Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report: 1/31/14: Reopening of the 333 Stargate Portal


Today is a 3 Frequency day with a 33 Minor frequency influence and a 333 Active Potential.

The I AM Keyword phrases for 3, 33 and 333 are:

3 – I AM Joyful Creation

33 – I AM Compassionate Consciousness in Universal Service

333 – I AM the Multi-dimensional Birth Portal

The 3 Frequency is Creative Energy; Creativity in all forms. It is the initial energy of the Creative Life Force for the physical realms, and is the lower frequency vibration of the 111, and therefore associated with the Initial Spark of the Conception Energy.

The 3 Frequency is lighthearted and filled with the energy of Joy. It sets our imaginations free from structured reality and allows us to fly to Mystical and Magickal realms.

In this energy we play, we enjoy life and everything is has to offer. This way of existing, in turn, opens us to unlimited possibilities of Creative Expression.

The frequency of Joy is one of the highest, if not the highest frequency obtainable within our reality. When you exist in, and work from the energy of Joy anything is not only possible, it manifest into physical reality quickly.

The 33 Frequency holds the energy of Compassion of a higher frequency than that of the everyday human level. This is Compassion created from the High Heart and is the same frequency of Compassion that Sananda, known to many by the name of Jesus the Christ, and other Ascended Masters carried and emitted while incarnate in human form.

The 33 Frequency is the initial energy of The Christ Consciousness, and it lends its self to showing us how to hold Compassion for others without becoming attached to the dramas of their lives. We must understand that if we are to be of the most assistance possible to the positive forward movement of the Spiritual Awakening of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity, we have to learn to allow others the right to experience the journey of awakening they are creating for themselves upon the path of human life without becoming attached to the dramas and low vibrational frequencies their negative emotions create; for if we don’t we are actually adding to exactly what it is we desire to help heal and release.

Remember the 33 Minor Frequency came into play on the 26th of January and continues through February 4th. After which we will see it grow in strength, when it will become a sub-frequency influence affecting several days in February.

The 333 Frequency is the frequency of movement into the Multi-dimensional Realms. This frequency opens Star Gate Portals into other dimensions and realms of reality.

The last time we had this particular frequency combination was on December 30th, 2013 when we used it to set our Intentions for this year, 2014.

As a matter of fact, we saw it four times in total in December of 2013, and each time it was associated with the opening of the 333 Star Gate Portal and aligning it with the 444 Star Gate Portal for the Opening of the Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round reality on the 13/13/13 and our movement into the Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round reality for those who felt the call to do so.

Today, Friday January 31st, and tomorrow, Saturday February 1st, 2014, this 333 Frequency Stargate Portal will be open once again giving us assistance in aligning further with opening to, and moving into existing within, a Multi-dimensional Reality in a much more physical fashion.

Today’s frequency combination gives us, almost what I would call, a second opportunity to move into 2014 once again, but this time we do it in a more focused manner.

We are still really under the subtle influence of the second Super New Moon of yesterday, which was all about bringing issues to the surface to release, and for effecting change in our lives and reality.

Referring back to the information I shared yesterday about this second Super New Moon it was/is assisting us in taking on our Individual Responsibility of the Creation of the Expansion of Spiritual Awakening of the Collective Consciousness and in better Understanding the workings of our Universal Reality through the use of our Spiritual Intuition used in conjunction with our Physical Intelligence. This Super New Moon’s frequency combination helped to open wider the eyes of the Visionary Spiritual Seeker and set them on a path of Adventurous Change.

This Super New Moon gave us the opportunity to once again firmly set the energy for real Positive Change and Healing into the rest of this year.

So today’s frequency combination is about opening to, and moving further into the Multi-dimensional realms and setting our feet more firmly in the Multi-dimensional realms and reality, and gives us assistance in understanding a bit better just exactly what being Multi-dimensional means.

Tomorrow, Saturday February 1st, 2014, this focus on movement into the Multi-dimensional reality realms will be focused very much on the individual. Giving us a closer look at what Multi-dimensionality means and feels like to each of us as the individual we are. 


Related to the Cosmic Meditation

Today is the fourth day of the third and final Out-breath phase of the Cosmic Meditation we have been doing during the month of January.

The main focus for this Out-breath phase is to exhale the energy we created in the third In-breath phase of resetting the Foundation for Healing of the Masculine Portion of the Collective Consciousness’ Psyche deeper into the physical realms so it becomes a much more concrete part of the consciously continued work of the Collective’s Consciousness.

Today’s added focus in on exhaling the energy expanding the creative means and ways in which this healing can take place. We have to “think outside of the box” and allow healing to manifest in ways, and from directions, that we might not ever conceive of in our limited linear thinking. We have to open to the Multi-dimensional realms and not be afraid to allow healing to transpire in the fashion that our Multi-dimensional Aspects of Self know and understand. We have to stop limiting the ways in which we perceive reality can be created and step into a Multi-dimensional perspective and reality.

Remember, February is going to start off with a very high Frequency as we Birth our Consciousness into the Multi-dimensional work of Cleansing, Realigning and Consciously Evolving our Spiritual DNA.

We are looking to make a rather large leap forward in the work of Clearing Karmic Imbalances within our Double Helix Human Stand DNA, so we will be prepared to open very different DNA sequences and combinations associated with the Metatronic Frequencies, and working more closely and consciously with the Shambahallic dimensions later this year.

This will be the work of February 2014 as it pertains to the Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round reality.


IN-Joy working with today’s frequencies and I will see you in February 2014; (a 9 Frequency month).

I want to thank everyone who has done the work of this Cosmic Meditation for the Healing of the Masculine Portion of the  Collective Consciousness’ Psyche with me this month.

I would like to pay tribute and honor to each of you.


Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras


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