Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report: 2/14/14 – Change Created Through Awareness of The Higher Self


Today is a 5 Frequency day with a 55 Sub-influence Frequency and a 555 Passive Potential Frequency

The I AM Keyword phrases for 5, 55 and 555 are:

5 – I AM Adventurous Change

55 – I AM the Higher Self Aware of Divine Will

555 – I Am Multi-dimensional Christed Consciousness Unified

First, the daily reminder for this month’s main work and focus.

Today is the second of three days that our focus on Continuously Living in a State of Divine Unconditional Love associated with the work of Cleansing, Realigning and Consciously Evolving the Double Helix Human Strand DNA is in four hour increments of time.

Remember to revisit the Guided Meditation to be used in conjunction with this work to assist you in this process as often as you feel it deemed necessary for yourself.

The Guided Meditation can be found at the following link…

Guided Meditation for February 2014 DNA Work

If you are not yet familiar with this work and would like to join in and participate you can find the information about it in the Metatronic Numerology Frequency Overview for February 2014.


In the February Overview Report I mentioned that the overall frequencies in play this month are the 55 and the 88 Frequencies; with the 55 being the strongest and the 88 playing more of a supportive role.

I also shared that the 55 Frequency is where we make a strong, clear and continuous connection to our Higher Self.

We also talked about how the work with the Cleansing, Realigning and Consciously Evolving the Double Helix Human Strand DNA would be of great assistance in doing this, not only for our individual selves, but in beginning to open the communication lines of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity with its (our Collective) Higher Self.

I also mentioned that the 55 Frequency would show up as a Sub-frequency on the 14th for one day, but then it would be back into play as a Sub-frequency on the 23rd and run for eleven consecutive days, through the 5th of March. During these eleven days we can expect some powerful frequencies and energies.

As for the 5/55/555 Frequency combination, the only other time we have seen this particular combination was back in September of 2013.

We used it that day to ground and anchor our Multi-dimensional Consciousness and Self within the Physical realms as we made ready for the journey into the Vortex energy of that dimensional portal and the work we were doing there. If you would like to know more about that work you can find it in the September 2013 Monthly Frequency Overview Report

The 5 Frequency is about Change, Adventure and Action. Here within this frequency lies the energy of the Visionary, the one who can see the bigger picture. Here lies the energy of the Constructive Use of Freedom and the Right Use of Free Will.

The energy of the 5 Frequency loves change and is always looking for the next great adventure into the unknown; an occurrence that once experienced will change one’s perspective of reality forever.

This frequency is telling you it is time for Change in your life, and it is time to connect to and begin earnestly listening to that part of you that knows there is more to this reality than can be seen by the physical eyes; this is your Higher Self speaking to you.

Your Higher Self is asking you to begin viewing your life through your Spiritual eyes; to begin listening to your inner voice and KNOW your reality is much more than you currently believe it to be.

The 55 Frequency is the frequency bandwidth of the Individualized Awareness of the Higher Self. Here the spark of the Divine Heart that lies dormant in the 1 Frequency is ignited.

In this initial igniting, the awareness of the Higher Self is made evident to the individual and communication with the Higher Self becomes more lucid and coherent. When the connection to the Higher Self is accomplished and a clear communications link is established, then the understanding of Divine Will begins to transpire.

Divine Will is spoken of by the Higher Self, for the Higher Self of each individual self sees the larger perspective of our reality from a much expanded view and is capable of placing the needs of the Collective Consciousness above the needs and desires of self.

The 555 Frequency today is grounding and anchoring the Unified Christ Consciousness deeper into our Reality and the Collective Consciousness of Humanity and Earth.

In the work of creating our Future Reality of where we want to go in our lives and what we want our lives to become, today’s frequencies are assisting us in opening to, and learning to better communicate with our Higher Self, and to better be able to understand their guidance and how it relates to our everyday world; and then to have to the Courage to make the Changes necessary in order to Create what we have Conceived and Set Into Motion upon the Template/Foundation of this New Reality for Self and for the Collective Consciousness.

If you are one who has a fear of change, today’s energy will support you in taking the first steps to the changes in your life you would love to make, but have never had the courage to attempt.

Today’s frequency is all about being Adventurous and taking the next step in changing your life into something more in line with what your heart desires. This is the day to take that leap of faith and step out and do what you have always wanted to do, but never have.

Today, fully step into this Multi-level 5 energy. Be Adventurous and take the steps that will expand and Change your reality forever.


IN-Joy working with today’s frequencies, and please take the time for this very Sacred Work. Also, please remember to stay focused on this month’s Cleansing, Realigning and Conscious Evolution of our Double Helix Human Strand DNA, and our continued effort to Continuously Living in a State of Divine Unconditional Love. Also, don’t forget to keep expanding your Heart Chakra.



Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras



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