Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report: 3/22/14 – 12:12 Portal Opening & World Water Day


Wow! Okay, here we go!

Today is a 5 Frequency day with a 33 Sub-frequency influence, and a 333 Active Potential. It is also World Water Day, and we have a 12:12 Portal Opening today.

The I AM Keyword phrases for 5, 33 and 333 are:

5 – I AM Adventurous Change

33 – I AM Compassionate Consciousness in Universal Service

333 – I AM the Multi-dimensional Birth Portal


Before we start with the Frequency Report please allow me to share a bit of information about World Water Day.

Today all across the planet people are coming together to Meditate and Pray for the Healing of the Water of Our World.

Many of you probably already know about the links I am going to share, but for those of you who do not I personally invite you to join in with this Loving and Healing work.

I and some Dear Friends have started a Facebook Group to participate in today’s events and also to continue this work throughout the year. Please join us at…..



Unify has created a World Wide Meditation and Prayer Event. Please check them out and join. Even if you missed today’s event, the work continues all year long and your Energy and Love is needed.



Now to today’s Frequency Report.

The 5 Frequency and its energy loves change and is always looking for the next great adventure into the unknown; the occurrence that once it is experienced will change one’s perspective of reality forever.

The 5 frequency holds a neutral charge, so it allows for open-mindedness; it is simply about going in search of the “Truth” no matter where it is to be found. The 5 Frequency lends us assistance in having the courage to step out beyond our comfort zone; that small confined Box created by the mainstream consciousness mindset, and test the waters for what else just might be true.

This frequency also teaches the Right Use of Free Will, and although there is still much work to be done on Self before it can be ignited, the Spark of the Divine Rational Mind lies within the Frequency of the 5.

The 33 Frequency is the initial energy of The Christ Consciousness, and lends its self in showing us how to hold Compassion for others without becoming attached to the dramas of their lives. We must understand that if we are to be of the most assistance possible to the positive forward movement of the Spiritual Awakening of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity, we have to learn to allow others the right to experience the journey of awakening they are creating for themselves upon the path of human life without becoming attached to the dramas and low vibrational frequencies their negative emotions create; for if we don’t we are actually adding to exactly what it is we desire to help heal and release.

The 333 Frequency is the frequency of movement into the Multi-dimensional Realms. This Frequency opens Star Gate Portals into other dimensions and realms of reality.


The interplay of today’s frequencies are flowing a bit different than usual. It’s as if the Main Frequency, the 5 Frequency, is supporting the 33 Sub-frequency and the 333 Active Potential.

Very basically stated, the 5 Frequency is giving us the Curiosity and the Courage we need to step into the 12:12 Portal that is opening today. It is the push energy, the impetus we need to just jump in and go exploring deeper into this Multi-dimensional Portal in search of what we can find and what adventures we will discover to follow.

This 12:12 Portal is the 333 New Mayan Calendar Round Gateway Portal, or maybe better stated, it is the Numeric Encoded Frequency, (the key) that opens the 333 Multi-dimensional Portal leading into the New Mayan Calendar Round Reality in which the Collective Consciousness now exists since the Shift of Consciousness during December of 2012.

The 333 New Mayan Calendar Round Gateway Portal was opened this past December, (Dec. 2013) when it aligned with the 444 Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round Reality Portal, and those of us who felt the call stepped out of the 333 Portal Gateway into the 444 Portal Gateway opening into the Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round Reality.

You may ask, “Why is this Portal opening again now?”

There are several reasons.

1) More have awakened and this opening allows them to step through deeper into the (their) New Reality, (the New Mayan Calendar Round Reality), and come to a better understanding of newly introduced concept and beliefs more quickly.

2) This Portal opening allows us to begin experiencing and exploring Multi-dimensionality in a more concrete physical way if we are curious and courageous enough to take advantage of this opening.

3) It allows easier access and a more efficient flow of new energy onto the planet from other dimensions where we are receiving assistance from.

This Portal is opening today and will be fluxing in its energy and strength through the 1st of April. The days with the strongest and clearest path leading into and through this Portal are today, March 22nd, as well as the 26th, and the 31st of March and the 1st of April.

Today is a great day to go exploring into the Multi-dimensional Realms because what today’s frequencies do for us today is give a bit of assistance in working with and learning to better use these Multi-dimensional Portals and learning HOW to visit other dimensional realms and realities

If at all possible take some time today to begin exploring this Portal and become acquainted with its energy. Practice moving into it and seeing and feeling its frequency and play with what information it brings you to.



For those of you who have been consciously participating in the work of Completion and Releasing of the last vestiges of what no longer serves our highest good all this month, we are now four days into the third phase of this month’s work.

In the first eighteen days of this month we did some very intense work on Self; now it is time to relax a bit. This third and final nine day period is a time of Rebalancing, Re-energizing and Rejuvenation

Today take time to relax and re-energize yourself. Do whatever it is that allows you to fully relax you mind, body and spirit. It does not really matter what that is; it can mean a hot bubble bath by candlelight with soft music, or it can be a peaceful walk in the woods. Whatever allows you to relax and rejuvenate yourself.

To assist with this period of work of Rebalancing, Re-energizing and Rejuvenation I would like to share the following video of the 417 Hz Solfeggio Frequency set to video. I have chosen the 417 Hz Solfeggio because it is the next in line of the nine Solfeggio frequencies. This Solfeggio frequency is known as the “Transmutation” tone and frequency. It assists in Transmuting inharmonious energies, frequencies, and issues from our Energy Fields.

Please IN-Joy the following video.


Remember, Kyra and I recorded two meditations to be used in conjunction with this month’s work. If you have not already had a chance to use them, you may want to take the time to do so.

The first meditation is designed to lead you through the process of detaching energetic cords connected to what no longer serves your Highest Good.

The second is designed to lead you through the process of Rewriting Sacred Contracts with other people in your life.

Both of these Meditations can be used daily if you like. It is all a matter of what you are led to do by your Higher Self.

I highly suggest you use them in the order they were shared. This is a process, and it works best when done in this manner.

These two meditations are free to download; my gift to you. This allows you to record them to your ipod or other devise for ease of use.

You can find the first Meditation at the link below…

Guided Meditation for Energetic Cord Detachment

And the second at this link…

Guided Meditation for Rewriting Sacred Contracts


IN-Joy working with today’s frequency and IN-Joy the free Guided Meditations.


Blessings from All Realms of Creation


Essence Ka tha’ras



© 2014 Essence Ka tha’ras

Shambahalla-New Earth & The Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round

 Please feel free to share this information, but only in its entirety, and with credit to the

Author – Essence Ka tha’ras

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