Lion’s Gate Basic Information ~~ 8/8/14

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Due to a busy mainstream 3D life today, (all this month actually!) it will be later today before I can get up the full report for today, the Lion’s Gate and the Full Moon coming up on Sunday, August 10th, 2014. But… I wanted to share at least the basic information on the Lion’s Gate so you would have it to work with today.

In the traditional sense the Lion’s Gate is a yearly portal, or Energetic Gate that fully opens each August 8th allowing Light information into our/Earth’s energy matrix. It is aimed at assisting in energetic upgrades in codes for humans and Earth for each year. The Lion’s Gate is associated with the sign of Leo and with the Star System of Sirius.

On this day we need to be focused on allowing in, assimilating and activating the strong surge of Light, Energy and Information coming to Earth from the Great Central Sun, or RA Consciousness of our immediate Universe, via a trans-informational line through the Energetic Gates of Sirius; one of our local parenting Star Systems.

This year’s Lion’s Gate Light Information transmission contains information from beyond our “Local Universe”. It is actually carrying information from what we would call our “Local Multi-verse”.   

Like I said yesterday, I cannot reiterate strongly enough that the time when we can take lightly and ignore our responsibility for Consciously Creating our Reality is over!

By this I mean not just as the individuals we are; which is where we do have to start this process, but we now have to take seriously our work within Group Collective Conscious Minds in the process of Consciously Creating our Reality.

This year’s Lion’s Gate opening is bringing to us much Light Information for what this means to us, what it is we are to begin doing together, who it is we are to begin working with, (human and etheric), and how we are to begin this part of the process of Consciously Creating our Collective Reality.

Some of us already have made connections to others we know we are to work with; this means other humans as well as Beings of other dimensions and realms, but not everyone is ready for this level, or type of work.

If you are not ready to take on this type of work do not, I repeat DO NOT see this as some lack in you or your Spiritual Awakening. This is simply a level of understanding and knowledge. All, Every Human, is capable of this type of work, it is simply that you have to study enough and understand enough of the Higher Sacred Mysteries to know what you are doing.

We All have to study and learn at a pace that is of our choosing. We All have to begin at step one and progress forward. The choice to study, learn and grow in knowledge and understanding of this information is the only choice we each have, and not everyone is called to this. Not everyone is even meant to do this work. It is not a matter of right, wrong, better or less. It simply IS.

But for those of who are called to this work, this is what you are being called to and what type of information you can expect to receive during the Lion’s Gate opening and the days surrounding it.  

Today, no matter what your choice is, open yourself to the incoming energy and information of the Lion’s Gate because this is the energy that will propel you forward in the year to come and take you to the next phase of your Sacred Contractual Work.  


Cosmic Mater Azure LOA of the Q4 has shared with me a Grid System we need to work with associated with this year’s Lion’s Gate opening.

This year, as with all years, the Lion’s Gate is very much associated with Sacred Geometry.

Remember, the Lion’s Gate is associated with and linked to the Sirius Star System.

Sirius holds the Masculine charge for our Solar System and therefore, (for Earth) is associated with the knowledge of the Mind. It brings us the expertise of the Divine Rational Mind and all the information and knowledge associated with it.

The Grid I am about to share with you is the initial Energy Matryx for NEW EARTH. The Reality WE are beginning to build. This is the initial Template for weaving the first Frequencies, or Energy Ribbons, upon which NEW EARTH will exist in the Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round Reality.

IF… you feel called to this work, I ask you please spend some time today meditating upon this Sacred Geometric form of the Octahedron with the proper Energies at each of the six (6) points of the Octahedron.

Later I will post the full Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report with links to information you can study to learn more about Sirius A and B and the Pyramids in Galveston, Texas, as well as the Sphinx and how they all relate.

Please forgive the crude diagrams, I didn’t have time to draw them properly.

Basic Octahedron Grid

Basic Octahedron Grid

2014 Lion's Gate Grid for New Earth

2014 Lion’s Gate Grid for New Earth


IN-Joy working with and assimilating these frequencies.


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras



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