“She Who Chooses”~ A Poem by Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam


Greetings Fellow Spiritual Travelers,

This post is a bit different than most I share here, but Spirit led me to spend the better part of the morning focused on this, so I am going to share it with you.

What I am sharing is a beautiful poem my Dear Star Sister Bairavee Balasubramaniam shared with us all today.

As I read her words I was taken back to the time, many years ago, when I was initiated into the Mother phase of the Goddess.

Like I shared with her, I found her words taking me back to that time, yet also showing me how interesting it is to see it all play out, and to see the cycle continuously rotate!

Now sitting on the Throne of the Krone, I share what I learned during my years of experience in the Mother Aspect of the Goddess.

This poem speaks to me of the passage of the stage of the Maiden into that of the Mother; a time in life when a Woman takes on the wearing of the Mantle of her Full Power as the Mother Aspect of the Goddess.

With this transition and Initiation the Maiden moves into a place of KNOWING the Power she truly posses, and is beginning to better understand in full, her Responsibility to the Nurturing of Humankind she is duty-bound to bear and wield if she is to fulfill her obligations as Life Giver and Role Model for all Humankind; especially for the Women of this Reality; those who Give and Sustain Life on Earth and Beyond.  

She will spend the better part of half of her Human lifetime in this Role; Mother, Life Giver, Nurturer, and Sustainer of Life. She stands now in the role of the Goddess who KNOWS her Self, who KNOWS her Mind and Heart, and who will not be swayed by False Truths and Forgery of Knowledge.

The Mother can be fierce, for she will protect what she has given Life and Birth to. She is Powerful, and those who do not understand her will Fear her, for she Demands and Commands the Respect she is due and will stand undaunted in all her Glory, Strength and Authority before any and all who question, demean, or attempt to dishonor her or bring shame to her name. And she will sorely do the same for those in her charge.   

Deny her, Shame her, Disgrace or Dishonor her and you will feel her wrath. But give the Mother what is Rightfully her Credit and Fitting Due, and she will shower you with the Love, Protection and Nurturing necessary to sustain your life in Blissful Pleasure and Contentment.

The Mother Goddess stands side by side with the Wild God King, but only when he stands fully in his own Power; Full in the Understanding of his role in the Creation of Reality by her side.

The Wild God King bows before the Goddess, not in submission or lowly obedience, but in Respect, Admiration and Veneration to the One who gave him life and Nurtures his life; sustaining him as he takes on the duties of fulfilling his obligations for that to which he was born.

He KNOWS and takes Pride in the knowledge that he is her Consort, her Life Companion, her Partner and Champion.

He KNOWS what it means to be her Equal, and She his.

Together they Rule, Create and Nurture Life. Hand in Hand they stand guard over what collectively they have brought to life and will see it nurtured to fruition.   

One is incomplete without the other, for they work in Unison as Equals. They are to each other what the Sky is to the Earth and Day is to Night. It is in their ability to reflect each other that makes them whole.

This… is what it means to wear the Mantle of the Mother Aspect of the Goddess. It is not a position Given lightly, nor one taken on lightly.

It is a Sacred Obligation; one to be Cherished and Solemnly held; performing the Duties of the Position with Respect, and Unconditional Love Equally given to All Life on Earth and beyond.

This is the Charge of the Mother Goddess


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras


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Now Please IN-Joy…

She Who Chooses

by: Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

She Who Chooses

She Who Chooses

No sir, I shall not grace you with a smile because you expect me to, Don’t you dare invite yourself to my table, this space isn’t for you, Why do you fret when I am unwilling to entertain you? Why do you look pained when I refuse to speak to you with my golden tongue? And no – I’m not bitter, broken, divorced, widowed – or as you might think – a crone, harridan, hag, witch, bitch, or shrew. Words that strike fear straight to you.

I AM She Who Chooses…

I am woman, I am Goddess, I am born of She, And that space of warmth, of love and desire, The Mother in my Heart the Child in my Womb, Maiden, Mother, Crone, Sister, Wife, Daughter, All I Am. All I Be.

Why oh why do men presume that women must welcome them so? You’re not my teacher, my lover, my friend, or my beau, They certainly don’t ask other men to do the same….. Perhaps they should… But if we don’t – unto womanhood that projected shame.

I find you strange, a strange creature of expectation, You see my neutrality, my level headed tone as aggression, My discernment as threat, my judgment as rudeness, Shaken to the bone like a rag doll in the wind you reel from my lack of engagement.

This is my middle ground, my threshold, I stand here with trident, with scythe, with tigress, with wisdom of Old, Indeed yes, the warm fire turns ice cold, When the predator seeks to claim what is not his own.

Believe me son for when I rage, And my anger boils and foams and curdles and rises, You’ll know.

For now, Just Go.

If you cross that line of mine, Seeking what is not yours to find, Out Come the Ice-Cold, Red-Hot Goddess-Whore-Witch-Shrews of Old, Run, son, run… lest I begin to Dance.

For you shall see the one you seek, The one you want, and yet Dread to Meet.

The She who Rises, The She who Chooses. The I AM hidden beneath

(What’s that? I thought you wanted me to smile? What’s that? Not the one with the fangs? Whooops! )

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD