A New Kontemplation by Krya: The Heart As Your New GPS

Greetings Everyone,

Krya has just put up a new Kontemplaton and in my opinion, what she has to share is of such value I wanted to share it here on the front page. 

She is so open about where she is and what has been going on with her lately, and I know I have been hearing many others say they have been experiencing things very similar, that I am sure her words and experience will be of great assistance to so many.

Please read her loving thoughts and write your own in response in the comment section. I know she would love to hear from you.


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras


Kontemplations by Kyra    

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Contemplate -to think about something seriously and at length, especially in order to understand it more fully

                         Meaning I’m just thinking…

                                                                      I’m not preaching to anyone!

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A Kontemplation for this day…2/12/14

Another three weeks have passed since my last writing and I am getting some insights into this “strangeness” I’ve been feeling.  I usually begin to feel things before I either read or hear from others of changes taking place.

Talking with Essence always helps and then my Higher Self will point me to things for my awareness to grasp and give me that feeling of AHA!

Another person who I resonate with is Celia Fenn at Starchild Global.  I had not been to her website in quite some time.  Today I went and read her posting “02-02-2014: Harmonic Realignment and opening of Time/Space Flow”.  There was also a U-tube interview she did with someone in Moscow that was interesting. Here’s the link.  http://www.starchildglobal.com/

Last night I did a meditation as suggested by Essence on setting my intention to know my new purpose.  I had recently received an email from Fred Mitchum/Kai with a sample of his new CD he just released that was inspired by an encounter he had at Joshua Tree.  I listened to it as I did my meditation and it was a very deep meditational state I experienced.  Check it out for yourself!  http://www.fredmitchim.com/

I started a new book a friend gave me a long time ago by Susan Wisehart called “Soul Visioning – Clear the Past – Create Your Future”.  I’m only on page 30 but already feel I will get some more insights as I read the book and the timing before hadn’t been right for me to even choose this book to read.

Just those three actions have already helped me to better understand this new “strangeness”.

We certainly aren’t in Kansas anymore Dorothy!

It seems that each of us will find ourselves in lots of different places as well.  Where we are finding ourselves is in some ways unique to our self.  As our unity awareness increases our individual talents, gifts and purpose for being here at this time and place become more pronounced.  Each piece of the puzzle must come together.

The many channelers who have received information packets and then had to make sense of them through their individual filters shared that with us.  We each then had to use our hearts to discern what information was applicable for us.  Not everything was or is.

I think now we must use our hearts to discern where we are instead of trying to figure it out with our heads because everything has changed and our standards of perception we’ve used in the past are no longer applicable.

If you are familiar with the Lee Carroll/Kryon book called “The Journey Home” you will recall that Michael Thomas received a map.  However all the map really ever showed was “You are here”.  He was totally in charge of which way he went and he was always in the here and now.

That is one of the insights I received yesterday.  We truly must act from the here and now because nothing is the same anymore.  The same “laws” that were in place in Kansas did not apply to Oz.

I have been feeling the different energy and placement of myself but have been trying to fit it into the patterns that were in place in the old energy.  It simply doesn’t work.  Multi-dimensional awareness doesn’t fit in the 3D world!  The 3D “laws” don’t work in the higher dimensions.

I can’t feel where I am supposed to go or what to do until I decide and create it!  My old contracts and purposes are changed.  They have been completed.

I must create my new purpose by feeling where there is passion and joy with my heart.  In the last Kontemplation I said I had felt a stirring about the elementals.  That feeling is becoming stronger that I must create the role I want to play in the new relationship between humans and the elementals.  There is no instruction kit for us to follow now; we will simply have to go forward using our heart as our GPS.

Our guidance will be found where our hearts experience passion, joy and love every moment.  What is your heart showing you right now?

I had finished typing this sharing and decided I would visit another website I used to go to each week and haven’t since the end of December.  You can go to this link if you’d like to hear the February 11th Pele Report about this upcoming full moon on Valentine’s Day.  It seemed to confirm that my insights are correct.  I love how Tom Lescher/Kaypacha explains things!  http://newparadigmastrology.com/

From My Heart to Yours

Sign off pic Kyra