Metatronic Numerology Daily Frequency Report: 7/30/14 ~ Take off the Rose Colored Glasses and Let’s Get Physical


Today is an 8 Simple Frequency day.

The I AM Keyword phrase for 8 is:

I AM Secure Physical Reality


Before we begin with today’s report I want to share that beginning this evening through Sunday or Monday I will be in Visiting Family mode so I may not get to post Frequency Reports for those days. I will check in on FB as often as I can and hope to at least take these days as an opportunity to share the work of others that I resonate with and who have been supportive of me; sort of paying them back for their kindness.

Please continue to do your daily work and I will be back to posting normally the first part of next week.

Essence Ka tha’ras


Believe it or not we have not had an 8 Simple Frequency day before; as a matter of fact we have not had but one or two 8 Frequency days in the last year that have not been 8/11 Dual Frequency days.

A “Simple Frequency Day” is a day where there is only one frequency. No Sub-frequency, no Minor frequency, no Potential; no other Frequency in play except the main Frequency of the day.

Because these types of days do not come around very often I have always classified these “Simple Frequency Days” as sort of like having a day off. I say this because there is not strong frequency weavings going on.

BUT… I am being shown this 8 Simple Frequency day is a bit different than most. I wouldn’t call today’s Frequency Intense, but I would label it Atypical and Significant.

As a comparative guide, the 8/11 Dual Frequency days are very much about helping us to clearly see past the Illusion we call Physical Reality.

They help us remember the truth that says…

I AM not a Physical Being on a Spiritual Path

I AM a Spiritual Being on a Physical Path

But today, the 8 Simple Frequency says, today is very much about the Physical World. Today is ALL about looking at our physical world and life; every aspect of it.

The 8 Frequency is about creating a Secure Physical Reality.

But just exactly what does the term Secure Physical Reality mean?

To most of us it means having a nice home to live in, having food to eat and sustain us. It is about having enough money in the bank to live a comfortable life; a life free from worry and lack.

It means being safe when we go to sleep at night, not worrying about being in harm’s way in any fashion; about having family and friends who love us and care for us, and who’s company we enjoy and benefit from.

It means living on a planet where all life is respected. It is about living on a planet free from pollution and toxic contamination. A planet where everyone is treated equally, and greed and fear do not rule the societies we live in. 

A Secure Physical Reality is about being physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy and balanced, Secure and Safe.

Today we are being asked, and assisted by the day’s frequency, to take a real close look at our Physical Life and the World in which we exist. We are being prompted to look at every aspect of the Physical World in which we live; everything from our individual physical health, to the state of affairs of Nations upon this planet, to the Esoteric and Energetic ways in which our reality is created.

We are being asked to take off the rose colored glasses and be completely and genuinely honest about the State of our Physical Bodies, our Personal Relationships, our work and home, our friends. How we interact with others, and what effect those interactions have on others. We are being asked to look at how our neighbors live, our close neighbors and our neighbors half way around the world.

We are being asked to look at the ways in which our cities, states, provinces, parishes, countries, nations, capitols, and continents are run. Who is in charge, and how people are living in these places? Is their life good? Is our life good?

Are humans, the flora and the fauna flourishing? Or is life upon this planet living under appalling and substandard conditions, barely able to stay alive one more day?

We are also being asked to look at the state of the Spiritual portion of our Reality and what condition it is in. What is positive about the Spiritual State of Affairs of our Planet and what is negative? How is the Energy flowing on our Planet, and how are we interacting with it?


We are being asked to look at how we react and respond to what we see!

Why are we being asked to take stock of our Physical life and world to this extent?

Because WE are Responsible for the World in which we Live!

WE are Responsible for the ways in which our neighbors live!

WE are Responsible for life on this Planet and making sure it flourishes!

WE are Responsible for the Spiritual Energy and its flow on our planet!

We are Responsible for Creating our Reality!

Now… with that said, don’t despair and fall into that old energy trap of, “What can I do? I am only one person! I can’t change the world and fix everybody’s problems!”

You’re right, alone you can’t. And neither can I. BUT… together WE can. And you most assuredly can’t be of positive assistance if you are caught in the energy traps of Self Pity, Despair, Hopelessness and Chaos.

To be of true assistance we do have to know what is going on around the planet and in our own lives. And when I say this, I mean WE need to see the Truth of what is going on. WE have to do the hard work and, as the saying goes, be “Brutally Honest” with our self about EVERYTHING!

Just like it would be nice for some Prince or Princess Charming to ride into our lives and save us, setting our lives straight so we can ride off into the sunset together and live Happily Ever After, we all know we are the only ones who can make us happy within and fix our own self and life. The fact is we are more likely to find that Prince or Princess Twin Flame we are always seeking as humans, after we have come to a place of Blissful Centeredness within our Self.

The same is true for our Planet and Reality. As nice as it would be for someone to come down to our Planet and save us, correcting all our World problems, the truth is… WE have to Step Up to the plate and take on Responsibility for our World and Reality first.

Today is a day that asks us to take this seriously and do it.

2015 is an 8 Frequency year; so in many ways today is an advance look at what next year is going to bring us to deal with and work at.

Today, take a long hard look at Physical Reality; the Illusion if you will. This clear look allows you to find the work that you know is your part in this Grand Adventure.

Also, just for the record, Saturday, August 2nd, 2014 is an 8/11 Dual Frequency day with a 77 Sub-frequency influence and a 7/11 Frequency Embed.

With there being only three days between the 8 Simple Frequency and the 8/11 Dual Frequency this would be a good time for you to notice the difference between the two.



For any who are interested I share the following links to some powerful information by two of my Star Sisters.

Deeaia Cosmic Ray shares:

“During this COSMIC PORTAL, some distortions are on the rise from the cabal to utilize these POTENT energies once again. The Distorted False Michael Masculine Archetype of Protector IS actually an archetype of Enforcement of Will through Enslavement and Raper/Siphon of the Divine Feminine achieved through the Reversed Archonic pentagram. The distortions will occur through the old grid of GAIA’s ley lines and specifically via the MICHAEL’s Ley line which will affect large portion of the non-awaken population. Here is the event I WILL PARTAKE”

Skellig Michael-Vortex Energy-Sacred Sites & the Ley of the Land

And much information from Sister Bairavee Balasubramaniam on Astrology and much more.


IN-Joy working with and assimilating today’s frequency


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras


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