Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report: 3/18/14 – Sacred Geometry & Divine Engineering


Today is a 1 Frequency day with 77 and 88 Minor Frequency influences.

The I AM Keyword phrases for 1, 77 and 88 are:

1 – I AM Independent & Brave

77 – I Am the Divinely Inspired Synthesis of Spiritual Intuition and Physical Intelligence

88 – I AM the Knowledge of Sacred Geometry & Divine Engineering

At a very basic level, today we are being led to investigate the workings of Sacred Geometry. Today’s frequency combination is extremely conducive to the study and better understanding of Sacred Geometry and how it tells the story of our Reality in mathematical shape, form and equation, and how we can learn to consciously use it to Create the New Reality we desire to exist within.

If you have an interest and desire to better understand all the information, knowledge and wisdom encoded within Sacred Geometry, today is a very good day to take a closer look at just that.

Surrounding the 1 Frequency we come to understand the journey of the Newly Awakened Self; and here today this new understanding has a focus on Sacred Geometry.

Associated with the 1 Frequency I share the following…

“Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread.”

What is it I mean by that statement?

In Tarot, The Fool (card) represents one who is innocent in knowledge and life experiences, and because of this they tend to be fearless in exploring new things.

The 1 Frequency and The Fool Card represent New Beginnings, being spontaneous and jumping in. Not in a sense of carelessness and reckless abandon, (although from time to time it may appear to others this is the case) but out of a sense of wonder, awe, excitement and questioning.

The Fool is beginning a journey down a new and unexplored path; a path leading into the Multi-dimensional Realms of Reality in search of, “What else is out there?”

The Fool’s lack of experience allows him to take off in a new direction unhindered by falsely preconceived ideas and fears created by others.

Because of his innocence and lack of experience the Fool is actually an Independent Free Thinker. He is unafraid to go exploring in territory in pursuit of answers where others would try to convince him dangers lie hidden in wait to harm him; he will cross boundaries marked by signposts warning…

“Here there be Dragons!”

He is driven to search no matter the cost.  He will “Boldly go where no man has gone before”, (any Trekky will know that one!) and Bravely face his fears.

The frequency of 77 is about Creative Thought and Expanding our Perspective of our Reality. It is the frequency where the melding of our Spiritual Intuitive abilities blending into cohesion with our Physical Intellect begins to transpire. This Frequency stimulates, motivates and inspires the initial igniting of the Divine Rational Mind.

Within this frequency the Spark of the Divine Rational Mind that has lain dormant in the 5 frequency has its first initial awakening.

This is the frequency that is of the most assistance to us in, not only hearing the voice of Spirit, but then being able to interpret what is received from Spirit in to information we can really utilize and implement into our everyday physical lives and reality.

I guess you could say this 77 Frequency is the frequency used for the Translation of the Voice of Spirit into the Physical Realms.

2014 has an abundance of this 77 frequency because it is set into 2014 as a Sub-frequency influence. It is here this year to aid the Collective Consciousness in learning to hear and listen to the voice of Spirit and make rational decisions based on what is best for our reality as a whole.

Within today’s frequency combination this 77 frequency is assisting us individually in learning to better trust our Divine Inner Voice, the voice of our Spiritually Awakened Self. This is important because the more confident we are in our communication with our Higher Self and Spirit, the more likely we are to truly follow our Sacred Spiritual Path more fully; and as more and more of us do this the closer we come to creating Healing and Balance within the Collective Consciousness of Humanity.

The 88 Frequency deals with the study and knowledge of, and working with, Sacred Geometry. This includes all the Grid Work we do. It is associated with using Sacred Geometry in conjunction with Sound and Frequency to create, build and maintain our Physical and Spiritual Realities.

Also associated with this frequency is the knowledge and information held within Sacred Sites around our planet and the Sacred Geometric forms created by the configuration of their placement on the planet in relationship to each other. It also encompasses “Celestial Sacred Geometry”, which includes knowledge of the Sacred Geometric Grid Patterns and the Frequencies they create, maintain and emit associated with our planet in relationship to placement, (and even distance), to other planets and Celestial bodies. This includes knowledge of, and working with The Music of the Spheres.

The knowledge held within the 88 Frequency is vital to building the infrastructures of our cities and towns. When we once again take into conscious consideration the Sacred Geometric forms we are creating by the placement of buildings in arrangement and proximity to each other and the Sacred Geometric forms we are creating when we do this building, we can and will change our physical reality in an exponential manner.

In many ways we are now starting The Fool’s Journey down a New Path into Uncharted Territory; a path leading into the Multi-dimensional Realms of Reality, and under today’s frequency combination influence we are being shown that Sacred Geometry holds much in the way of knowledge and information that can be of assistance to us if we will but take the time to study and learn from it.

Today’s frequency combination lends assistance in being able to find the courage we need to start down this new path into that uncharted territory, and is subtly giving us assistance in beginning to use our Spiritual Intuition in a much expanded way, allowing it to help lead and guide us down this newly opened pathway.

So today, BE BRAVE! Be that Independent Free Thinker and take the Beginning steps onto the New Path before you! Allow your Journey into the Multi-dimensional Realms to begin!


For those of you, who are consciously participating in the work of Completion and Releasing of the last vestiges of what no longer serves our highest good this month, this is the ninth day of a nine day period when we do the Cleansing and Releasing of what we spent the 1st through the 9th of this month looking at and making those long lists of what we desire to detach from our energy fields.

Tomorrow we start the third phase of this month’s work by entering into another nine day period of work. In the first eighteen days of this month we have done some very intense work on Self; now it is time to relax a bit. This third and final nine day period is a time of Rebalancing, Re-energizing and Rejuvenation.  

Remember, Kyra and I have recorded two meditations to be used in conjunction with this month’s work.

The first meditation is designed to lead you through the process of detaching energetic cords connected to what no longer serves your Highest Good.

The second is designed to lead you through the process of Rewriting Sacred Contracts with other people in your life.

Both of these Meditations can be used daily if you like. It is all a matter of what you are led to do by your Higher Self.

I highly suggest you use them in the order they were shared. This is a process, and it works best when done in this manner.

These two meditations are free to download; my gift to you. This allows you to record them to your ipod or other devise for ease of use.

You can find the first Meditation at the link below…

Guided Meditation for Energetic Cord Detachment

And the second at this link…

Guided Meditation for Rewriting Sacred Contracts


IN-Joy working with today’s frequency and IN-Joy the free Guided Meditations.


Blessings from All Realms of Creation


Essence Ka tha’ras



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