The Mysterious Silence of the Sun’s Subconscious~The “Ring of Fire” Quietly Whispers to Humanity~ Solar Eclipse of April 29th, 2014


Today we experienced the first Solar Eclipse of the year 2014.

Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire

This Eclipse is a Non-central Annular Solar Eclipse and produces what is commonly referred to as a “Ring of Fire”.

Ring of Fire~ April 29, 2014 Solar Eclipse

Ring of Fire~                                     April 29, 2014 Solar Eclipse

As dramatic as this spectacle is, this time it will only be fully visible from one uninhabited spot in Antarctica. So in other words, no humans will see the full affects of this Solar Eclipse.

I have been attempting to write the Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report for this Solar Eclipse for three days now, and each time I sat down to write it, it just would not flow. Now that we are within the drawing down phase of this eclipse’s energy I can now feel and hear why this has been so. (As I begin writing this we are only two hours away from the start of the eclipse)

This report will not be like most, because the Frequencies and energy of this Eclipse are not like most.

I will however share the frequencies and the I AM Keyword phrases of this eclipse for those who would like to know them.

This Non-central Annular Solar Eclipse holds and emits the frequencies of 55/77/88 with a 66 Sub-frequency influence and a 9999 Cosmic Potential.

The I AM Keyword phrases for 55, 77, 88 and 66 are:

55 – I AM the Higher Self Aware of Divine Will

77 – I Am the Divinely Inspired Synthesis of Spiritual Intuition and Physical Intelligence

88 – I AM the Knowledge of Sacred Geometry & Divine Engineering

66 – I AM the Divine Feminine Inspired Planetary Healer

The 9999 is not listed here because the Q4 have not yet given me the I AM Keyword phrases for the Quadruple Cosmic Frequencies. They have not given them yet because Quadruple Metatronic Cosmic Frequencies are so far beyond the vibratory frequency rates of the physical reality we currently exist in they are not yet available to us in this Current Projected Time Frame Reality. (They tell me now that we have experienced this initial taste of these Quadruple Metatronic Cosmic Frequencies they will soon share these I AM Keyword phrases. I look forward to that information!)

I AM being shown (told) that this ever so extremely subtle and silent experience of the 9999 Cosmic Potential frequency touching Earth is the very first time this Earth reality has ever felt even the slightest bit of this exceptionally high frequency.

The Frequencies held by this Eclipse are extremely powerful and speak to the subconscious layers of humanity’s energy field. The Subconscious layers of our energy fields being affected is something we normally associate with Lunar energy; yet here we are seeing and experiencing this from a Solar Eclipse.

This Solar eclipse, unlike normal Solar eclipses and their energies, holds an air of mystery and an undercurrent of energies that will slowly and subtly weave their way silently across our planet and through our subconscious minds, winding deep into our individual and collective heart energy centers, subconscious minds, and etheric bodies for the next eighteen years; (until 2032 when we see the next Annular Solar Eclipse of Saros 148, when they will be upgraded once again).

Aimed at the subconscious levels of humanity’s Energy Matryx Grid, it is intentionally sending frequencies to assist with the further expansion of the Heart Chakra of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity and Gaia. Along with this, it is raising and expanding the Frequency and Vibratory rate of the morphogenetic fields surrounding Earth.

This frequency increase and expansion will continue to accelerate exponentially from the initial influx from this Non-central Annular Solar Eclipse for the next eighteen years. This in turn will assist in creating the changes necessary for the actions that will propel the movement of an exponential increase in the Spiritual Awakening of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity. This is a subtle, but powerful, Power Boost we are being gifted with.

The frequencies from this particular Solar Eclipse and what they are programmed for is a continuation of Consciously Created, and Intentionally Directed energies being aimed at Earth from Dimensions vibrating at frequencies much higher than our current dimensional reality.

Cosmic Beings of Light who exist far beyond our Current Frequency Vibrational Reality are using the knowledge of Sacred Celestial Geometry, (something we are only beginning to open to remembering more fully once again), to create and direct frequencies to planet Earth to bathe her and us in energy that Earth has not seen since “Time” as it exists in this Current Projected Time Frame Reality in this Universal Quadrant manifested into its present incarnation.

In other words, Earth/Gaia as an Incarnated Individual Consciousness, and therefore Humanity also because we physically exist on Earth and are a part of her full consciousness, is now being gifted with frequencies of a high vibratory rate such as she/we have not ever seen before as this particular Physical Incarnated Being.

My personal suggestion is that you find time to meditate and sit within the high frequencies of today (and many days to come) and the Solar Eclipse and simply take in these frequency’s energies and allow them to move through your body and energy field. Let them flow as they will and just experience this energy movement.


IN-Joy these new high frequency gifts and let’s look forward to what the next eighteen years will bring us.


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras


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