Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report: 4/5/14 – The Metamorphosis of Structured Power


Before we begin with today’s report I would like to share something.

As I sat on the porch this morning drinking my coffee, I could feel and hear a very gentle, yet powerful energy blowing in on the wind. It was very different and spoke of Great Change. This was not the song of Spring being carried on the wind, as you would expect to hear this time of year where I live. This wind carried an energy of something mysterious and exciting to us; something anticipated, yet unknown.

Carried in on the Winds of Great Change

Carried in on the Winds of Great Change

Have any of you felt and heard this today?


Today is a 7 Frequency day with a 44 Minor frequency influence and a 222 Active Potential.

The I AM Keyword phrases for 7, 44 and 222 are:

7 – I AM Intelligence Seeking Self

44 – I Am Structured Power & Metamorphosis

222 – I AM Multi-dimensionality in Gestation

I would start this report with, “You aren’t going to believe this!” But with what we have seen already this month and with what we know is coming this month, I think you will believe it!

We have only seen the 7/44 Frequency combination twice before; once in October of last year, (2013) and once in November.

We have only seen and been under the energy effects of the 222 frequency twice before; both times in February of this year (2014). And, we have not ever seen this particular 7/44/222 frequency combination before.

Are you surprised?!

I’m sure by now many of you are familiar with me using the adage of…

“Dances to the beat of a different drummer”

As being the best example and the fastest ways I have found to begin in truly comprehending the basic energy of the 7 Frequency.

The frequency of 7 is about Seeking and Study, Analysis and Understanding. In many ways, you could say 7 is the frequency of the mind.

Within the 7 frequency lies the energy of the Sciences and Technology; especially those related to the physical world. Many scientist and technology inventors have a strong 7 energy within their personal energy fields.

On the journey of Spiritual Awakening, the 7 frequency bandwidth is where the desire to go within to seek a clearer understanding of Self and the workings of our Universe, and how we fit into it all begins to become a priority in life. 7 is the frequency of the Sacred Mysteries and all things Spiritual, and here within this energy lies the initial gateway into The Sacred Esoteric Mysteries.

This is the energy frequency where combining the work of the Heart and the Mind begins. Through seeking and study the desire for change is spurred into initial action.

Gaining Spiritual Knowledge, one begins to understand the proper means by which to connect the Heart Chakra (4th) and the Third Eye Chakra (6th), which in turn opens the Crown Chakra (7th) in a way not experienced before.

7 is the movement, the Energy Pathway, leading to constructive use of the newly found freedom one acquires once they have liberated their self from “The Box” reality of the status quo.

The 44 Frequency is the frequency where the igniting of the Spark of the Group Collective Conscious Mind that lies dormant in the 2 Frequency occurs. Here within the 44 Frequency is where Ruling and Governmental Bodies work at their best; where those in positions of power learn to come together and to work toward what is best for everyone concerned. This Frequency is where we learn to come together and act in accordance for All… as ONE.

The 44 Frequency is also about Metamorphosis.

The new path into the Multi-dimensional realms we, the Collective Consciousness of Humanity are beginning down will change us and our perceptions of Reality. This new path will change us is ways, that at this stage of our journey we cannot yet even begin to imagine; especially under the multi 7 Frequency we are being heavily influenced by for all of 2014.

At this point in projected space and time we are only beginning to think about, and comprehend what the concept of a Universe of Infinite Possibilities looks like and how it responds and operates.

Remember, Metamorphosis is beyond simple ordinary change.

Change makes your reality different, but Metamorphosis births you into a completely different and New Reality. Metamorphosis is being born anew into a reality you never even knew existed before.


An “Active Potential” is an EXTREMELY subtle influence. It is just exactly what it states; a Potential; and the repeated triple digit numbers always deal with the Multi-dimensional realms.

So what this 222 frequency tells us is that the work we have been doing of seeding and Consciously and Intentionally Setting the New Reality we wish to Manifest into Creation in the physical realms, (as it is associated with the Multi-dimensional realms), is now in a time of Gestation.

The only other times we have seen this 222 Frequency was in February; the month we really began to Consciously and Intentionally focus on the Creation of the life and New Reality we want and Intend to create for ourselves individually, and for the Collective Consciousness.

Now here we are in April, the month when we will begin to see the first signs in the physical realms of these Intentions manifesting, and we see this 222 Frequency come around again.

This shows us truly we are Consciously and Intentionally Creating our New Reality.

The 7 and 44 Frequencies both are Masculine charged frequencies, so this combination gives assistance in looking at the Masculine parts of Self that need to be brought back into balance.

We know that ultimately each of us is responsible for our individual growth along the path of Spiritual Awakening, and we can use the assistance this 7/44 Frequency creates to take a truthful look at Self and make a determination of what it is we still hang on to that it is time to let go of by being honest with self about what road blocks we have put in place that hinder our Spiritual growth at the pace we would like to see transpire.

Yesterday we saw a strong focus on the Manifestation work of the creation of our new individual realities, while today we are seeing a focus on the manifestation work of the creation of a New Collective Reality.

The 44 frequency has a strong association in the areas of Ruling and Governmental bodies, so the 7/44 Frequency combination, as it relates to the specific work of Conscious and Intentional Creation of our New Reality, is not so much about creating our Individual reality, but is more about the focus of the Creation of a New Reality of the Collective Consciousness.

This 7/44 frequency really focuses on and permeates the Group Collective Conscious Mind of Governments and those in positions of power whose decisions and actions affect millions of people.

This powerful frequency combination is being poured onto our planet in quiet and subtle, yet in undeniable and persuasive rays of Light, bringing transformative change to our reality.


For those interested in focusing on the work of the Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round Reality during the month of April 2014 yesterday we began the first of three phases of this month’s work.

This month’s overall focus and work is the Initial Manifestation into the Physical Realms o fthe Intentions we Set into place on the New Moon/Black Moon on March 3oth, 2014.

We have been working on the Conscious Creation of these Intentions, really since the first of the year, and this month we can expect to see the very earliest signs of them manifesting into our physical everyday life and reality.

In phase one, Friday, April 4 through Monday, April 7th, 2014 we need to spend as much time as possible focusing on our Goals and Consciously putting energy into the start of forming and creating the Foundation upon which our New Reality will establish its self.

Today we need to spend some time giving focus and energy into the Creation of the New Reality of the Collective Consciousness, and the changes occurring, and the changes that will continue to occur, especially related to our World Governing Bodies and those in positions of power whose decisions and actions affect the millions of people on this planet.

I suggest you spend time focusing and visualizing our Planet and all peoples on it living in harmony and equality, and project this image out into the Field of Potentiality for it to gather strength and grow.

These four days are a time to really focus on our Goals, a time to focus on creating the Foundation of a New Reality.

It is time to understand that you, each of you who have heard this call, are to be among the first to assist in the Creation of the Template of the Foundation for this New Reality. A New Reality not only for yourself, but for the Collective Consciousness of Humanity as a whole. 

You may start with creating the Foundation Template for your New Individual Reality, but by doing this you are assisting in creating a Template for the Foundation of a New Reality for the rest of the Collective Consciousness to follow suit and build upon also. 

Just always keep in mind that the Template for this New Reality Foundation must be created from the Highest Frequency of Love and Equality for all; a Frequency of Love that sets none above, or below another.

Whatever it is you know you need to do to start this Foundation building for your New Reality to stand on; that is what you need to focus on for the next four days as much as possible.

See this New Reality, and see yourself in it. Feel what living in this New Reality feels like. Hear the sounds of this New Reality, and Smell the smells. Bring this New Reality to life and create its Foundation.



IN-Joy working with today’s frequency and let’s continue this month’s work of Initial Manifestation of our New Reality into the physical realms.


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras



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