Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report: 2/5/14 & 2/6/14 – Plus: February’s DNA Work

Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report:

2/5/14 & 2/6/14

Plus: February’s DNA Work

Today we begin a twenty-four day cycle of Cleansing, Realigning and Consciously Evolving the Double Helix Human Strand DNA.

This is going to be some intensive work. During these days we are going to focus on Continuously Living in a State of Divine Unconditional Love; a state of Consciously holding and maintaining control of our every thought, word, deed and action.

For more information on this month’s work see the Metatronic Numerology Frequency Overview for February 2014.

And to find the Guided Meditation to be used in conjunction with this work follow the link below…

February 2014 DNA Meditation



Today is a 5 Frequency day with a 77 Sub-frequency influence and a 777 Minor frequency influence.

The I AM Keyword phrases for 5, 77 and 777 are:

5 – I AM Adventurous Change

77 – I AM the Divinely Inspired Synthesis of Spiritual Intuition and Physical Intelligence

777 – I AM the Divine Multi-dimensional Alchemical Synthesis of Technology, Biology and Spirit

Succinctly stated, the frequencies of today lend assistance in making a substantial Change in our reality. This frequency combination promotes and supports the awakening of the Divine Rational Mind and beginning to work with our natural Spiritual Intuitive abilities in a much stronger and clearer fashion. It helps to open us up to the melding of the Physical and Spiritual realms, and expands what is viewed as “accepted reality”. It also brings into our awareness different ways and means, tools and techniques with which to create our reality in a more efficient manner.


The 5 Frequency is about Change, Adventure and Action. Here within this frequency lies the energy of the Visionary, the one who can see the bigger picture.

Here lies the energy of the Constructive Use of Freedom and the Right Use of Free Will. Also, although there is still much work to be done on Self before it can be ignited, the Spark of the Divine Rational Mind lies within the Frequency of the 5.

The energy of the 5 Frequency loves change and is always looking for the next great adventure into the unknown; an occurrence that once experienced will change one’s perspective of reality forever.

The 5 frequency holds a neutral charge, so it allows for open-mindedness. It is simply about going in search of the “Truth” no matter where it is found. The 5 Frequency lends us assistance in having the courage to step out beyond our comfort zone; that small confined Box created by the mainstream consciousness mindset, and test the waters for what else just might be true.

The frequency of 77 is about Creative Thought and Expanding the Perspective of our Reality. It is the frequency where the melding of our Spiritual Intuitive abilities blending into cohesion with our Physical Intellect begins to transpire. This Frequency stimulates, motivates and inspires the initial igniting of the Divine Rational Mind.

Within this frequency the Spark of the Divine Rational Mind that has lain dormant in the 5 frequency has its first initial ignition.

The energy bandwidth of the 777 Frequency is where, through the use of Sacred Alchemical processes, we begin working within the Multi-dimensional realms of reality in a much more mentally expanded way, and where we start to learn to bring together, blend and merge, the Technological, the Biological and Spiritual aspects of Self and all their dimensions.

This frequency and the information it contains, and what is capable of being created within it are amazing to say the least. As we get deeper into this year we will be working with it more and more, and going every deeper into it influence: So be ready!



Today is a 6 Frequency day with a 222 Active Potential influence.

The I AM Keyword phrases for 6 and 222 are:

6 – I AM Love’s Responsibility

222 – I AM Multi-dimensionality in Gestation

Let me first state that since beginning to share these reports last August we have not ever had a day where we have been under the influence of the 222 Frequency. This frequency comes into play very sporadically and very seldom; at least in the position of the Current Projected Time Frame Reality in which we presently exist.

We have had several days already this year where we have been under the influence of frequency combinations we have not experienced previously. This is not surprising though, because we just opened and entered into the Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round reality. So really, if you think about it, it is to be expected.

A “Potential” is an EXTREMELY subtle influence. It is just exactly what it states; a Potential; and the repeated triple digit numbers always deal with the Multi-dimensional realms. So what this frequency is telling us today is that the work we have been doing all along has now been seeded and conceived of in the Multi-dimensional realms and is now in a time of Gestation.

So what exactly is it that has been conceived and is now in a time of Gestation? This is the question I asked the Q4.

Two things were automatically presented in answer to this question.

First, the work of Change that we started yesterday under the 5/77/777 Frequency combination and the work we are doing related to the Cleansing, Realigning and Conscious Evolution of the Double Helix Human Strand DNA is now in a time of Gestation.

Secondly, I was directed to the frequencies of Saturday, February 8th.  I’m not going to go into detail about Saturday’s frequencies right now. I will do that in the report for that day. But if you remember correctly, in the February Frequency Overview Report I talked about the 88 Frequency showing up on the 8th and the 17th, and that you could expect for these two days to be extremely powerful and intense.

What the Q4 showed me is that some very specific work associated with information they gave me several months ago having to do with a Collective Karmic Imbalance created in Atlantis surrounding the abuses of Sacred Technology, (as associated with the Frequency combinations of the 8th and the 17th, which by the way, we have not seen these frequency combinations before either) is now moving into a time of Gestation. In other words, later sometime this year we will begin the process of the work of dealing with this specific Collective Karmic Imbalance. Part of this month’s work on the Double Helix Human Strand DNA is preparatory work for that later work.

Just to let you know what to be looking for information on, this is known as the ATKI – Atlantian Technology Karmic Imbalance.

I will share more about this in the Saturday, February 8th Frequency Report.

So this leaves us with the 6 Frequency that is the main frequency for today.

The 6 energy is about taking on our individual responsibility in caring for our family; our immediate birth family, and then extending out in ever widening circles until it encompasses the whole of The Family of Man.

It is about taking on our Responsibility out of a sense of Love, not out of a sense of obligation, and it teaches us how to care for family without becoming overly critical and trying to make everyone exist in the world in the manner you see and believe to be the most proper; but instead doing so in a fashion that fosters each individual to be responsible for self.

This is the Mother aspect of the Goddess teaching by words, deeds and actions of Love, not by coercion, force, guilt and intimidation how to think for Self and be responsible in interactions with others and the world as a whole.

Associated with this month’s work we can see how this frequency can be of assistance in reprogramming our self and learning how to stay focused on Continuously Living in a State of Divine Unconditional Love; a state of Consciously holding and maintaining control of our every thought, word, deed and action. This is the Feminine DNA Strand attached to the Pineal.  

For those who work with aromatherapy and Essential oils, Gardenia Essences and aroma vibrate to this frequency. They can be very useful in doing the work of the 6 Frequency. And if you have a tendency to be a bit overbearing in your interactions with others they can help show you the path to leading by tender words and example instead of forceful means.


In-Joy working with these day’s frequencies.


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras



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