Metatronic Numerology Daily Frequency Report: 8/14/14~Expand Your Perspective ~ Expand Reality


Today is an 11 Frequency day with a 22 Sub-frequency influence.

The I AM Keyword phrases for 11 and 22 are:

11 – I AM Truth Illumined through Spiritual Revelation

22 – I Am Spiritual Vision Building Sacred Structure

The 11 Frequency bandwidth holds the energy of Initial Spiritual Awakening. Here is where Spiritual Revelations and Epiphanies awaken those who still slumber unaware of the greater Spiritual Truths of our Reality; and it assists the Spiritually Awakened in the further expansion of their perspectives of reality and Spiritual Truths.

11 is the Frequency of Illumination. It sheds Divine Light on the Heart and Mind of our Human level of understanding, thus allowing for what has been hidden to be brought out and seen. It shows us the expanded truth of our reality, allowing us to see through the lens of our Spiritual Eyes and to understand reality through the mind of, and the knowledge held by, our Higher Self.

Within the 11 Frequency Spiritual Illumination is most readily available, and our intuition is heightened allowing us to begin believing in, and start testing our natural psychic abilities.

Spiritual inspiration is awakened in this frequency, and with it suddenly we begin to be able to see and hear the messages Spirit sends us each and every day, even in the smallest occurrences of our daily life.

Within this frequency the subconscious mind is stimulated and Spiritual growth occurs when we learn to accept that reality is much more expansive than we have ever imagined. 

Here is also found the truth and the peace we seek, because when our inner sense of knowing and our rational mind are no longer at odds with each other inner peace prevails, and we are able to open to what lies beyond the confines of limiting beliefs of reality.

The 22 Frequency holds the energy and information of the Master Builder; one who builds upon, with and through Sacred Structure.

I have used the example of the word “Buddha” being a 22 Frequency word, and how the Master Jesus, known to many as Sananda, “The Carpenter’s Son”, is a perfect metaphor for that of “One who is a Master Builder, building upon Sacred Structure”.

We have talked about how both of these Masters (and many more) teach of “Building” your life and reality upon a Structure of Sacredness, created upon the Foundation of all things Sacred and with the knowledge of your Spiritual heritage, and that just as these Masters did, you too are capable of building your reality upon a Sacred Structural form.

Just as these two Masters lived an honorable and principled life while incarnate upon Earth, so too should we strive to be ethical and moral in our daily interactions with all others, no matter who or what they might be.

Let’s just take a quick look at what is meant by Sacred Structure.

Structure: (According to dictionary search on yahoo)

1) something that is made up from a number of parts put together in a particular way. 2) the way in which parts are put together to form a whole; its makeup. 3) the interrelation or arrangement of parts in a complex entity.

Structuralize/Structuralization: To form, organize, or incorporate into a structure. This is the act of Building.

Sacred: worthy of respect or dedication; something set apart from the profane and mundane world of the lower frequencies; often referring to the physical area around a temple or other physical structure.

Here we see if we begin with self as the center point, and recognize that WE, each of us, as the embodiment of Spirit in Physical form is an animated, living, breathing Sacred Temple, then we suddenly realize where our focus and our intentional “Creation and Building of a Sacred Structure, based on the Truth shown to us through our Spiritual Vision” must begin if we are to Create and Build a Collective Reality in, and of, this Sacred Vision and Truth.

It Must Begin With Self!


Each of us is a Sacred Building Block necessary to the completed construction of the Sacred Temple of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity.

And each of us is responsible for the Creation, Building and Maintaining of Self in a Sacred Manner.

Today’s frequency combination is assisting us in better seeing just exactly how vital it is we fully understand the Powers of Creation we possess and how we use these Natural Powers in the Creation of our Reality.

Our Ancestors knew this knowledge and lived life according to its workings. Yet we have chosen, in the last several thousand years, to conveniently forget this knowledge so we could assuage, alleviate and deny any guilt for our desire to satisfy our new found obsessions with material satisfaction and longings for immediate physical and emotional gratifications.

Today is a good day to take a look at what this truly means for us as the individual we are and begin making changes in our beliefs and perspectives. Because when we change and expand our beliefs and perspectives we change and expand Reality. When we do this we reawaken to beliefs, perspectives and knowledge we have forgotten in how to best Create a New Reality.

Today is a good day to take stock and make note of how your life and your perspectives of reality have changed over the last several weeks and months. It is also a good time to notice how the life you desire to live has begun to coalesce and come into manifest form in a faster and more expedient fashion since you have Awakened Spiritually and been Consciously and Intentionally working at expanding your Consciousness to accept expanded views of Reality.

IN-Joy working with and assimilating today’s frequencies.


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras



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