How to use the Sacred Lemniscate Tool to Connect the 4th and 6th Chakras


A lovely lady by the name of Loretta asked about how to best use the Lemniscate Energy Flow Pattern I shared in yesterday’s Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report.

I decided to go ahead and share my answer to her as a post in case others had a question about how to best use this Sacred Technological Tool in this basic technique.


Loretta asked; “When using the Leminscate tool, is this done as visualization? Do we visualize the symbol connecting the 4th and 6th chakra then spin it? Thank you”


Greetings Loretta,

Yes, that is exactly right.

How I use it, and suggest using it, is to first make sure your Sushumna Channel is open and energy flowing through it unimpeded.

Here is a picture to acquaint you with the Sushumna Channel in case you are not already familiar with it. Basically the Sushumna Channel is the Main Energy “Artery” in the body and connects the Chakras. (for this particular work and technique we will not be working with the Ida and the Pingala Channels shown in this diagram; this is a very basic technique).

Sushumna Channel

Sushumna Channel

You begin by visualizing energy flowing out of the front side of the body at the area of the Heart Chakra. It then flows back toward the body and enters at the Throat Chakra on the front of the body and flows all the way through the Throat Chakra out the back side of the body.

It then flows back toward the body and enters at the back side of the body at the area of the Third Eye (the back of the head) and continues all the way through the Third Eye (head) and out the front of the head/Third Eye.

This flow continues and then enters once again at the front of the Throat Chakra and out the Back of the Throat Chakra then flows back toward the body, and enters at the back of the Heart Chakra and flows all the way through it.

This is the complete flow pattern and you now just continue to allow the energy to flow along this pathway.

Once you are comfortable with using this Energy Flow Pattern, (it is powerful and may take a bit of getting used to), you can then set this Lemniscate to spinning in the direction you feel is right for you and at a rate that is comfortable.

Once you have set the spin direction and rate you will “feel” the Crown Chakra open very definitely in a very different way than you have probably every experienced before.

When working with this tool, just stay relaxed and watch your breathing. Allow yourself to ride the energy waves as they come.

Some people may experience a bit of nausea and/or strong tingling sensations within the body, and/or a sense of lightheadedness when they first start using this Tool and Technique, but that is normal and is not a sign of something being wrong. If you do experience any minor nausea just slow down and breathe deeply and allow any minor discomfort, to pass.

I did not touch on it in the report, but this also opens the “Divine Voice” within us; allowing us to Speak from the place of our Divinity.

Once you have finished with this meditation and use of this Sacred Tool in this fashion, please remember to ground yourself before attempting to return to physical activity. IF a sense of being “Spacey” or Lightheaded continues I have found a great way to ground very quickly is to stand barefooted on the Earth and/or place your hands on the ground. I prefer the touch of cool green grass personally!


IN-Joy working with this Sacred Technological Tool.


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras



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7 thoughts on “How to use the Sacred Lemniscate Tool to Connect the 4th and 6th Chakras

    • Greetings Sister Vickie,

      The Sushumna Channel and the Pranic Tube are one in the same thing.

      In my experience when people use the term Pranic Tube they are most generally talking of moving “Prana”, which is the Life Force Energy, aka: “Chi”, “Qi”, etc. through the Pranic Tube/Sushumna Channel, the main energy flow channel through the center of the body.
      The Sushumna Channel is the main and central channel in a network of subtle channels known as Nadis through which the life force (prana) circulate. The other two channels are the Ida Channel, which is the Feminine, and the Pingala Channel which is Masculine.

      Within the Sushumna nadi there are three more subtle channels: the Vajra, Chitrini and Brahma nadi, (energy streams or channels) through which Kundalini moves upwards when it is awakened.

      Thank you very much for your question.

      Blessings from All Realms of Creation to You

      Essence Ka tha’ras

      • Thank you for taking the time to answer my question, which brings up another question. Can you explain how the “subtle” nadis work within the 7planes and 7sub-planes referred to in Theosophy and The Secret Doctrine and other writings?

  1. I had a bigger question (but didn’t ask it) than Loretta because while I had seen the symbol, I knew nothing about it. Thank you Loretta for posing your question, and thank you Essence Ka tha’ras for your answer.

    • Greetings June,
      I AM so happy Loretta and I could be of assistance to you.
      I love working with the Sacred Lemniscate. Its uses are so vast.

      Thank You for taking the time to read my work and for the added time you gifted me with by commenting here.
      I truly do appreciate it.

      Blessings from All Realms of Creation to You

      Essence Ka tha’ras

    • You are very welcome Loretta.
      I AM so happy you asked.
      I AM seeing your question has been of assistance to many people who had the same questions.

      Thank You once again for asking.

      Blessings from All Realms of Creation to You

      Essence Ka tha’ras

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