Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report: 3/24/14 – Time to Truly See Self


Today is a 7/11 Dual Frequency day.

The I AM Keyword phrases for 7 and 11 are:

7 – I AM Intelligence Seeking Self

11 – I AM Truth Illumined through Spiritual Revelation

Today’s frequency is a bit different in that it is a Dual Frequency day. We have Dual Frequency days every once in a while, but not very often. Since I began doing these reports back in August of 2013 we have had only three other 7/11 Dual Frequency days, the third of which was on the 15th of this month, and it also happened to be the first one this year.

It is not overly uncommon to have days with a 7/11 frequency embedded into them, but that is different than what we have today.

Basically stated, the embedded 7/11 is more like a sub-frequency, it is a secondary frequency exerting its influence on the main frequency of any particular day it appears. Quite honestly we have those fairly regularly this year because this is a 7 Frequency year and very much geared to assisting the Collective Consciousness of Humanity in its Spiritual Awakening process; and that is what this frequency combination is very good at.

The more common Dual Frequency is an 8/11 combination. It is designed at assisting in seeing past the Illusion we, the Collective Consciousness, see and accept as Reality. And just for the record we will see the 8/ll Dual Frequency tomorrow, just as we saw it on the 16th, the day after the last Dual 7/11 Frequency; making this only the second time we have see two Dual Frequency days consecutively.

What this tells me is that we are being given lots of assistance in the work we have been doing this month in the Completion, Cleansing and Releasing what no longer serves our Highest Good and Spiritual Awakening, and in seeing what is a fuller truth of what is Reality and what is Illusion in a general sense.

I also find it interesting that we have had these consecutive 7/11 and 8/11 Dual Frequency days this month because of the fact that we now have open the 12:12/333 Star Gate Portal for us to Explore Multi-dimensionality within. I find this relative because the 7/11 frequency is very much about having to take Responsibility for our part in the Co-Creation of our Reality and the 8/11 is very much about helping us to see past the Illusion we call Reality. Pretty strong assistance we are getting from what I can see.


Using the adage of…

“Dances to the beat of a different drummer”

is one of the fastest ways I have found to use as an example to begin in truly comprehending the basic energy of the 7 Frequency.

The frequency of 7 is about Seeking and Study, Analysis and Understanding. In many ways, you could say 7 is the frequency of the mind.

Within the 7 frequency lies the energy of the Sciences and Technology; especially those related to the physical world. Many scientist and technology inventors have a strong 7 energy within their personal energy fields.

On the journey of Spiritual Awakening, the 7 frequency bandwidth is where the desire to go within to seek a clearer understanding of Self and the workings of our Universe, and how we fit into it all begins to become a priority in life. 7 is the frequency of the Sacred Mysteries and all things Spiritual, and here within this energy lies the initial gateway into The Sacred Esoteric Mysteries.

This is the energy frequency where combining the work of the Heart and the Mind begins. Through seeking and study, the desire for change is spurred into initial action.

Gaining Spiritual Knowledge, one begins to understand the proper means by which to connect the Heart Chakra (4th) and the Third Eye Chakra (6th), which in turn opens the Crown Chakra (7th) in a way not experienced before.

7 is the movement, the Energy Pathway, leading to constructive use of the newly found freedom one acquires once they have liberated their self from “The Box” reality of the status quo.

The 11 Frequency bandwidth holds the energy of Initial Spiritual Awakening. Here is where Spiritual Revelations and Epiphanies awaken those who still slumber; unaware of the greater Spiritual Truths of our Reality, and it assists the Spiritually Awakened in further expansion of their perspectives of reality and Spiritual Truths. Within this Frequency we can more easily see, know and understand our Reality from an expanded and more spiritual perspective.

Within the 11 Frequency Spiritual Illumination is most readily available, and our intuition is heightened allowing us to begin believing in, and start testing our natural psychic abilities.

Spiritual inspiration is awakened in this frequency, and with it suddenly we begin to be able to see and hear the messages Spirit sends us each and every day, even in the smallest occurrences of our daily life.

Within this frequency the subconscious mind is stimulated and Spiritual growth occurs when we learn to accept that reality is much more expansive than we have ever imagined. 

Here is also found the truth and the peace we seek, because when our inner sense of knowing and our rational mind are no longer at odds with each other inner peace prevails, and we are able to open to what lies beyond the confines of limiting beliefs of reality.

The 7-11 Frequency combination is very powerful and lends assistance in going beyond the surface in looking at Self; and Self here not only means the Individual person we are, it also means the Collective Consciousness of Humanity as the Individual Conscious Self it is also. 

This 7-11 Frequency can be a difficult energy for many; for if they are not comfortable with their Self and their Spirituality and Spiritual beliefs, and are still not ready to be Responsible for their own Spiritual growth, this energy can be stressful and unpleasant, because this Frequency combination leaves no room for NOT taking seriously your Individual Responsibility for your own Spiritual Growth.

Just as a Saturn Return in you Natal Astrological Chart forces you to take a long hard look at Self and demands you examine your life and your belief system, so too does this Frequency combination push you beyond your comfort zone in what you consider your individual Responsibility for Self, especially as it pertains to your individual responsibility to being of assistance to the Awakening Journey of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity.

This 7-11 Frequency combination disallows the ability to any longer ignore the Truth of our Reality and your portion of the Responsibility for creating it, and it is embedded into this whole year of 2014.

Much of what we are seeing play out on the world stage associated with corruption being brought to light is because of this frequency combination’s effects. Believe me, we will see much, much more as this year progresses.

Days such as this, with a Dual 7/11 Frequency can be very trying for many. They can be highly emotionally charged and cause much stress and anxiety, causing tension between people, and a sense of being overwhelmed.

Just understanding what is creating such tension and stress is very beneficial because it gives us something to focus on.

So today if you feel yourself becoming stressed or angry, or just generally overwhelmed; know it is because the Universe is really pushing us to step up to the plate and take responsibility for what we create.

When you find yourself feeling this way, stop and look at what is causing it in your life and this will point you in the direction of where you need to do some work on Self and what changes you may be needing to make.

Back on the 15th when we last had this 7/11 Dual Frequency, Isabelle Jae Stoneward (an Aspect of Self I work with from, let’s just call it New Earth) showed me that the 369 Solfeggio Frequency would be very beneficial to use associated with any stresses caused this rather intense frequency. The 369 Solfeggio Frequency is useful in Harmonizing Energy and Overcoming Fears, so you can see how it would be of assistance on days such as today.

For those of you who have been consciously participating in the work of Completion and Releasing of the last vestiges of what no longer serves our highest good all this month, we are now six days into the third phase of this month’s work; the final nine day period of Rebalancing, Re-energizing and Rejuvenation.

Today take time to relax and re-energize yourself. Do whatever it is that allows you to fully relax you mind, body and spirit. It does not really matter what that is; it can mean a hot bubble bath by candlelight with soft music, or it can be a peaceful walk in the woods, or maybe a trip into the 12:12/333 Portal to go Exploring! Whatever allows you to relax and rejuvenate yourself is what you need to do. Whatever it is, just take the time to do it today.

To assist with this period of work of Rebalancing, Re-energizing and Rejuvenation I would like to share the following video of the 639 Hz Solfeggio Frequency set to video. I have chosen the 639 Hz Solfeggio because it is the next in line of the nine Solfeggio frequencies. This Solfeggio frequency is known as the “Relationship Harmonization” frequency. It is used for bringing stressed relationships back into a more harmonious energetic balance. And don’t forget, Isabelle has told us the 369 Solfeggio is especially beneficial for today’s 7/11 Dual Frequency. If time allows, you may want to use both.

You can find a 369 Solfeggio frequency video by following the link below.

369 Solfeggio Frequency Video

Here is today’s 639 Solfeggio Frequency video.

Please IN-Joy


Also remember, Kyra and I recorded two meditations to be used in conjunction with this month’s work. If you have not already had a chance to use them, you may want to take the time to do so.

The first meditation is designed to lead you through the process of detaching energetic cords connected to what no longer serves your Highest Good.

The second is designed to lead you through the process of Rewriting Sacred Contracts with other people in your life.

Both of these Meditations can be used daily if you like. It is all a matter of what you are led to do by your Higher Self.

I highly suggest you use them in the order they were shared. This is a process, and it works best when done in this manner.

These two meditations are free to download; my gift to you. This allows you to record them to your ipod or other devise for ease of use.

You can find the first Meditation at the link below…

Guided Meditation for Energetic Cord Detachment

And the second at this link…

Guided Meditation for Rewriting Sacred Contracts


IN-Joy working with today’s frequency and IN-Joy the free Guided Meditations.


Blessings from All Realms of Creation


Essence Ka tha’ras



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