The Movie of a Lifetime….. Your Lifetime ~~


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The Movie of Your Life

The Movie of Your Life

Your Brain is the Mechanism, the tool or devise. It is the movie Projector of the Holographic Movie of your Reality being played. This is the piece of equipment that Projects the images onto the “Big Screen” that you believe to be your Reality.

Your Mind is the Creative Screen Writer, the Story Teller, and the Producer of the Movie being played. The Thoughts passing through your Mind are Writing the Script to your Lifetime Movie.

Your Emotions are the Director of your Movie. They tell you, give you Commands and Directions on how to Act and what to portray yourself and your Reality to be.

You, Your Physical Human Form is the Actor on the Set of your Lifetime Movie, following the commands of the Director, (your Emotions), as you live out the Movie Script Written and Produced by the Screen Writer and the Producer, (your Mind), that is Projected onto the “Big Screen”, (your Reality) by the Projector, the Mechanism (your Brain).

So with this knowledge, you now see how important it is that you Write a Positive Story with your Thoughts, and Keep your Emotions in check and positive, so that you are Acting and Creating a Beautiful Story to Project onto the “Big Screen” as your Lifetime Movie Reality.


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