Metatronic Numerology Daily Frequency Report: 7/5/14~Learning to Use Sacred Geometry in Everyday Life


Today is a 1 Frequency day with 11 and 88 Sub-frequency influences.

The I AM Keyword phrases for 1, 11 and 88 are:

1 – I AM Independent & Brave

11 – I AM Truth Illumined through Spiritual Revelation

88 – I AM the Knowledge of Sacred Geometry & Divine Engineering

Once again we have a frequency combination we have not seen before. This year we are being led into territory WE, the Collective Consciousness of Humanity, have not been conscious of for a very long linear time. We are being led to, and shown, Ancient Knowledge we have forgotten long ago but are now Re-Awakening too as a Collective.

Very basically stated, the 1 Frequency is always about the Individual Self, the 11 Frequency is about Spiritual Awakening and the expansion of our perspectives of Reality and the Spiritual Truths of our Reality, and the 88 Frequency is about study, knowledge of, and working with Sacred Geometry, including energetic Grid work.

Associated with the 1 Frequency I most always share the following…

“Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread.”

A good example of this is found in Tarot in the “Fool” card.

The Fool (card) represents one who is innocent in knowledge and life experiences, and because of this there is a tendency to be fearless in exploring new things.

The 1 Frequency and The Fool Card represent New Beginnings, being spontaneous and jumping in. Not in a sense of carelessness and reckless abandon, (although from time to time it may appear to others this is the case) but out of a sense of wonder, awe, excitement and questioning.

The Fool is beginning a journey down a new and unexplored path; a path leading into the Multi-dimensional Realms of Reality in search of, “What else is out there?”

The Fool’s lack of experience allows him to take off in a new direction unhindered by falsely preconceived ideas and fears created by others.

Because of his innocence and lack of experience the Fool is actually an Independent Free Thinker. He is unafraid to go exploring in territory in pursuit of answers where others would try to convince him dangers lie hidden in wait to harm him; he will cross boundaries marked by signposts warning…

“Here there be Dragons!”

(“Here there be Dragons” used to be put on maps to denote unexplored territory.)

He is driven to search no matter the cost.  He will “Boldly go where no man has gone before”, (any Trekky will know that one!) and Bravely face his fears.

The 11 Frequency holds the energy of Initial Spiritual Awakening. Here is where Spiritual Revelations and Epiphanies awaken those who still slumber; unaware of the greater Spiritual Truths of our Reality, and it assists the Spiritually Awakened in further expansion of their perspectives of reality and Spiritual Truths. Within this Frequency we can more easily see, know and understand our Reality from an expanded and more spiritual perspective.

Within the 11 Frequency Spiritual Illumination is most readily available, and our intuition is heightened allowing us to begin believing in, and start testing our natural psychic abilities.

Spiritual inspiration is awakened in this frequency, and with it suddenly we begin to be able to see and hear the messages Spirit sends us each and every day, even in the smallest occurrences of our daily life.

Within this frequency the subconscious mind is stimulated and Spiritual growth occurs when we learn to accept that reality is much more expansive than we have ever imagined.  

Here is also found the truth and the peace we seek, because when our inner sense of knowing and our rational mind are no longer at odds with each other inner peace prevails, and we are able to open to what lies beyond the confines of limiting beliefs of reality.

The 88 Frequency deals with the study, knowledge of, and working with, Sacred Geometry. This includes all the Grid Work we do.

It is associated with using Sacred Geometry in conjunction with Sound and Frequency to create, build and maintain our Physical Reality; and “Reality” beyond the physical realms as well.

Also associated with this frequency is the knowledge and information held within Sacred Sites around our planet and the Sacred Geometric forms created by the configuration of their placement on the planet in relationship to each other.

It also encompasses Celestial Sacred Geometry, which includes knowledge of the Sacred Geometric Grid Patterns and the Frequencies they create, maintain and emit associated with our planet in relationship to placement, (and even distance), to other planets and Celestial bodies. This includes knowledge of, and working with The Music of the Spheres.

The knowledge held within the 88 Frequency is vital to building the infrastructures of our cities and towns. When we once again take into conscious consideration the Sacred Geometric forms we are creating by the placement of buildings to each other and the Sacred Geometric forms we are creating when we do this building, we can and will change our physical reality in an exponential manner.

What this 1/11/88 Frequency Weaving is bringing to us today is energy to prod and assist us in expanding our understanding of Sacred Geometry and how it is the foundation for, and the template used to create our reality with and on.

We are being led to learn more about the ways in which Sacred Geometry is responsible for Universal Creation and to, once again, consciously use it in our everyday lives for building a more Sacred Reality for us all to live in. Consciously is the key word here!

The 1 is about us as our Individual Self more fully Awakening Spiritually, (the 11 Frequency), to expand our Spiritual Knowledge and perspective of what our Reality is and how it is created through the use of Sacred Geometry, (the 88 Frequency).

You might be thinking, “This is all well and good, but how do I use Sacred Geometry in dealing with the guy at work that I can’t get along with? I’ve tried everything to resolve our issues and nothing works! How is Sacred Geometry going to help me there?”

An example I would give you is the use of the Sacred Geometric form of the Triangle.

You can use the Triangle to create a Sacred Connection between you, a second person, and Spirit, (or if the visualization works better for you, your Higher Selves); each one associated with one of the points on the Triangle.

You use this Sacred Geometric form to communicate Higher Self to Higher Self with the other individual, with Spirit, (or your Higher Selves) as Mediator.

The Triangle is equal on all three sides, creating Equality, relieving stress created by disproportionate and imbalanced lines of communication.

Simply quiet yourself, find your balanced center and bring the Triangle into your inner vision; place yourself at either one of the lower two points, the individual you wish to resolve issue with at the other lower point, and then project your Higher Self to the upper point where you will meet their Higher Self for conversation. Don’t worry, they will meet you there!

This is but one simple example of how Sacred Geometry can be utilized in your everyday physical life to assist you in problem solving, furthering your Spiritual Awakening and making your life better in all ways.

This is why the study of Sacred Geometry is becoming more vitally important to us as the Individuals we are. It is an amazing tool we can use in our life, but… we have to understand at least the basics of its workings to know how to best use it for this purpose.   


For those playing in the Multi-dimensional Star Gate Amusement Park, remember today is the last day of its opening. This does not mean you cannot anymore visit the Park and Journey into the Multi-dimensional Realms, it just means this particular Frequency Weaving will no longer be an influence.

The use of and journeying in the Multi-dimensional Star Gate Amusement Park has been about releasing once and for all, any lingering doubt of the validity and authenticity of the Multi-dimensional Realms. Hopefully your time spent there has gone a long way in doing that for you.

This has been important because to truly understand where we are going as a Collective Consciousness we have to stop being “Physical Reality Snobs” and thinking the only thing that makes something “Real” is the sense of tactile touch and the ability to bring it into physical material form!

We have to KNOW our personal experiences in the Multi-dimensional realms are every bit as “Real” as is our everyday drive to work, or our shopping for groceries. They are just “Real” in a different way.

We need to truly KNOW this because this is a very large aspect and part of how we Create and Experience the Physical Realms.

We have been invited to travel and experience this expanded perspective of our reality as often as we liked simply to assist us in putting all doubt to rest. Hopefully you can take one last journey today!


You can find a Guided Meditation for Journeying Into & Experiencing Multi-dimensional Realms at the following link.

Multi-dimensional Travel Guided Meditation

Remember, your ticket has been punched and access has been granted into the Multi-dimensional Star Gate Amusement Park.

Come on in and IN-Joy your time here. All Rides are Free and Unlimited!


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras



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