Metatronic Numerology Daily Frequency Report: 5/31/14~A Beautiful & Powerful Gift from Spirit


Today is a 7/11 Dual Frequency day with a 77 Sub-frequency influence.

The I AM Keyword phrases for 7, 11 and 77 are:

7 – I AM Intelligence Seeking Self

11 – I AM Truth Illumined through Spiritual Revelation

77 – I Am the Divinely Inspired Synthesis of Spiritual Intuition and Physical Intelligence

Since I began doing these reports last August this is only the fifth 7/11 Dual Frequency day we have had, and the third one this year.

Today’s 7/11-77 Frequency combination is very much what this whole year is about. These are the frequencies that are the frequencies for the year 2014 and this is the work that dominates this entire year.

It is not overly uncommon to have days with a 7/11 Frequency embedded into them, but that is different than what we have today.

Basically stated, the embedded 7/11 is more like a sub-frequency, it is a secondary frequency exerting its influence on the main frequency of any particular day it appears. Quite honestly we have those fairly regularly this year because this is a 7 Frequency year and very much geared to assisting the Collective Consciousness of Humanity in its Spiritual Awakening process; and that is what this frequency combination is very good at.

The 7-11 Frequency combination is very powerful and lends assistance in going beyond the surface in looking at Self; and Self here not only means the Individual person we are, it also means the Collective Consciousness of Humanity as the Individual Conscious Self it is also. 

This 7-11 Frequency can be a difficult energy for many; for if they are not comfortable with their Self and their Spirituality and Spiritual beliefs, and are still not ready to be Responsible for their own Spiritual growth, this energy can be stressful and unpleasant, because this Frequency combination leaves no room for NOT taking seriously your Individual Responsibility for your own Spiritual Growth.

Just as a Saturn Return in you Natal Astrological Chart forces you to take a long hard look at Self and demands you examine your life and your belief system, so too does this Frequency combination push you beyond your comfort zone in what you consider your individual Responsibility for Self, especially as it pertains to your individual responsibility to being of assistance to the Awakening Journey of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity.

This 7-11 Frequency combination disallows the ability to any longer ignore the Truth of our Reality and your portion of the Responsibility for creating it; and it is embedded into this whole year of 2014.

Much of what we are seeing play out on the world stage associated with corruption being brought to light is because of this frequency combination’s effects. Believe me, we will see much, much more as this year progresses.

Days such as this, with a Dual 7/11 Frequency, can be very trying for many. They can be highly emotionally charged and create stress and anxiety, causing tension between people and a sense of being overwhelmed.

Just understanding what is creating such tension is very beneficial because it gives us something to focus on.

So today if you feel yourself becoming stressed or angry, or just generally overwhelmed; know it is because the Universe is really pushing us to step up to the plate and take responsibility for what we create.

When you find yourself feeling this way, stop and look at what is causing it in your life and this will point you in the direction of where you need to do some work on Self and what changes you may be needing to make.

The frequency of 77 is about Creative Thought and Expanding our Perspective of our Reality. It is the frequency where the melding of our Spiritual Intuitive abilities blending into cohesion with our Physical Intellect begins to transpire. This Frequency stimulates, motivates and inspires the initial igniting of the Divine Rational Mind.

Within this frequency the Spark of the Divine Rational Mind that has lain dormant in the 5 frequency has its first initial awakening.

This is the frequency that is of the most assistance to us in, not only hearing the voice of Spirit, but then being able to interpret what is received from Spirit in to information we can really utilize and implement into our everyday physical lives and reality.

In some ways you could say the 77 Frequency is the frequency used to translation the Voice of Spirit into useful information for daily use in the Physical Realms.

So we see that when we combine the 7/11 Dual Frequency with the 77 Frequency we have a day that may have a tendency to be a bit stress filled and “dramatic” for us, but we also have the assistance given by the 77 to better hear and interpret the messages from Spirit and our Higher Self in what is creating those stresses and how to best address them and do the work of releasing the Illusionary “dramas” we are using to create them in our life.

We are being gifted with the impetus, the discomfort of discordant energy flows, to push us in the direction of greater Spiritual Self Responsibility, and the assistance we need to identify and recognize the best course of action to take to release the discomfort and set the correct energy flow back into alignment all at the same time.

I personally think this is a powerful and beautiful gift from Spirit; especially for those of us who are serious about our Spiritual Awakening and Growth Process.

I would like to share one last final bit of information.

Isabelle Jae Stoneward (an Aspect of Self I work with from, let’s just call it New Earth) has shown me that the 369 Solfeggio Frequency can be very beneficial when used in conjunction with the 7/11 frequency combination and any stresses caused by this rather intense frequency.

The 369 Solfeggio Frequency is useful in Harmonizing Energy and Overcoming Fears, so you can see how it would be of assistance on days such as today.


In-Joy working with today’s frequency, and IN-Joy your day!


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras



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