues that must be addressed for the continued Spiritual Growth and Consciousness Expansion of us as Individuals and for the Collective Consciousness.

In moving into existing more fully into the High Heart level of Compassion of the Masters, for most, the next stage of movement is that of Temperance and Discernment of verbalization and addressing of “the elephant in the room”.

This comes from the understanding, knowing and acceptance that most often the elephant in the room is not there bringing messages for Self, (at least not for Self alone), but is there for the other people in the room. The “elephant” is there carrying a message large enough for one, or all others, to be able to see and hear it so they can learn and grow on their individual path in their own way in their own time.

Interestingly enough, Elephant Medicine, or the lessons Elephant teaches and helps us with are that of Wisdom and power, strength, and the energy of the warrior. Elephant energy helps teach us Temperance and Discernment, and the art of the clearing and easing of tensions, and he/she helps reclaim family ideals and strengthens the connection with family members and shows us how to care for the young and the elderly; (including the Spiritually young). Elephant can guide you to new energies and power, and will lead you to insights into the power of the three aspects of the Goddess energy: Maiden, Mother and Crone, also known as Wise Woman. And remember, the Hindu Elephant God Ganesh, is a God who assists in overcoming obstacles.

Don’t forget, Compassion with Detachment is about “be(ing) in that place of support, open heartedness and unconditional love; to show forth tenderness and giving of yourself, without becoming hooked into the story; without reinforcing feelings of victimhood or powerlessness.”

This is where the Temperance and Discernment comes into play. We have to be able to decipher when Spirit calls us to share knowledge and wisdom, and when it is best to ALLOW others their journey without interference. We have to KNOW the difference of when our words will assist, and when they will but feed the Illusionary Story and the Drama along the Journey to Awakening others are on.


Begin today in learning how to move into the higher frequencies of Divine Compassion, for by so doing we truly begin to be of more assistance in the healing of our self and others, as well as the planet as a whole.


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras


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