Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report: 2/7/14 – Intelligence Seeking Self


A reminder before we get into today’s report. Today we increase the time we focus on Continuously Living in a State of Divine Unconditional Love associated with the work of Cleansing, Realigning and Consciously Evolving the Double Helix Human Strand DNA we are now doing, from thirty minute increments to one hour increments.

If you are not yet familiar with this work you can find the information in the Metatronic Numerology Frequency Overview for February 2014.

Also, the Guided Meditation to be used in conjunction with this work can be found at the following link…

Guided Meditation for February 2014 DNA Work

I suggest if at all possible you use this meditation again, and each time we increase the length of time we endeavor to continuously maintain this Conscious state of being.


I would like to share a drawing I did entitled The Synthesis of Technology, Biology & Spirt. This is not the best photo of this pencil drawing, but it lets you see the concept. 

Synthesis of Technology, Biology & Spirit

Synthesis of Technology, Biology & Spirit

Today is a 7 Frequency day with a 77 Sub-frequency influence and a 777 Passive Potential.

The I AM Keyword phrases for 7, 77 and 777 are:

7 – I AM Intelligence Seeking Self

77 – I Am the Divinely Inspired Synthesis of Spiritual Intuition and Physical Intelligence

777 – I AM the Multi-dimensional Alchemical Synthesis of Technology, Biology and Spirit

Just for the record, this is the Frequency combination for the year of 2014. So what this means is that this whole year is very much about exactly what today’s frequencies show us, and the work done within it energy.

The frequency of 7 is about Seeking and Study, Analysis and Understanding. In many ways, you could say 7 is the frequency of the mind.

Within the 7 frequency lies the energy of the Sciences and Technology; especially those related to the physical world. Many scientist and technology inventors have a strong 7 energy within their personal energy fields.

On the journey of spiritual awakening, the 7 frequency bandwidth is where the desire to go within to seek a clearer understanding of Self and the workings of our Universe, and how we fit into it all begins to become a priority in life. 7 is the frequency of the Sacred Mysteries and all things Spiritual, and here within this energy lies the initial gateway into The Sacred Esoteric Mysteries.

The frequency of 77 is about Creative Thought and Expanding our Perspective and our Reality. It is the frequency where the melding of our spiritual intuitive abilities with and into a cohesive form with our physical intellect begins and transpires.

Within this frequency the Spark of our Divine Rational Mind, that lies dormant in the 5 frequency, is ignited.

The energy bandwidth of the 777 Frequency is where, through the use of Sacred Alchemical processes, we begin working within the Multi-dimensional realms of reality in a much more mentally expanded way, and learn to bring together, blend and merge, the Technological, the Biological and the Spiritual aspects of Self and all their dimensions.

This frequency and the information it contains, and what is capable of being created within it are amazing to say the least. As we move deeper into 2014 we will begin working with this frequency more and more and going every deeper into it influence and learning how to better navigate in the Multi-dimensional realms.

Today’s frequency combination lends assistance, on an individual level, as well as on a collective level, in beginning to see the bigger picture; because within this energy is where the Heart and the Mind begin to work in a more balanced and unified fashion.

This frequency combination helps us to not only know and understand the workings of our reality from a highly Spiritual and Cosmic perspective, it also assists in interpreting it into practical ways of using and implementing this knowledge into our physical world and daily reality.


One Sacred Technological tool available to us and of great assistance is the Lemniscate, (the figure 8 lain on its side).




When you use the Lemniscate as an energy flow channel to connect the Heart (4th Chakra, where we hear the voice of Spirit), to the Mind (6th Chakra, where we interpret the voice of Spirit into information for the physical realms) and then activate its spin once this connection is made, you open the Crown (7th Chakra, the direct link to Spirit) in a way, and to an extent that is not possible in any other fashion.

With the use of this Sacred Spiritual Technological Lemniscate Mechanism, we have a tool allowing us to create a communications link that is clearer and a more direct access line to our Divine Rational Mind. This in turn assists us in existing in the Multi-dimensional realms and realities in a more tangible and substantial fashion.

This 7-77-777 Frequency combination is very intense and not something the Collective Consciousness has had much interaction with in a very long time, but like I stated earlier, we will be working with it very intensely this year.


IN-Joy working with today’s frequencies and may your ability to Consciously maintain your thoughts and emotions in balanced equilibrium and existing in a state of Divine Unconditional Love be fruitful.


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras



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