Metatronic Numerology Daily Frequency Report: 8/20/14~Lightworkers, Time to Check your Personal Drama Levels


Today is an 8 Frequency day with 33 and 77 Sub-Frequency influences.

The I AM Keyword phrases for 8, 33 and 77 are:

8 – I AM Secure Physical Reality

33 – I AM Compassionate Consciousness in Universal Service

77 – I AM the Divinely Inspired Synthesis of Spiritual Intuition and Physical Intelligence 

Have you been noticing drama trying to build up in your energy field and personal daily life lately? Today’s frequency weaving can assist you in getting this under control.


The 8 Frequency and the assistance it brings us, is about creating a Secure Physical Reality.

But just exactly what does the term a Secure Physical Reality mean to you?

To most of us it means having a nice home to live in, having food to eat and sustain us. It is about having enough money in the bank to live a comfortable life; a life free from worry and lack.

It means being safe when we go to sleep at night, not worrying about being in harm’s way in any fashion; about having family and friends who love us and care for us, and who’s company we enjoy and benefit from.

It means living on a planet where all life is respected. It is about living on a planet free from pollution and toxic contamination. A planet where everyone is treated equally, and greed and fear do not rule the societies we live in. 

A Secure Physical Reality is about being physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy and balanced, Secure and Safe.

The 33 Frequency holds the energy of Compassion of a higher frequency than that of the everyday human level. This is Compassion created from the High Heart and is the same frequency of Compassion that Sananda, known to many by the name of Jesus the Christ, and other Ascended Masters carried and emitted while incarnate in human form.

The 33 Frequency is the initial energy of The Christ Consciousness, and it lends its self to showing us how to hold Compassion for others without becoming attached to the dramas of their lives; even in what we call “Empathic Attachment”.  

We must understand that if we are to be of the most assistance possible to the positive forward movement of the Spiritual Awakening of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity, we have to learn to allow others the right to experience the journey of awakening they are creating for themselves upon the path of human life without becoming attached to the dramas and low vibrational frequencies their negative emotions create; for if we do not we are actually adding to exactly what it is we desire to help heal and release, not to mention taking our self right back into the low frequency energies.

To learn more about this level of Compassion read…

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The 77 Frequency is about Creative Thought and Expanding our Perspective and our Reality. It is the frequency where the melding of our Spiritual Intuitive abilities with, and into a cohesive form with our Physical Intellect begins and transpires.

Within this frequency the Spark of the Divine Rational Mind that has lain dormant in the 5 frequency has its first initial awakening.

This is the frequency that is of the most assistance to us in, not only hearing the voice of Spirit, but then being able to interpret the information and knowledge received from Spirit into information we can really utilize and implement into our everyday physical lives and reality.

2014 has an abundance of this 77 frequency. It is set into 2014 to aid the Collective Consciousness in learning to hear and listen to the voice of Spirit and begin making rational decisions based on what is best for our reality as a whole.


Under the 8 Frequency, which is the main frequency of today, we see our central focus is about creating a Secure Physical Reality for, first our self, but beyond that it about creating a Secure Physical Reality for everyone the world over. Yet within this main focus we are being guided to not only “hear” Spirit’s voice, but to also remember to hold a level of Compassion for those still operating fully within the Illusionary Reality of our world without becoming attached to the drama and low vibrational frequencies created by those dramas.

As I write this report I am not surprised to see that this is where we are being guided to look and the type of work we are being guided to do right now, because for the last two to three weeks especially, I have watched the level of trauma and drama increase dramatically across the planet. Seems every time I get online lately I have been seeing more and more individuals sharing stories of all the drama that has been building up within their lives; not to mention all the high drama situations occurring across the planet. Every day another high drama situation makes national and international headlines, and instead of making forward movement in the direction of resolution, each of these situations just keeps escalating in the energy of drama.

Healing and Cleansing is messy work, especially on a global scale. But those of us who understand, even at a basic level, how the Creation of our Reality works and understand how energy is woven and moves through our reality to weave our daily lives and the Illusionary play on the stage we think of as our Reality, have got to be ever vigilant in not becoming caught up in the Emotional Energy Blanket created and wrapping itself around our planet by the energies of trauma and drama being emitted by the emotions of such large numbers of people who are a part of these global and group collective Illusionary dramas created by their lack of ability to control their energy and emotions. When we do, we end up allowing the creation of drama to enter into our own personal and daily lives.

This is why it is so imperative we learn to really understand how all of this works, and how to control, direct and maintain balanced energy at all times no matter what is playing out before our physical eyes.

This is where the 8/33 Frequency weaving comes into play in such an important way. This combination alone assists us in learning to enter into and hold the level of Compassion created from the High Heart that keeps us from falling back in to and becoming attached to, and affected by the energies of the dramas created by those still existing in the Illusionary State of Reality.

When we add the energy and assistance of the 77 Frequency to this we come to see that it is here to help us keep in mind to constantly be open to hearing and clearly interpreting the voice of Spirit and our Higher Self so that we can have continuous access to information that helps us keep from falling back into this drama energy and becoming affected in our own lives by what it creates. And believe me, when there is as much trauma and drama going on across the planet as there is right now, creation of drama is fast and furious.

Back on the 11th of this month I talked about how it is so important right now that we focus on being of assistance to lessening the accumulative amount of highly negatively charged emotional energy surrounding the planet right now because with all the fear, anger, dread, grief, rage, hatred, anguish and drama currently being felt on this planet it is creating a very dense energy blanket around the planet. It is so strong it is like there is an Emotional Greenhouse Effect taking place.

I also stated that there has to be some relief or this dense energy blanket will suffocate the work and progress for positive change we are all working so hard on at this time. I stated that this dense emotional energy blanket has the ability to asphyxiate all of humanity if we do not do something about it.

I went on to share that whenever there is a large push for, and progress being made toward Peace and Positive change that is when conflict will begin to rage and grow. Remember, this is by no accident! This is the Secondary Chaos spin reacting to the Initial Spin of Expansion. It is simple Cosmic Physics!

As we work on not becoming drawn back into, or being affected by this Emotional Energy Blanket that is so tightly woven around our planet right now one thing is very important for us to remember, and that is that each of us receives information relevant to us individually; and just because we “know” a truth for our self, it does not necessarily mean it is a “Truth” for everyone.

This does not mean we cannot and should not share our knowledge and wisdom with others, (IF they choose to listen) but we do need to be mindful of how we share our knowledge and wisdom, and not expect others to take it as their total “Truth” and live their life according to the knowledge we share.

We have to constantly be aware that no matter how closely our Spiritual Truths and Life Paths with others may be there will always be at least small differences in our interpretations of Spirit’s Voice and the knowledge and wisdom we each hold and share.

We have to constantly remember not to become caught up in power struggles and egoic thoughts, attitudes and behaviors surrounding other’s journey here on Earth as the individual humans we each are, and that one person’s truth is no more, or no less valid than our own.

This is about learning how to stay detached from Illusionary Dramas and feeding the perpetuation of such low vibrational frequency energy. And the Initial Christ Consciousness held within the 33 Frequency helps us do just exactly this!

So if you are finding any type of drama trying to creep into your energy field and daily personal life at this time, and many people are, today is the perfect day to see it for what it is, understand where it is being created from, and how it is being created, and then do some cleansing and releasing energy work to stop it before it gets out of control and you find yourself drawn back down deep into the Illusionary Reality you have been working so hard to pull yourself out of.


IN-Joy working with and assimilating today’s frequencies.


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras


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