Kontemplations by Kyra: We All Have Daily Trials…~~~~~~~~

Greetings Everyone,

I would like to share the last two Kontemplations by Kyra here in a front page post. My reasoning for doing this is two fold. 

1: I want to give Kyra’s work a brighter spotlight. Kyra is a dear friend of mine, she has been on her journey of Spiritual Awakening for forty years plus and holds an energy of such openness and love it is amazing to sit within her presence. She is truly 100% non-judgmental of others and shares of herself and her story in a way most of us only aspire to.

2: So many people right now, Lightworkers especially it seems, are finding themselves struggling with many issues, emotional and spiritual, that I just want to offer Kyra’s words to a wider audience. It is always nice to know we are not alone in our work and the lessons we are going through, and Kyra’s words have a way of making people realize that.

So without further ado…. I share Kyra’s last two Kontemplations with you.


Kontemplations by Kyra      

(and sharing’s – I hope!)    

Contemplate -to think about something seriously and at length, especially in order to understand it more fully

                         Meaning I’m just thinking…

                                                                                 I’m not preaching to anyone!


A Kontemplation for this day…1/22/14

I have several friends who are more into conspiracy things than I am.  It isn’t that I don’t think they exist.  It is more about does it really affect me directly in a manner that is not for my highest good.  (I wrote this back around JFK’s assassination anniversary)

I am also a person who has never voted.  I’m not even registered to vote.  I had a boss once who told me that I really disappointed him that I was that way.  That hurt my feelings but not enough to go vote.  Truthfully I don’t even know what each party believes in and don’t want to know.  It is just more separation, more I’m right and they aren’t mentality.

I also do not complain about anything the government does, in fact you might say I have my head in the sand about everything.  I “read” the newspaper by scanning the article heading in case it might be good news or science related.  I never watch news and rarely anything else on TV.  I have absolutely no interest in anything related to those sorts of things.

Some might say if we all acted the way I do where would we be?  I wonder too…

I saw President Kennedy be assassinated as I was home from school that day and sick on the couch.  My mom had left cartoons or something on and it was breaking news.  It was terribly sad and shocking, but in my day to day life I don’t think it has really affected me.

As far as foods being modified or whatever, I could choose to grow my own food, have a cow, or only buy things from trusted sources.  What if I had the belief that whatever I ate if I blessed it and had intent to raise it to the vibration needed to nourish my body it would be so?

How does suppression of ETs affect me?  I don’t think at all.  I believe they exist and I also believe if I am to interact with them, it will happen.  Some argue someone has suppressed their technology and it has kept us from advancing.  I just can’t go there.  I just can’t go into victim.  On some level there is agreement, there is purpose.

There were a couple of times I was raped.  Was I a victim?  Some people might say so.  But even after it happened for me it was like watching a scene play out.  I could see how those experiences taught me something.  I had choice in both of those instances as well.  I could have not opened the door or gone out with that person.  As a soul I put myself in those circumstances to understand something.

The point I am trying to make in my round-about way, is that we all have choices all the time. People might argue that they don’t like the choices or their life isn’t as easy as mine.  I do admit, I am very blessed in my life.  But I feel I can take credit for being where I am now.

I feel I create my life by making choices.  Have I always made the “right” choice?  Yes!  It might not have been the easiest or most pleasant choice.  I might have had to go through a lot of “stuff” to the realization that a different choice would have been easier but those choices lead me step by step to where I am now.

I hope I am not sounding like a saint or above everyone else.  I still have my lessons to learn as well as anyone.  I can look at my life and see how if I chose to go back to certain behaviors that aren’t for my highest good that my blessed life would quickly deteriorate.

But I am pretty simple.  I don’t want a lot of “things”.  I don’t hold fear around holding on to what I have.  I know I am a survivor and if everything was lost I could begin again.  I don’t focus on the negative news all the time.  I don’t confront and seldom react without thinking anymore.  I continuously strive to be in a balanced, joyful state no matter what is going on in “the” world.  “My” world in a sense has shrunk while at the same time because I spend most of my time within my consciousness it has also expanded.

So when my friends are discussing their conspiracy theories I just listen.  It is a story to me but it doesn’t really affect me.  I am not going to argue or try to convince them of anything, I just allow them to share what is interesting and important to them.  I hope you don’t feel what I write is trying to convince you or argue that I’m right.  I’m sharing what I think about and if it resonates with you good, I feel it has been worthwhile.  If not, just hit that delete button!

And I will continue to do what I feel is most beneficial for us all by holding a space of as much peacefulness, balance, joy, and love as I am possible.  I wonder if that doesn’t make some difference in this world.  It feels to me as if it makes a template that another could chose to step into because they want to experience those same things.

Bottom line I guess as usual is what do you choose?  What makes you feel better? 

Sign off picFrom My Heart to Yours



A Kontemplation for this day…1/29/14

Something has definitely changed!  The last time I wrote anything was around New Year’s Eve and now it is the end of January…  Thankfully I had many articles saved from before!

I have not been listening or reading any information from the bloggers, webinars, astrologers, channelers that have been something I did daily or at least weekly in the past.

I have not drawn, painted or made any crafts for the last month.  Not only is there no “inspiration” there seems to be a mood of “what’s the point?”

Who needs or even wants something else cluttering up their life?

Who wants to read someone’s “Kontemplation” or hear yet another view or promise on what’s to come?

I’ve struggled at times with what I can only describe as an infinite sadness.  When I find myself there I try to re-focus myself on my many blessings and go out and spend time outside.

I remind myself of the saying that made a big impact on me before “The Sacred Act of Creation” as being a valid reason to do something but so far I’ve not gone anywhere with that.

I have so many emails people have forwarded to me with articles but have no motivation to read them. In fact I started writing this article two days ago and quit.

What’s up with me?

My husband had a business dinner last night so I decided to listen to a couple of Jim Self’s conversations.  One was about the Elementals and how we can help them by holding a frequency of self-love and gratitude.  The other was a conversation with Tom Kenyon and Jim Self again touching on the Elementals and ourselves.

Those two conversations did stir something within me.  As I was typing this just now I glanced up and saw a hawk flying past.  That seems a confirmation of the significance of my “stirring”.

I have also recently experienced a revisiting of something that was very painful in my past back in my face again.  I thought I handled it the best way I was capable of in that moment but still talked it over with Essence for her feedback.

She made an interesting observation that helped immensely.  She reminded me that I am “judging” myself by standards in the 3D world where I spend very little time.

I do have the luxury of staying home and not being around those frequencies for the greater amount of my time.  We even did a meditation where we pictured ourselves being like Neo and sitting in the chair and being plugged in to visit the Matrix. That way we make a conscious effort to recognize what frequency we find ourselves.

We are all probably re-acclimating ourselves after the polarity shift of our Sun as well.

So… deep breaths, dis-engage and observe these shifts and changes within me and see where I go from here!  Thank goodness I absolutely know all is in perfect order!

Sign off picFrom My Heart to Yours



May Kyra’s words touch you and assist you in opening more fully to the Divine Light of Love within your very Soul.

Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras