Dawning of A New Day…. The Ride of A Lifetime…

Greetings Everyone,

I would like to share something very personal and Sacred to me with all my Star Family.

Four years ago today my biological mother, known to many as “Fancy Nancy” and to others as “Nafalia”, crossed over to the other side of the veil.

In remembrance, tribute and honor to her I would like to share the article I wrote after setting Death Vigil with her as she crossed.

Mother was Spiritually Awakened and was very instrumental in my own awakening process. In the physical human realms we had a tumultuous relationship, yet at the same time it was a very Sacred Relationship. As hard as it might be for some who knew her and/or I, the truth is, we were very close and we understood the parts we were playing for each other in this lifetime were something we had agreed upon before we incarnated here. Even though we spent the last ten years disconnected in the physical realms we were always in constant telepathic communication. She and I belong to a very Ancient Matriarchal Soul Family and have traversed this Universe together for a very long linear time.  

With that told I would like to now share the original article written after her crossing of the veil.


Dawning of a New Day……

Fancy Nancy - Nafalia

Fancy Nancy – Nafalia

Greetings and Salutations to All my Spiritual Kin,


Where to begin?

Many of you who know me already know the story this past month has held for me. For those of you who don’t, I will try to explain as concisely as possible.

It was almost exactly one month ago today that my daughter and I headed for my hometown, where this story begins its final chapter.

On the 7th of January, as my daughter and I drove to the monthly meeting of the Body, Mind and Spirit group we belong to, I made a call that set into motion all that has transpired in this last month for my family and myself.

My sister had called a few nights before to let me know that our biological mother had been taken to the emergency room after suffering a seizure. In the end, the diagnosis was an inoperable brain tumor; cancer. She was initially given three to six months to live.

My sister and I had been estranged from our mother for over ten years; the reasons of which I won’t go into. Even that being the case, she was our mother, she did give birth to us, we always did and always will love her, and all personal issues aside, we were not going to let her die alone.

I called my mother as I drove down the highway to the meeting, (using my hands-free, of course) and we talked and enjoyed the reunion. Two weeks and one day later, my daughter and I were on our way to sit vigil, at my mother’s deathbed, along with my sister who already had been staying with her on and off the past couple of weeks.

That was Friday, January 22nd.

My mother had come home from the hospital the day of the 7th and at that time, and even when I arrived, she was still able to take care of herself, cook, bathe, take her few pain medications, and putter around the house like always. Sunday, January 24th, she had a major seizure and I had to take over her care, including being responsible for her pain medication.

The progression of the cancer was so amazingly fast it was like being caught in a whirlwind; it took myself, my daughter, and my sister, whom was also still going to work everyday, to give our mother the constant care she needed. Every day she lost at least half of her strength and her pain medications had to be more than double every two or three days just to keep the level of pain bearable. Thankfully, the hospital had the foresight to have Hospice set in place before she was ever released to go home. I cannot say enough wonderful things about these Angels of Mercy. Truly, people who do this type of work and caring for others are a special breed of Angelic Beings manifest into human form.

Friday, January 29th, our mother had to be taken to the emergency room once again. At that point in time, we were going to have to have her put in a nursing home simply because she had progressed to a place where we could not take care of her physical needs without more help. But once again Hospice came to our rescue. She was given five days and nights in the hospital. She would have the care she needed, and we would have time to take care of all necessary arrangements.

Once again she took a turn for the worse, this time within a matter of hours. I called her younger sister, who had been waiting on the call that it was time to come, and by the morning of Sunday, January 31st, my sister was picking our Aunt up at the airport. We all stayed day and night at the hospital with my mother. My aunt said we must have looked like “settlers” moving in, we brought so much stuff with us to stay those five nights.

Wednesday, February 3rd, mother had to leave the hospital. Her “respite” time there was up. But her condition had deteriorated so quickly she was now completely bed-ridden. She was even paralyzed on her left side from having had at least two rather large strokes and an untold number of mini-strokes.

Just like most of us, mother truly wanted to be in her own home to pass. We wanted that for her too, and as strange as it may sound, with Hospice in place, and because she was now in a completely bed-ridden state, and with the addition of our Aunt to help in her care, we were now able to take her home to spend her last remaining days.

We did not tell mother she was going to get to go home to crossover to the other side until we were sure everything was set. As soon as the doctor gave us the okay we all gathered at her bedside and gave her the good news. She was so happy. With tear filled eyes and a laugh in her voice she kept saying, “I’m going home. I get to go home. I’m so happy I get to go home.” That was one of the most joyful and rewarding experiences I have personally ever had the privilege to be a part of.

That cold and snowy Wednesday afternoon the ambulance took mother home. She had a very good day Thursday, but by that evening took another turn for the worse. Her medication had to be more than quadrupled to keep the pain tolerable. Friday, she was comatose, and at 5:02a.m. Saturday, February 6th, 2010, at the young age of 66, mother drew her last breath in the physical. We opened the door in her room that led to the courtyard of the apartment complex where she lived, and in the crisp, early morning winter air, mother’s spirit jumped aboard the last moonbeam before sunrise and rode off into the stars.

As physically and emotionally challenging as sitting death vigil is, I must say this was truly an experience I would not have missed. My mother, my sister, my aunt, my daughter and myself shared in something sacred. We healed, we loved, we cried, we laughed and we grew in ways no other event or occurrence in physical manifestation could ever offer.

I offer my story to you to allow you to share in the experience of the emotional and spiritual energy created within it. And I gift you with sharing in the joy we came away with from this ride of a lifetime.


Your Sister in Spirit,

In Lak’ech Ala K’in

Love, Light and Blessings,


Essence Ka tha’ras


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Essence Ka tha’ras



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