Metatronic Numerology Daily Frequency Report: 6/5/14 ~ The Multi-dimensional Star Gate Amusement Park Opens!


Today is a 9 Frequency day with an 11 Sub-frequency and a 111 Active Potential influence.

The I AM Keyword phrases for 9, 11 and 111 are:

9 – I AM Unconditional Giving

11 – I AM Truth Illumined through Spiritual Revelation

111 – I AM Multi-dimensional Thought Energy Set into Motion

Today’s report is going to be a bit different than most. I am not going to share all the information about each number, but I am simply going to talk about what this frequency combination is about and bringing to us today. For those you would like the information for each of today’s numbers please simply do a search of the web-site for them.


On the 1st of June I told you that starting today, Thursday, June 5th and running through Saturday, July 5th, 2014 the Multi-dimensional Star Gate Amusement Park would be open!

Well, here we are at Opening Day.

So what does this mean for us?

It means that for the next thirty-one days we are being asked to spend as much time as possible focusing on experiencing the Multi-dimensional realms.

The reason for this is so that we can begin bringing the knowledge and understanding of the Multi-dimensional Realms more physically into our everyday reality.


I have recently talked about the fact that dual frequency days are not the norm, but how in the last two or three months we have seen them becoming much more common.

Dual Frequency days are sort of like existing in two Frequency realms simultaneously. In a sense they give us our very first taste of the Multi-dimensional realms coming closer into Physical Manifestation in our Reality.  

I shared how the pattern I am starting to see emerge is an 8/11 Dual Frequency day followed by a 9/11 Dual Frequency day. This alone shows us how much stronger our exposure to Multi-dimensionality is becoming.

Well, this is what we have again today; these two consecutive days of Dual Frequencies is a pattern that is now becoming the “Normal Pattern” for us.

The 8/11 Dual Frequency days are always about Seeing Past the Illusion we have come to accept and believe is the full extent of our reality, and the 9/11 Dual Frequency days are about learning to exist within an expanded understanding of Divine Unconditional Giving and Forgiveness, which in turn brings us to a place of Completion.

In today’s case we are talking about the Completion of existing in a Realm, Reality, Belief System, etc. that says Multi-dimensionality is not “Real”.

Those days are over!

Beliefs such as this are no longer just a part of the domain of the Shaman and the Sage; those who understand Spiritual Science.

The search for knowledge and understanding of the Multi-dimensional realms is no longer relegated to only the spheres of pseudo-sciences, and Metaphysics. A large portion of the most respected scientific minds of mainstream science are working diligently at finding the physical proof needed to understand how to access the Multi-dimensional realms and how to travel in and through them.

Mainstream science’s focus on understanding Multi-dimensionality is the key to unlocking the door into the Multi-dimensional realms.

Although people such as you and I may not need their “proof” that Multi-dimensionality is as real as what we perceive in the physical “3D” realms is, the Spiritually Slumbering masses of the Collective Consciousness does.

So why is this important to us?

WE understand…

Energy Flows where Intention Goes

When they, mainstream science, are able to give “proof” to the masses Multi-dimensionality is “real”, or even that it is a “real possibility”, then the more percentage of the Collective comes to accept it and believe it as “truth”.  This in turn begins bringing the Multi-dimensional realms closer to and more into view in the physical realms because more Energy is flowing along those Intention lines and feeding the acceptance in the belief of Multi-dimensionality. And… We all know that WE Create our Reality with Our Thoughts and Beliefs.

Individually we create our personal reality this way, and Collectively we create our Collective Reality this way! It’s really pretty simple!

Even though we are Individual in our perceptions and experiences of this reality, WE are all ONE Collective Consciousness experiencing its Self. WE….. as this ONE Consciousness share a Collective Reality. That is the way it works here. It is the name and rules of this game!

Our Collective belief in Multi-dimensionality more fully opens the Multi-dimensional realms to us.

Look at it this way. A hundred years ago only those who were considered mentally unbalanced, or a part of some “fringe” society believed space travel was possible. But now it is everyday common place. We have landed humans on the moon; not to mention we have humans living full time in a “Station” free floating in space above our planet!

WE, those of us who are Lightworkers, Wayshowers and Trailblazers have to Complete our Release of the last vestiges of our doubt and reservations of the “Truth of Multi-dimensionality”.

WE have to stop doubting, at any level in any way, the validity of our personal experiences in our travels and encounters in realms and realities not considered “Real” by mainstream beliefs. That is OUR part in this process.

We have to stop coming back from our Multi-dimensional travels and then letting our rational 3D human mind and the peer pressures of “Mainstream Acceptability” make us think and say things like, “Well, it seemed so real, but was it really? I mean I could “see”, “smell”, “touch”, “hear”, and “taste” there; but it was only in my mind! Did I just make it up or was it “REAL?” or “I was meditating and saw Fairies in my flower garden, but… I’m not sure!”

WE, have to KNOW our personal experiences in the Multi-dimensional realms are every bit as “Real” as is our everyday drive to work, or our shopping for groceries. It is just “Real” in a different way.

We have to stop being “Physical Reality Snobs” and thinking the only thing that makes something “Real” is the sense of tactile touch and the ability to bring it into physical material form!


With the Opening of the Multi-dimensional Star Gate Amusement Park we have been given an Invitation to travel into Other Dimensions for the next thirty-one days and experience as many other dimensions of reality as much as we like.

We are invited to travel and experience this expanded perspective of our reality as often as we like simply to assist us in putting to rest, and releasing once and for all, any lingering doubt of the validity and authenticity of the Multi-dimensional Realms.

I suggest you do exactly this! I know I am going to.

In the next few days I will share a Guided Meditation to be used in assisting you in this Inter Multi-dimensional “Space” Travel. Please be looking for it, but in the meantime take a journey on your own.


Your ticket has been punched and access has been granted into the Multi-dimensional Star Gate Amusement Park.

Come on in and IN-Joy your time here. All Rides are Free and Unlimited!


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras



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