A Happy “NEW” 4th of July

To all those who are a part of the country of the United States of America Group Collective Conscious Mind I would like to wish you a Happy 4th of July.

Happy "NEW" 4th of July

Happy “NEW” 4th of July


Today is a day, WE, of this particular Group Collective Conscious Mind traditionally celebrate the “winning of our national independence”.

It is good to remember where we come from in our history, BUT…. I personally feel there also comes a time for releasing what no longer serves our highest good.

When a person, or a Group Collective Conscious Mind holds onto what has served its purpose and should be let go of it holds them on the Karmic Wheel, and the same issues, dramas and situation continue to repeat themselves; it keeps them/us in a stagnant holding pattern which does not allow for growth. This means emotional growth, as well as mental and Spiritual Growth. And believe it or not, this manifests into the physical everyday world as problems that create issues of safety and abundance, and so many of the other issues we continue to face as a country.

Maybe it is time we release what no longer is serving our Highest Good as a Group Collective Conscious Mind!

One way we can start doing this is a simple change of mindset and thought patterns.

What if… instead of today celebrating Independence from control by another country over 200 years ago, a mindset that feeds divisiveness and conflict, we begin seeing the 4th of July as a day to Celebrate our National Independence from Fear, Greed, Financial and Political difficulties, and Lack of Abundance for All of our Citizens, and the multitude of issues these things create?

What would that do energetically to begin moving us forward into a much more Spiritually Awakened and Emotionally Mature Country and Group Collective Conscious Mind? What would this change in mindset do to begin creating World Peace?

And as a bonus, today’s Metatronic Frequency Weaving is one of Forgiveness and Awakening to Divine Will and existing within the Unified Christ Consciousness through a stronger and more complete connection to the Higher Self; our Individual Personal Higher Self, as well as our country’s Group Collective Conscious Mind Higher Self.

So today, to all of my fellow United States of America Group Collective Conscious Mind family, I wish you a Happy 4th of July…. Celebrating Our Independence from what no longer Serves OUR Highest Good!

May your day be Glorious!


IN-Joy your Holiday and its New Frequency!


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

 Essence Ka tha’ras



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