Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report: 4/30/14 ~ Change through the Right Use of Free Will


Today is a 5 Frequency day with a 77 Sub-frequency influence.

The I AM Keyword phrases for 5 and 77 are:

5 – I AM Adventurous Change

77 – I AM the Divinely Inspired Synthesis of Spiritual Intuition and Physical Intelligence

The 5 Frequency and its energy loves change and is always looking for the next great adventure into the unknown; the occurrence that once it is experienced will change one’s perspective of reality forever.

The 5 frequency holds a neutral charge, so it allows for open-mindedness; it is simply about going in search of the “Truth” no matter where it is to be found. The 5 Frequency lends us assistance in having the courage to step out beyond our comfort zone; that small confined Box created by the mainstream consciousness mindset, and test the waters for what else just might be true.

This frequency also teaches the Right Use of Free Will, and although there is still much work to be done on Self before it can be ignited, the Spark of the Divine Rational Mind lies within the Frequency of the 5.

The frequency of 77 is about Creative Thought and Expanding our Perspective of our Reality. It is the frequency where the melding of our Spiritual Intuitive abilities blending into cohesion with our Physical Intellect begins to transpire. This Frequency stimulates, motivates and inspires the initial igniting of the Divine Rational Mind.

Within this frequency the Spark of the Divine Rational Mind that has lain dormant in the 5 frequency has its first initial awakening.

Today’s 5-77 Frequency combination lends assistance to, and is the perfect energy to begin the Adventurous Journey into Awakening and testing your Spiritual Intuitive Abilities, because the craving for Adventure and Change of the 5 Frequency spurs a desire to delve deeper into finding exactly just what we are capable of if we will but open to our Natural Spiritual Psychic Abilities.

So if you are one who has a fear of change, but has always had an interest in knowing if you are capable of hearing the Voice of Spirit or if you do indeed possess Psychic abilities, today’s energy will support you in taking those first baby steps to doing just that.

Today’s frequency is all about being Adventurous and taking that look into the Realms of Spirit to see for yourself if in fact they are true.

Succinctly stated, the frequencies of today lend assistance in making a substantial Change in our reality. This frequency combination promotes and supports the awakening of the Divine Rational Mind and beginning to work with our natural Spiritual Intuitive abilities in a much stronger and clearer fashion. It helps to open us up to the melding of the Physical and Spiritual realms, and expands what is viewed as “accepted reality”.

So under today’s frequencies we are being given a first glance and experience with the opening of the Divine Rational Mind, and really being asked to begin taking seriously our ability to hear the voice of Spirit and learning to interpret Spirits messages into practical everyday advice, because in doing so, we start Creating Positive Change in our World very quickly.

So today… go look and see for yourself if what so many are saying about our World and Reality being so much more than what Mainstream Conventional Thinking says is all there is to life is the Truth. Take that leap of faith and step out and do what you have always wanted to do, but never have had the courage to do.

If you already know for yourself that our Reality is much more than what Mainstream Society says it is, and you have been putting off testing your Spiritual Abilities and Gifts, today is the perfect day to begin practicing and honing your Gifts and Talents. So stop procrastinating and begin!


For those interested in focusing on the work of the Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round Reality during the month of April 2014 today is the eleventh day of the eleven days of Phase 3; the final phase of this month’s work on the Initial Manifestation of the Intentions we Set into Motion for the New Life and Reality we desire to create.

In the eleven days of Phase 3, the Transmutation and Metamorphosis of the Changes necessary for this Initial Manifestation have begun to occur. In other words, we are beginning to see our life heading in the direction of becoming what we “Intentionally” desire it to be.

During these eleven days I suggested you…

1: EXPECT CHANGE. First and foremost you have to believe this change is coming, and today’s frequencies speak of this change. We have spent this month Intentionally Creating Change in our life, and under today’s frequencies we solidify that change and step fully into it and begin experiencing the first taste of our New Life and Reality.

I have to tell you, the change I see manifesting in my life after doing this month’s Conscious and Intentional work has been amazing and I feel I am well on my way into existing fully in my New Life and Reality.

I suggest you also still find time to meditate and sit within the high frequencies of the Solar Eclipse we experienced yesterday and simply take in the frequency and energies of it and allow them to move through your body and energy field. Let them flow as they will and just experience this energy movement.

Learn to recognize what this energy feels like so that any time you experience it in the future you know it for what it is. Remember, the energy this Solar Eclipse brought us is going to be around, growing and expanding for the next eighteen years.

2: Point two we have been working with this month has been a technique to help you stay focused and keep your thoughts positive and working toward the full manifestation of your New Life and Reality, and I suggest you

This technique is to make note of, (and by saying make note of I mean with pen and paper), the signs of, and the changes occurring, that show you your life is changing and heading in the new direction you desire; even the ones that seem very small and insignificant.

You do this so that on those days where you feel like everything is the same old, same old, you can come back to this list and remind yourself that change really is transpiring. This way you assist yourself from falling back into the old thought patterns that have kept you existing in the life you desire to leave behind you and change.

The changes may be small or they may be large. You may simply notice small changes in your thought patterns and your energy field. Maybe you realize you can now hold your vibration at a higher frequency for a longer period of time each day than you could before. THIS is change! Maybe you notice you are conscious of the thoughts moving through your head more during the day and are able to eject the negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. THIS is change!

Maybe you are signing the lease agreement on the building where you are going to open your new business. THIS is change!

No matter what changes you see transpiring, it is your proof that the Transmutation and Metamorphosis from your old life into your New Life and Reality has begun!

And don’t forget to keep Existing in and Radiating Gratitude for this Change! And Create IN-Joy!


IN-Joy working with today’s frequencies, and continue to LET THE GRATITUDE ROLL! And Notice the Change!





Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras



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2 thoughts on “Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report: 4/30/14 ~ Change through the Right Use of Free Will

  1. I just happened across this amazing article & would love access to last months teachings as stated.
    I so know that gratitude is such an amazing thing ~ the more you give the more you get the more you give.
    I would be so grateful if you would/could allow me to be a part of all that you teach & I believe that every twinkle of what we do can help heal this amazing planet and the sentient & even non=sentient ( who am I to say what is & what is not) things/beings of this universe can be profoundly positively affected by what we think, do, say, & how we act every minute of every day (waking or asleep)
    Would you be so kind as to reply with your thoughts?
    In grateful belief, & blessings to all,

    • Greetings Tallah,
      I apologize for just now responding to your lovingly shared comment.
      As for access to last month’s teachings, if you look on the right side of the home page beneath the Twitter feed you will see SNE Archives. Just click on that and choose the month your would like access to.
      I AM so very Grateful for you taking the time to read my work, and may you Be Blessed.
      I agree, We Create Reality with out Thoughts, Words, Emotions, and Actions, and when we do it Consciously with Love We Create Peace and Equality for All.

      Blessings from All Realms of Creation to You.

      Essence Ka tha’ras

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