Frequency Information Transmission: 4/1/14 From Essence Ka tha’ras & the Q4


On the precipice of Monumental Change

On the precipice of Monumental Change

 Greetings Fellow Spiritual Travels of Earth,

I am led to share the following with you.

As of today, April 1, 2014 a very definite frequency has reached Earth and is now bathing the planet in its encoded informational ray. It is subtle and of a very high frequency.

As I drove back from making a quick trip to town earlier today, I heard the following statement from my Spiritual Guides.

“Humans are Spirit encased within an experience driven form.”

I would like to interject here that upon returning home I was almost immediately presented with the frequency combination of 11:11/111(1)-2-444.

Without getting too detailed in an explanation I will tell you that this frequency combination is about further Spiritual Awakening and Movement on our individual and Collective paths. It is about what has been conceived and set into initial movement in the Multi-dimensional realms now Expanding in form, and it is about creating a clear line of communication with those realms.

Now back to our statement;

“Humans are Spirit encased within an experience driven form.”

Upon opening this information packet I came to see and hear the full information contained within it.

What is being shared here is that this is not a negative reflective statement, nor is it some condition or syndrome for humans to be alleviated from. This is the purpose of being Human. It is the initial intended objective for the creation of the Human Earthly experience as related to the current perspective of our present projected time frame reality.

In receiving this message, almost immediately yet very subtly, I began to experience only what I can describe as a “further drifting apart” of the lower frequency reality realms of Earthly Human existence and the Earthly Human existence and reality of those who are now beginning to exist more consciously and on a more permanent basis within the higher frequency reality realms. (this number is growing exponentially)

This energy and its accompanying sensations have been gaining strength all day long. One of the more physical sensations some may be experiencing is a renewed loud ringing in the ears, most probably both ears; and of a frequency and tone you are not familiar with.

It has become very clear to me that we have begun the next stage of Creation and Manifestion into, (and I hesitate to use the term “Physical Form” simply because I can feel and sense that even this is now morphing into something very different than what we currently hold) something very different than what we currently are, and experience as reality. And by this I mean Individually and Collectively, on every level of what we perceive as our reality.

I will say that I sense a strong, what we humans currently call, ET presence, although this is just a term I use as an approximation of the Consciousness I am sensing; just something we can most closely compare it to in our present understanding of our Collective projected reality.

The Human Earthly experience is on the precipice of monumental change, one that has not been experienced in this present projected time frame reality within our present Universal Quadrant; so it “seems” like one we are not familiar with. This is only true from the reference point of this present projected time frame reality perspective.

That would be the summary statement I would use to describe what I am experiencing today.

You may ask; “So what does all of this mean, and what does it have to do with me and my Spiritual Awakening process?”

I think the answer to that is as varied as there are people asking that question.

I am simply sharing this information as I was prompted to by my Guides and know to be my responsibility to the Collective Spiritual Awakening.

I do know, (by way of sensing) this is related to the work of the Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round Reality and is an energy to be of assistance in the Initial Manifestation of What is to Come in our lives and Spiritual work that we will be doing this month; April 2014. Just so you know, this work will begin on Friday, April 4th, 2014 and is divided into three phases through the end of the month.

Within the nature of what we hold as truth, we all know that if you are reading this there is a reason and there is something within this information for you personally. Maybe this is big news to you that will expand and change your perspective of reality forever, or maybe it is just a confirmation you have been looking for related to something you are currently working on or coming to understand. Whatever it is, take this information and apply it to your personal Spiritual work and use it as it was meant for you.


IN-Joy I share.


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras


© 2014 Essence Ka tha’ras

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